Ashlyne Huff Talks About New Album & Writing Camp

Ashlyne Huff album

Ashlyne Huff posted some behind the scenes footage from the studio and her “Writing Camp” in a “New Music. New Chapter.” YouTube video. The pop singer told her fans at MySpace (@ashlynehuff):

Most of you saw the Live Chat from my week at the Writing Camp, but I just want to reiterate what happened one more time for those of you who didn’t! Evan Bogart (wrote “S.O.S” and “Halo” and so many more hits) and his team of eight other writers met every day for a week at a studio in Los Angeles to write for this upcoming album. There were three rooms, so everyone split up and kept moving from room to room each day so that we had different combinations of writers. At the end of the week, we had a lot of amazing songs to choose from! I had the best time not only writing but getting to know these people. If you couldn’t tell from our Live Chat, we definitely have a good time–but we get our work done, too. :) You’ll see what I’m talking about when you get the album!

Watch the clip below.

Ashlyne Huff Aims For More Rhythmic, Sophisticated Pop Sound

Ashlyne Huff checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@ashlynehuff) on Tuesday (August 31), talking about how life in her current place of residence Brentwood, California differs from where she used to live, Brentwood, Tennessee, and things are shaping up for her second album. The pop singer writes:

Evan, DQ, and Erika pulled specific writers for the week we worked together based on my particular sound. (Shari Short, Jerrod “Skins” Bettis, Lesley Roy, Chuck Harmony, Reo, and Greg Ogan) Each of them are unique and bring something else to the table. On the first day, we all sat around until everyone got there. We watched YouTube videos and got to know each other. I could tell right then and there that the week was not only going to be a successful one but also an enjoyable one.

We split off into three separate studios at the amazing Glenwood Studios complex, two writers and one producer per room–and I floated around! Every day was a different group, which translated into a completely different kind of sound each day. By the end of the week, we had over twelve songs written… not just songs though, incredible songs. And while they are all songs that fit in with my style and my voice, they are songs that will challenge me. The new refined direction I am taking on is a more rhythmic, sophisticated pop sound–something you can really dance to!

I could not have had a better time writing, hanging, and learning from all of the writers. It was an experience that I will never ever forget! Seriously, it was like summer camp for musicians! It was sad when we had to say goodbye, but I’m not letting the goodbye be for long–I’m working with them again if it kills me! These next two weeks I will be picking the songs and recording the album, and I cannot wait to start.

Ashlyne Huff Begins Work On Second Album

Ashlyne Huff checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@ashlynehuff) on Friday (August 20), discussing plans to begin recording her second album. The Los Angeles based pop rock singer tells readers:

I am so excited to announce that I am going to be writing and recording my next album starting next week, with Evan Bogart and his Writing Camp.

Evan super creative and has written songs like SOS for Rihanna and Halo for Beyonce. It is going to be a unique set up as Evan has pulled together a group of writers and producers and created a writing camp. I will spend time in different rooms each day and get a chance to work with all different kinds of creative people.

Ashlyne Huff: I’m A Bag Lady

Ashlyne Huff updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@ashlynehuff) on Thursday (August 5), discussing her love for bags and having trouble determining whether she prefers clutches or bags. The pop singer writes:

Clutches vs. Bottomless bags
This is the biggest problem I have these days! :) Apparently, I’m a bag lady. I have lots of purses and I never get rid of them. None of them are very expensive because, let’s face it, we girls have ever-changing likes and dislikes. I usually go to Forever 21 or H & M or even TJ MAXX or Target to find them. And typically, I pick the biggest tote or hobo bag I can find. Why you ask? Well, I carry about a journal, a book, my calendar (yes, I’m old fashioned and I like to write it down), and a wallet, a camera, some touch up make up, my phone, keys, and whatever else the person I’m with decides to throw in there. My back will probably break at some point, but I’m a fighter!!!

Ashlyne Huff Performs National Anthem During MLB All-Star Weekend

Ashlyne Huff performed the National Anthem to kick of this year’s Major League Baseball All-Star Weekend at Angel Stadium of Anaheim earlier this month. The singer documented the on field experience with a video at her YouTube channel, with some brief comments before and after ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’.

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

Ashlyne Huff And Ely Dancing To ‘Proud Mary’

Ashlyne Huff and her backup singer Ely teamed up on YouTube to dance and mime along to ‘Proud Mary’. “Sometimes summer can get slow and boring from time to time,” the singer’s PR writes. “Luckily, Ashlyne made a video dancing to ‘Proud Mary’ that can cure your summertime blues and maybe even get you on your feet and singing along.”

The video at YouTube has since been removed.

Ashlyne Huff Having More Fun Each Night Touring With Jordin Sparks

Ashlyne Huff updated fans while on the Battlefield Tour with Jordin Sparks and Days Difference. The Los Angeles pop singer wrote on her blog at MySpace (@ashlynehuff) on Sunday (July 4):

Well, the tour continues to be an amazing experience for me! One of my favorite things about touring in general is the fact that I get to visit so many new places! For instance, we played in Reno, NV last night and it was so cool! The closest I’d ever been to Reno was watching Sister Act with Whoopi Goldberg!

Anyway, that schedule I was talking about getting into is in full force now! Wal-mart in-store in the morning, shop at Wal-mart (I do literally every day), soundcheck, show, meet n’ greet! I’ve got it down to an art! :) The shows keep getting better and better, and I am having more fun each night! Jordin is still the sweetest girl alive, and Days Difference has taken me in as a surrogate sister I think!

Ashlyne Huff Having A Great Time On Tour With Jordin Sparks

Ashlyne Huff updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@ashlynehuff) on Sunday (June 27), offering her thoughts on the start of her tour with ‘American Idol’ season six winner Jordin Sparks. The ‘Heart of Gold’ singer writes:

I just started the “Battlefield Tour” with Jordin Sparks and Days Difference and I must say, IT IS AWESOME ALREADY! Friday night was my first official show in Atlanta at Six Flags, and I couldn’t have had a better time. I can tell this tour is going to be so much fun!

Yesterday, at Dixie Landin’ in Baton Rouge I got to ride a water slide! Besides the water in my nose…best idea ever. :) I definitely “rocked my shine” in my OP bathing suit! The crowd was rockin’ and it turned out to be another great night!

Ashlyne Huff Performs At The Grove

Behind the scenes footage of Ashlyne Huff performing at The Grove in Los Angeles has been posted at her YouTube channel. You can catch Ashlyne this summer on “The Battlefield” Tour with Jordin Sparks. Footage of Huff performing ‘Heart of Gold’ and signing autographs has since been removed. Check out her ‘Make It Rain’ performance below and more fan filmed clips from the free show at YouTube.

Ashlyne Huff ‘Heart of Gold’ Video

Ashlyne Huff 'Heart of Gold' single cover

Ashlyne Huff is out with the music video to her new single ‘Heart of Gold’, off the Nashville based pop rock singer’s self-titled debut album, out now on iTunes. Watch it via DailyMotion below.