Atomic Kitten Lose Spice Girl Shadow

WENN reports Atomic Kitten were flattered in the beginning of their break in the charts in 1999 to be compared to the Spice Girls, but now they feel they’ve made fame in their own right. Natasha Hamilton said, “When we first started out it was fantastic to be compared to the Spice Girls, they were the ultimate in girl bands. Now with our fans’ support we are not being compared to them any more, but find that new bands are being compared to us, which is really flattering.”

Atomic Kitten Talk With Fans

Atomic Kitten answered questions submitted to The Sun for an online chat, including the one I sent in prompting Jenny and Tasha to recall a MTV Awards story:

Jenny: Tasha and I presented an award at the MTV Awards with a guy from Blink 182.

We presented the Best Rock award and didn’t even hear the the guy say “Pop is dead, long live rock!!”. Tasha and I just carried on clapping and smiling not knowing what he’d said!

Tasha: If we had heard we would have have said “You cheeky s….”.

Atomic Kitten Snipe at Britney Spears

WENN reports Atomic Kitten star Jenny Frost is taking a shot at Britney Spears superstar lifestyle and mocks her virgin claims saying, “We are not like Britney Spears, we don’t live superstar lives, we are three normal girls.”

“We all have boyfriends, we all go out and when we have a drink we can be very loud. A lot of girl singers have squeaky-clean images, but we don’t make false claims.

“We don’t pretend we’re virgins and we don’t pretend we’re teetotal. People can quite easily imagine living next door to us.”

Atomic Kitten Plan U.S. TV Series?

The Daily Star is reporting that Atomic Kitten will be launching a television series in America to try to crack into the U.S. market. A source revealed, “If all goes well, they will fly out in the New Year to get plans finalized, and the first pilots could be out in April 2002.”

The source added, “The girls are absolutely overjoyed as they have already attracted a lot of attention in the US with their records.

“To have their own TV show would raise their profile even more and could turn them into major international household names.”

Atomic Kitten Still Want To Give U.S. A Go

NME reports Atomic Kitten have dumped plans to record their video for ‘You Are’ at New York’s Grand Central Station due to the terror attacks and instead are now looking for railway stations in the UK.

The band though will return to the U.S. at some point as Jenny Frost told The Daily Record today, “If it comes down to hard work and determination, we will do it. We’re just normal, great girls. They won’t be able to resist our charms because we’re so charming, aren’t we? But we will need a little bit of luck as well.”

Westlife, Atomic Kitten Take Top Honors For Disney Awards

Westlife won Band of the Year and Best Male Group/Artist at yesterday’s Disney Channel Kids’ Awards bash in London while the Best Female Group/Artist went to Atomic Kitten. Hear’Say won the best new artist award while Best Album went to A1 for The A List.

Atomic Kitten Top Search Terms In August

The August totals for search terms including the term ‘Atomic Kitten’ show the group was searched for a respectable 28,290 times during the month. Who’s the most popular band member Apparently it’s Jenny Frost, who got 467 searches for the month, compared to 277 for Natasha Hamilton and 193 searches for Liz McClarnon… admittedly not many for any member compared to numbers for the group. The trio’s most searched song was ‘Eternal Flame’.

Atomic Kitten To Bare All In Playboy? reports Playboy magazine has been talking to the members of Atomic Kitten to possibly do a nude layout of the band members Liz McClarnon, Jenny Frost and Natasha Hamilton.

Playboy spokesman Bob Farley revealed, “We’re certainly taking a look at them. We’d rather have the whole group than just one of them.”

McClarnon sounded most willing to take it off saying, “As far as I’m concerned, I’d have no problem doing it as long as it wasn’t full nudity. I reckon I’d do a really tasteful Playboy shoot.

“I’d want at least $1 million for it — that’s what Janet Jackson got.”

Atomic Kitten Were In New York During Attack

Members of Atomic Kitten, Jenny Frost, Natasha Hamilton and Liz McClarnon, were in New York filming a video from their new single when the terrorist attacks hit in New York City on Tuesday.

Posted on the band’s official site was the following statement:

We know many of you are worried about the Kittens who are in New York filming. The girls have been in touch to let everyone know they are okay. Atomic Kitten would like to assure all their fans that although they are currently in New York, they are far away from the devastating scenes in Lower Manhattan and are safe and well and hope to return to the UK as soon as possible.

While Atomic Kitten would like to thank all well-wishers for their concern, the girls’ hearts go out to all those families who have suffered loss in this tragedy. Thanks.

Atomic Kitten’s Natasha Hamilton Escapes Near Death In LA

The Sun is reporting Natasha Hamilton of Atomic Kitten was nearly killed when a stage light crashed down on her head leaving a nasty cut. Hamilton told the Sun, “It took me completely by surprise. It started falling and we all tried to get out of the way. It drew a lot of blood and still hurts now.”

Natasha also says the group was stalked in Los Angeles by an obsessive fan in her words, “This scary bloke followed us around all the time. It was really creepy.” You can check out photos of the group’s arrival to LA at and watch for the bands video soon on MTV as they try to break into the US market.