Pop Stars Support Bruce Jenner Gender Transition

Victoria Justice, with no makeup, Tweets support for Bruce Jenner

Several pop artists Tweeted their support of Bruce Jenner after the decathlon gold medal winner and reality television star appeared on ABC’s ’20/20′ to reveal “for all intents and purposes, I’m a woman.” Jenner has had cosmetic facial surgeries and is taking the female hormone estrogen, but is unsure about gender altering surgeries. Among the Twitter postings:

Jenny Owen Youngs (@jennyowenyoungs): The Bruce Jenner interview special is two hours long… but considerably longer if you watch it with your parents and pause for questions.

Ricki-Lee (@TheRickiLee): I have so much respect for Bruce Jenner finally opening up about the gender identity cloud that has… https://instagram.com/p/17zDm5Nde7/

Vanessa Carlton (@VanessaCarlton): Go go go go go go Bruce Jenner. And well done Mr. Sean Dooley @seandooley3 and Mrs. Sawyer

Esmée Denters (@esmeeworld): I am really interested to see the Bruce Jenner interview but I can’t find it anywhere online : ( I applaud him for his courage!

Justin Guarini (@JustinGuarini): Finally got to see the Bruce Jenner interview and was floored by the grace and bravery he exhibited.

Jennifer Lopez (@JLo): Once a champion always a champion. #BruceJenner #transgender #beyourself #loveyourself #LoveIsLove

Jessica Sutta (@IamJessicaSutta): Bruce Jenner. TY! An inspiring reminder to us all to find the courage to be our authentic selves in spite of our fears. #BruceJennerABC

Victoria Justice (@VictoriaJustice): Proud to be part of a generation that is making a change & embracing all kinds of people. Bruce Jenner, you did an amazing thing. #SpreadLove

Ashley Tisdale (@ashleytisdale): #brucejenner is so brave and I love that he’s finally happy with being himself. #gobruce

Luciana (@LucianaCaporaso): So much respect and support for #BruceJenner, I think this exposure of transgender issues will help so many lives.

Lance Bass (@LanceBass): Bravo #BruceJenner #DianeSawyer and #ABC !! Beautifully told!!

Carmen & Camille (@carmencamille): Proud of Bruce Jenner, that took courage. I hope this interview opens up a dialogue about gender identity #BruceJennerABC

Tyler Hilton (@TylerHilton) :My mom w the inspiring #BruceJenner reminding us all tonight to be who you are, whoever that may be.… https://instagram.com/p/14oIZnPwx2/

Ricky Martin (@ricky_martin): Thank you #BruceJenner. Your testimony will make this world a better place.

Ayla Brown (@AylaBrown): While most of the world was glued to the TV with #BruceJenner I was w/ hundreds of Vets and @ConcernedVets spreading patriotism! #LetLoveIn

Miley Cyrus (@MileyCyrus) I LOOOOVE LOOOVE LOOOVE Bruce Jenner!!!!!!!

Pop Stars React To Shirley Temple Death

Katy Perry in military garb

Several pop stars shared their thoughts on the death of Shirley Temple Black, the famous American child star of the 1930s, at the age of 85. The Santa Monica born singer and actress died of natural causes on Monday (February 10). Among the messages on Twitter:

Ashley Tisdale (@AshleyTisdale): I was obsessed with her movies, dancing, and singing. Not to mention the curly hair I related to as a child. Thanks for all the joy and happiness you brought to so many people #rip #shirleytemple)

Emmy Rossum (@emmyrossum): My first acting inspiration. Shirley Temple. Rest in peace.

Luciana (@LucianaCaporaso): RIP Shirley Temple. Bless. xox

Alexa Vega (@alexavega): Miss Shirley Temple… Thank you for inspiring me and giving me hope as a child. You were wonderful. You left your mark :) #RIP #Legend

Victoria Justice and SpongeBobVictoria Justice (@VictoriaJustice): #RIP Shirley Temple… Such an adorable & talented icon. Animal crackers in my soup will never get… http://instagram.com/p/kS3t8sHINW/

Lucy Schwartz (@LucySchwartz): In honor of Shirley Temple, who passed away this week. I loved her movies. What a bright, bubbly, joyful spirit! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1LI8lZALPM

Jordin Sparks (@JordinSparks): I will always remember this song making me laugh: ‘Animal crackers in my soup, monkeys and rabbits loop the loop…’ RIP Shirley Temple

Katy Perry (@katyperry): You were the original cherry on top Shirley Temple! Rest In Peace!

Elizabeth & The Catapult (@thecatapult): Shirley Temple passed away today. Gosh I loved her.

LOLO (@lolomusic): Lovely Shirley Temple, I know you’re up there on the good ship lollipop just singin away, may you rest in peace. #thanksforthesmiles

Ashley Tisdale Does ‘Scary Movie 5’ Themed Twitter Q&A

Ashley Tisdale in the living room

Ashley Tisdale did a ‘Scary Movie 5’ themed Q&A with her Twitter followers (@ashleytisdale). Among the questions for the 27-year-old, who stars as “Jody Sanders” in the film with Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan, were:

Looove doing comedy :) RT @Maggh_ just with the trailer I laughed, you didn’t have problems filming? Comedy must be hard, xoxo #scarymovie5

Everyone was soo great 2 wrk w/! RT @connorstroup who did you enjoy working with the most in Scary Movie 5 #ScaryMovie5

Thank you!! I’m feelin it for sure RT @krizthiantizzie Love your new hair color, you look BEAUTIFUL #ScaryMovie5

Chocolate, what’s yours? RT @aboutdemilovato #scarymovie5 What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? I love you!!

