Atomic Smitten

The Mirror reports former Atomic Kitten star Liz McClarnon has a new boyfriend after meeting him at her 23rd birthday party at No.5 Cavendish Square. Liz and Paul swapped phone numbers and he called the singer. “They went on a date last Monday,” a friend of McClarnon said. “It may be early days, but he’s already pressing the right buttons. Paul’s very good-looking so I can see why she’s fallen for him. She’s fed up with being single and dating losers.”

The Last Goodbye?

Sounding excited and optimistic about the future, Liz McClarnon was keen to talk with Capital FM about her new career as a solo artist, as well as what her Atomic Kitten bandmates Natasha Hamilton and Jenny Frost have up their sleeves. She also speaks about her love life, and what we can expect to hear from her in the not-too-distant future. Audio at has since been removed.

Atomic Kitten Perform In Dublin

Atomic Kitten played a big concert in Dublin this week but the threesome were only two as Natasha Hamilton bowed out of the sellout show. As for reports in The Mirror that there was a argument with bandmates Liz McClarnon and Jenny Frost, a band spokesman insisted, “Natasha was saddened not to be at the Dublin show and photoshoot but she was struck down by a sudden illness.” Check out pictures from ShowbizIreland.

Atomic Kitten Deny Bust-Up

The Herald Sun reports Atomic Kitten are denying reports they’re soon taking an extended break because they do not get along. “All of the papers are basically saying we are arguing every day and that it is not a break but a split,” Liz McClarnon said. “We can tell you honestly though that the way we are as people, we are very stubborn, and if we all hated each other there would be no god damn way we would ever be able to do a tour together.”

Atomic Kitten In Turmoil After Tash Dash

The Mirror reports Liz McClarnon and Jenny Frost are furious with Natasha Hamilton after the singer pulled out of a sell-out concert in Dublin on their farewell tour. “The official reason was that she was unwell. But the truth is she couldn’t face playing with them,” a spy revealed. “Jenny and Liz were already in Dublin and Tash was meant to be flying out to join them. But after the bust-up she made her driver take her home immediately. She turned her phone off so they couldn’t call her back and it was only at 7pm that she bothered to call and say she wasn’t coming.”

Kerry McFadden To Rejoin Atomic Kitten On Final Tour

Sky News reports that the girls from Atomic Kitten have invited former member Kerry McFadden back on stage with the trio for the final time to sing their hit ‘Whole Again’. “It means a lot to me as I really missed performing,” the ‘I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here’ winner said. “And what a way to go out – on top and with my best friends!”

Jenny Frost Fuming Over Ex-Kitten Kerry McFadden’s Comments

The Mirror reports Jenny Frost has launched a bitter attack on Queen of the Jungle and former Atomic Kitten bandmate Kerry McFadden after she made barbed comments about the group during her stint on ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!’ “She’s off her head if she thinks she was hard done by in the band. I can’t believe what she was saying,” Frost fumed. “All I can think is that the lack of food in the jungle made her delirious and totally lose her grip on reality.” Kerry told her celebrity pals that she was the founder member of the group. But Jenny says: “That’s rubbish. Liz McClarnon started the band with Kerry – it was never just Kerry’s band.”

Atomic Kitten Won’t Pull A Jordan On Becks

Sky News reports Atomic Kitten short-timer Jenny Frost, a one-time girlfriend of David Beckham, has said there will no expose on their love life. She said: “I will never do a kiss and tell book on my time with him – I still respect him too much.” Meanwhile, the girl-group plan to release a cover of The Beatles’ classic ‘Ticket To Ride’ as part of their greatest hits package due out in March.

Atomic Kitten’s Liz And Jenny Land Quick Solo Deals

The Sun reports Atomic Kitten stars Jenny Frost and Liz McClarnon both signed one album solo deals at EMI worth $450,000 just hours after they announced their split. The pair won’t be on the same EMI-owned label though, with Liz expected to remain with the Kittens’ old label Innocent, while Jenny moves to Parlophone. “EMI are confident there is enough of a fan base for them both to do well. But the girls couldn’t both stay on Innocent because there would be a conflict of interests,” a source close to the two said. “Jenny wants to do more grown-up stuff and her sexy image will help. Dom will help get her credibility in clubs. Liz is taking less of a risk. She’s known as the straight-laced one from Atomic Kitten so that’s the road that she will go down as a solo artist.”

Atomic Kittens Jenny And Liz Plot Solo Careers

The Mirror reports Jenny Frost and Liz McClarnon are launching themselves as solo pop stars as their Atomic Kitten bandmate Natasha Hamilton looks forward to spending more time with her son Josh. “Obviously this isn’t the way we wanted to launch our solo careers, but it’s happened and we just have to get on with it,” Jenny said. “There are lots of offers on the table and Liz and I have both been offered solo contracts. It’s something we seriously want to do. The one thing we won’t be doing though is posing nude for Playboy.”