Ashley Angel’s Mitsubishi Eclipse Back Up For Auction

The car O-Town’s Ashley Angel is auctioning is back up for bids. We get a little better idea what they are wanting for the 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T as the ‘buy it now’ feature has been added with a price set at $12,000 about a couple grand over the private party book value. Someone has bid $9,500 to open things up and the auction is scheduled to end June 2nd.

Ashley Of O-Town Deemed Tacky After Ebay Auction

Well perhaps the results of our latest poll shed light on why the car owned by O-Town star Ashley Angel failed to even approach bidding in the private party blue book range. In our poll asking ‘Should O-Town’s Ashley Angel auction his car using his celebrity status for profit?’ 34.24% said it was tacky & should only be done for charity, while 14.31% thought it was ok to do. 21.81% blamed the fact that Ashley needed the money since the band’s new album ‘O2’ would flop, while 17.55% wondered if any O-Town fans were even old enough to drive. 12.10% said that at least some of the proceeds should have been donated to charity.

O-Town Car Bidding Fails To Even Make Book Value

Ouch. The auction for O-Town star Ashley Angel’s 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T Coupe ended earlier today and the car registered his girlfriend Shelli and ‘owned’ by both failed to even get a bid near the car’s private party blue book price of $10,070. The reserve bidding price was not met as the highest bid was only $9,100 in the for profit auction.

Even the promise of an autographed photo of Ashley, a personalized letter about the car written by Ashley, and an O-Town CD personally autographed by the group in the CD player was not enough for any fans to even pay what someone would pay off the street for the car. It’s unclear yet if they’ll make another attempt to sell the car.

Ashley Angel Previews New O-Town LP

Ed Condran of the Asbury Park Press chatted with O-Town star Ashley Angel ahead of the group’s shows in New Jersey next week. Ashley talked about the direction the band took in their latest album, ‘O2’, saying, “This time there are definitely more rock songs. I’m a rock guy at heart. I’m really into Third Eye Blind, Creed and Staind. So I’m more at that end of the spectrum musically and it’s reflected on this album. The ballads on this album are more organic than they were on the first album. Forget about the loops, we have great instrumentation this time around.”

O-Town’s Ashley Car For Sale

If you are a die-hard O-Town fan and you collect everything that they have had before, you might want to consider going to eBay where Ashley Angel has his 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse up for sale – you might want to have a lot of money for this one though.

Top Ashley Angel December Searches

O-Town’s Ashley Parker Angel received the most searches amongst members of his band during the month of December with 8,842 searches, much higher than runner-up Dan Miller. Much like searches for Britney Spears for the guys, female fans weren’t too interested in anything regarding Ashley other than pictures of the singer, especially shirtless or nude ones. A large portion of the searches included his name with “O-Town” of course.