Who says I stopped? ;) RT @fckstizz do you miss singing? #scarymovie5 love you xo

Big fan of ‘Heart Attack’! RT @whydemi favorite Demi’s song? #scarymovie5

Love it! Pizza is my fave :) RT @martina_1D do you like Italian food? #ScaryMovie5

Everyone was great! :) RT @imthevideogurl how’s it like working with Charlie and Lindsay? Are they crazy and funny as it seems? #ScaryMovie5

Ashley Tisdale Doesn’t Do New Year’s Resolutions

Ashley Tisdale 'Happy New Year' video

Ashley Tisdale wished everyone a Happy New Year and talks about her feelings on resolutions in a new YouTube video. “For me, I don’t really make any New Year’s resolutions anymore,” the singer and actress explained, “because I learned early on that when I did, I never really followed through with the resolution. For example, I was just beginning, I just had started working out, and I was doing pretty good at the gym, my New Year’s resolution is to keep going at the gym and just reach my goals. What happened was New Year’s happened, and I didn’t step foot in a gym for eight months after that.” Watch the message below.

ABC Buys Comedy Starring And Sold By Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale in the kitchen

Deadline reports that Ashley Tisdale has sold a semi-autobiographical comedy project to ABC, which Warren Littlefield will executive produce. The former ‘High School Musical’ star is set to have a acting role in the project titled ‘Under Construction’ and will co-executive produce. ‘Under Construction’ is inspired by the 26-year-old’s life, where a young woman’s independence is put on hold and she’s forced to move back in with her parents while her father is tasked to renovate her recently purchased “money pit”, as well as her life.

Ashley Tisdale Thanks Her 10 Million Facebook Fans

Ashley Tisdale thanks Facebook fansAshley Tisdale checked in with fans on her YouTube channel to thank them for helping her to reach 10 million Facebook users to “Like” her page.

“I just found out I now have 10 million followers on Facebook,” the singer and actress said. “I’m so excited. That’s so cool. I just can’t believe it. It’s crazy. That’s awesome, and I just want to say thank you so much for all your support and thank you for visiting my Facebook page. My Facebook likes you too. Be sure to keep checking it out. Let’s get to 20 million followers, that would be cool. Thank you so much, muah! Bye!”

Watch the message below.

Ashley Tisdale On ‘Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure’ Canine Challenges

Ashley Tisdale and Austin Butler visited with Ernie D. at the Radio Disney studio, talking about their four-legged co-stars in ‘Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure’. “They say it’s like working with kids, because they’re so young,” Tisdale explained the dogs. “They don’t know, animals don’t know what they’re doing, and you have to create an environment where they know it’s work and not play, so you can’t play with them on set.” Watch the comments via YouTube below.

Ashley Tisdale Looks Forward To Seeing Cheryl Cole On U.S. ‘X Factor’

Ashley Tidsale talks about Cheryl Cole during a press junket for 'Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure'‘High School Musical’ star Ashley Tisdale tells ITN she’s excited about Cheryl Cole joining the ‘X Factor’ judging panel.

“I think she is adorable. I don’t really know much about her,” Tisdale said. “But I am excited to have her on ‘The X Factor’ and get to know her. She is really cute.” Tisdale added that she hopes American audiences will be able to understand the Girls Aloud star despite her Geordie accent.

Watch the comments via DailyMotion below.

Pop Stars’ Happy Mothers Day Tweets

Miley Cyrus, seen here with her mother Tish, sends out a Happy Mother Day message on Twitter

Several pop artists are wishing their followers who happen to be moms and their own mothers a Happy Mother’s Day on Twitter, which is being celebrated in several countries including the United States, Canada and Australia. Among the Tweets:

Miley Cyrus (@MileyCyrus): About to get my nails done with my mommy for mothers day :) our polish choices really show just how different we are ha! yfrog.com/h0t6gbmj

Samantha Fox (@SamFoxcom): Having a chillax today tweethearts. #happy mothers day to all you mums abroad .Enjoy X spoil em X

Jada (@JadaMusic): Let’s hear it for the moms!!! Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Official Hot Mess (@OfficialHotMess): So blessed to be spending Mother’s Day with the best mommy in the whole world! :-) #HappyMothersDay

Darren Hayes (@darrenhayes): Thanks for all your birthday wishes! And happy Mother’s Day to my Mummy and all the Mum’s in Aus and U.S today! X

Mandy Moore (@TheMandyMoore): to all the mothers of the world: today we celebrate you and all that you do for us. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!

Justin Bieber sends out a Happy Mother's Day message on TwitterJustin Bieber (@justinbieber): #HappyMothersDay to all the moms out there and especially mine. @Studiomama I love you and thank you for always being there. I’m a lucky guy

Celica Westbrook (@CelicaWestbrook): Happy Mothers Day!!! Make sure kiss your mom and tell her how much you love her!! :)

Daniel Powter (@powter): Happy Mothers Day!! Daniel

Michelle Branch (@michellebranch): Thank you for the Mother’s Day wishes :) Happy Mother’s day to all the other moms out there!! xoxo

Ingrid Michaelson (@ingridmusic): Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms. We would be nothing without you. Literally.


Ashley Tisdale Avoids Being A Zombie In ‘Hellcats’ Episode

Ashley Tisdale talked with Popstar! at the premiere for her ‘Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure’ direct to DVD film, where she talked about the recently aired ‘Woke Up Dead’ episode of ‘Hellcats’. “I actually got away with not having to be in hair and makeup long,” Tisdale said about the CW series’ zombie episode. “Because I’m like the Buffy, the slayer, so I am not a zombie at all. I just had blood dripping down me.” Watch the comments via YouTube below.