Aubrey O’Day: No Romance At All With Ashley Parker Angel

Danity Kane star Aubrey O’Day, who is currently starring in the Broadway musical ‘Hairspray’ with Ashley Parker Angel, is denying a report in In Touch she’s “hooking up” with the former O-Town member. “The story is completely false,” O’Day told “I am having a great time with my co-star on stage and there has never been a romantic relationship at all.” Ashley recently called off his engagement to model Tiffany Lynn, who starred with the singer in the MTV reality show ‘There And Back’.

Ashley Parker Angel ‘Can You Handle It’ Audio

After posting the new song ‘Can You Handle It’ on his MySpace (@ashleyparkerangel), former O-Town star Ashley Parker Angel sent out the following bulletin on Thursday (May 29):

Yo what’s up friends. Just wanted to give you the heads up I posted a NEW song on my page as well as a recent picture of my ass….you know what I mean. You’ll also probably notice I’m completely re-launching my site… Check it out when you get a minute! This is just the beginning… Hope all is well- PEACE

Ashley Parker Angel Sings National Anthem At The Mets Game

Former O-Town star Ashley Parker Angel checked in with his MySpace (@ashleyparkerangel) friends on Saturday (May 24) with the following bulletin:

What’s up everybody! APA here, just wanted to let you know I’ve officially posted another webisode for you all to check out! I sang the national anthem at Shea Stadium a couple weeks ago and I brought my camera along to document the experience. It was a lot of fun…anyways, come check it out! And coming soon, FINALLY the backstage tour of Hairspray which I’ve been waiting to get permission from the producers to film. They’re very strict about letting camera’s backstage, so its not very often you will see something like this! We just got the green light so we’ll have it up in the next couple weeks!! And just in time too because I’m finishing up my run in the show this summer and then I’m headed back to Los Angeles! Got a couple projects in the works that you will be hearing about FIRST here on MySpace. Much Love… PEACE-

The episode at MySpace has since been removed.

Ashley Parker Angel Reinvents Himself As Big Haired ’80s Rocker

Ashley Parker Angel hair

Ashley Parker Angel is back with an ultra exclusive series of webisodes on his MySpace. Experience first hand, the funny and exciting moments the former O-Town star had while living in the middle of Times Square in New York. The first episode features Ashley sporting a glam rock wig discussing his “reinvention”. Watch it below.

Aly & AJ Attend ‘Hairspray’ On Broadway

The New York Daily News reports Aly & AJ Michalka attended a showing of ‘Hairspray’ Tuesday night, creating a fan frenzy when recognized by their tweeny-bopper fans during intermission. “They hung out with Ashley Parker Angel [who plays Link Larkin] after the show,” a source said. “And complained that they didn’t like their rooms at the Maritime Hotel.”

Ashley Parker Angel Talks With Seattle’s KISS 106.1

Former O-Town star Ashley Parker Angel was on the phone with Jackie & Bender of KISS 106.1 FM in Seattle on Friday (January 19) to discuss his Broadway debut in ‘Hairspray’. Ashley also talked about how his former manager Larry Rudolph has been “putting out a lot of fires” representing Britney Spears. Audio at has since been removed.

Ashley Parker Angel Talks With Seattle’s KISS 106.1 FM

Former O-Town star Ashley Parker Angel was on the phone with Jackie & Bender of KISS 106.1 FM in Seattle on Tuesday (August 15) to promote his participation in tonight’s Miss Teen USA Pageant. Ashley discussed his previous pageant nightmare during O-Town’s Miss America event a few years ago, how his birthday went, Tiffany being pissed at him right now for taking their only set of car keys while she was at home — with the car, hanging out with MTV’s Damien Fahey – who is hosting the pageant, and getting dissed by Jesse McCartney. has since removed the audio.

Ashley Parker Angel Missing The Family On Tour

Former O-Town star Ashley Parker Angel checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace on Friday (July 28). “What’s up MY SPACERS? Still out here on the road and the tour is going great,” he writes. “I just left the windy city for Dallas and pretty soon I will be back home in California! I can’t wait. I miss the fam! Anyway, I just wanted to write to let you guys know that my manager, Larry Rudolph, will be teaching a class through the Learning Annex about how to break into the music industry and what record executives look for in a recording artist. It’s called ‘The Blueprint: How To Break Into The Music Business’ and for those of you who have seen my show ‘There & Back’ you already know how much he knows about the industry. I am going to check out the first one in Los Angeles. He will also be accepting demos and he will critique 3 of them at each class. You can learn more about the class and how to sign up through the banner on my page or you can go to Larry’s page: MySpace.Com/LarryRudolph.”

Ashley Parker Angel’s Bassist Hospitalized Due To Seizures

Sammi from the Jackie & Bender morning show on KISS 106.1 FM in Seattle checked in on her blog at with news on former O-Town star Ashley Parker Angel. “We were going to have Ashley Parker Angel in for a couple days but he called his boyfriend, Bender, and canceled yesterday,” she complained. “Ashley’s bass player was having seizures on the bus. Ashley noticed something was going on and the bass player had to be rushed to the hospital. He’s still in and is being monitored but now Ash has to head back to LA to find a bass player. What a horrible thing to happen, huh?”

Ashley Parker Angel On The Phone With KISS 106.1

Ashley Parker Angel was on the phone with Jackie & Bender of KISS 106.1 FM in Seattle on Wednesday (July 12). The former O-Town star discussed being tired while on tour with Ashlee Simpson, how he’s a heavy sleeper, Bender being half asleep when Ashley called him the prior day and not remembering their conversation, the “Fu** the Ashleys” MySpace, his aliases for hotels, the new Superman movie, his crush on Rachel McAdams, and more. has since removed the audio.