Atomic Kitten Not Necessarily Back Together

Liz McClarnon and Jenny Frost recently visited Zambia for World Vision 24-hour Famine charity but they told Radio 1 the new Atomic Kitten single ‘Cradle’ doesn’t mean they’re definitely back together as a group because they are working on solo material and Natasha is busy being a mother.

Pregnancy Delays Atomic Kitten Reunion

Liz McClarnon has admitted an Atomic Kitten reunion is on the cards, but it will have to wait awhile. “We’re still on our break. We can’t get back together now, Tash [Natasha Hamilton] is still pregnant with a big belly. It would limit the dance moves a bit,” McClarnon joked. “There’s definitely a possibility we’ll go back to Atomic Kitten though – like a Destiny’s Child sort of thing.”

Atomic Kitten Regroup For Charity Single

World Vision famine charity ambassadors Jenny Frost, Liz McClarnon and Natasha Hamilton have decided to reunite to record a new version of ‘Cradle’ for the charity. “This is a really amazing opportunity to be able to support World Vision,” McClarnon tells The Mirror.

Atomic Kitten To Release (Old) Christmas Single

The Mirror reports Atomic Kitten are re-forming to release a one-time Christmas single ‘Cradle’, which was actually on the girl group’s first album ‘Right Now’. “The girls haven’t had any success since they went solo so this is a last ditch attempt to get back into the limelight before everyone forgets who they are,” an insider revealed. “It’s also good for the record label because Christmas is the most lucrative time of year. They’re still deciding whether to use Kerry McFadden’s old vocals or getting Jenny to re-record them. But rumor has it that Jenny mimed to Kerry’s voice after Kerry left, so it’s no big deal.”

Atomic Kitten Forced Into Comeback

The Daily Star reports that after Liz McLarnon and Jenny Frost have seemed to fail with their solo efforts, there is talk already of an Atomic Kitten reunion. “Jenny and Liz have failed. Getting the band together again is the only way anyone’s going to pay them any attention,” a source explained. “Jen’s managed to record some songs, but have you heard any of them? Has anyone? Does anyone know when her first single’s going to be released?”

Another Atomic Kitten Suffers McCutcheon’s Wrath

After a past argument with Jenny Frost, former ‘EastEnders’ actress Martine McCutcheon continued her verbal assault on another Atomic Kitten, Liz McClarnon at London’s Boujis Club earlier this week. “Martine was very drunk and let’s just say not a happy drunk,” a source revealed. “She just let rip about Liz. It was all a bit over the top. People didn’t know where to look. Martine looked in a drunken state.”

Liz McClarnon’s Missing Atomic Kitten Bandmates

Liz McClarnon tells The Daily Star she’s missing being a part of girl group trio Atomic Kitten, especially when she’s on stage singing solo. “I insist on having two backing singers on stage with me so it feels like the girls are still around,” she said. “It’s a security thing…” Another “security thing” for Liz is her lucky necklace, according to a pal. “The Kittens always kissed each other on the cheek three times each before going on stage,” the friend revealed. “Now Liz insists on wearing a lucky necklace given to her as a gift from her mum for good luck.”

Ex-Kittens Make Solo Advances

Former Atomic Kitten stars Jenny Frost and Liz McClarnon are seeing a bright future with their solo careers, according to The Mirror. McClarnon has been in America working with the writers who penned Jessica Simpson’s smash ‘With You’, while Jenny is jetting out later this month to work with the producers behind All Saints’ chart-topper ‘Pure Shores’.

Atomic Liz On Life Without Kittens

Former Atomic Kitten Liz McClarnon spoke with The Mirror about life after the girl group split as well as her own split with Blue star Lee Ryan last year. “It’s all change,” Liz says. “There’s no band and no boyfriend. I couldn’t be happier. Or more scared… I go between the two.” Soon she’ll be flying to Nashville to team up with some of the world’s top songwriters and put the finishing touches to her solo album. “I’ve got so many choices to make now that it’s scary,” she admits. “I’ve had five years’ experience, and people think I have good business sense already but that’s not the case. I just want to write songs and sing and my manager can take care of the details. Now that I am on my own I can’t share the decisions with two other girls and I really do feel that weight on me. I find all that really stressful … and very exciting.”