Successful Pop Career Leaves Little Cash For Kittens

The Sun reports that despite three #1 hits, three albums, and international tours, the girls from Atomic Kitten have less than $400,000 each in their bank accounts to show for it. “The glitz and glamor of being a pop star makes people think they earn a fortune,” a source close to the girl group said. “Nothing could be further from the truth. In Atomic Kitten’s case, they are worth less than £200,000 each today. Once the dust settles, they will probably wonder if the long hours and the weeks away from home were worth it.”

Tash’s Missed Meeting The Final Straw For Kittens

The Mirror spoke with a source close to Atomic Kitten on the reasons the group broke up, at least temporarily, which came to a head after Natasha Hamilton failed to show up to a meeting with Dolce and Gabbana about their clothes for their tour on Monday. “Natasha’s dedication to the rest of the band was lacking and that’s what led to the split. It had been on the cards but Jenny and Liz were desperate to hold things together,” the source explained. “But when she didn’t show up for the crucial meeting with D&G that was the final straw. It about the seventh or eight time she hasn’t turned up to an engagement and I think they realized they had taken things as far as they could.”

Atomic Kitten Speak About Break

Contributed anonymously:

In a radio interview today with London radio station Radio 1’s Newsbeat Jenny Frost and Natasha Hamilton from Atomic Kitten clarified that they are not splitting up. Jenny said, “Don’t believe everything that has been in the papers today. We are taking a year’s break. We are not splitting up. We are still the best of friends. Atomic Kitten is still together. We are just taking a year off.”

Atomic Kitten Release Statement On Breakup

Atomic Kitten have posted a message to fans regarding their breakup, which they say isn’t gong to be permanent, as Natasha Hamilton says she will be spending more time with her son Josh. The girls reveal Jenny Frost and Liz McClarnon will be looking at various options including solo singles, collaborations and loads of TV and media offers. Their message concludes, “There is no doubt that lots of people will be saying that the girls have split up for good, but the truth is that’s not the plan. Take it from us ‘This is not the end’.”

Atomic Kitten Announce Breakup

The Sun reports Atomic Kitten are splitting up after a tour next month. Natasha Hamilton blamed the stress of trying to combine being a mother to son Josh with pop stardom for the break-up. Bandmates Liz McClarnon and Jenny Frost decided to call it a day rather than look for a replacement. “I knew the time would come when I would have to do this,” she said. “I’ve not really had a moment to be with Josh consistently and properly since he was born, having released two albums and six singles since 2002 and promoted them around the world.”

Atomic Kitten’s Jenny Frost Too Busy For Marriage reports Atomic Kitten star Jenny Frost is blaming the busy lives she and longtime boyfriend DJ Dom T for playing havoc with their wedding preparations. “We’ve been together for four years and we’re very happy,” she said. “He’s a total gentleman and a great cook, so we have lots of cozy nights in. We haven’t set a date for the wedding. We’re too busy.”

D&G Providing Outfits For Atomic Kitten’s Tour

The Mirror reports Dolce & Gabanna will be providing all the outfits for Atomic Kitten’s forthcoming UK tour which kicks off on February 18th. A spokesman said: “The girls’ exclusive D&G tour wardrobe will range from super-sexy, street-raider micro shorts paired with tight tops, romantic, see-through, chiffon baby-dolls, to hippy-style, bell-bottomed, flower power embroidered jeans and vests in an explosion of colour, glamour and funk!”

Jenny Frost Is Not Leaving Atomic Kitten

In a posting on the girl group’s official website, Atomic Kitten are denying reports Jenny Frost is leaving the group. According to the official statement, “It’s a load of nonsense and we can with 100% accuracy tell you that the AK girls are stronger and happier than ever As you know the girls have just released their 3rd and possibly most successful album so far and are about to embark on a nationwide arena tour as well as countless commitments in other countries around the world – that’s not the actions of a band about to split! We’re not quite sure who the ‘insider’ is that the tabloid got their info from, but we think ‘outsider’ is probably more accurate!”

Atomic Kitten Take Delivery Of A Toyota ‘Greatest Hits’ Collection

Atomic Kitten have joined up with Toyota to drive into the New Year in a fleet of hit vehicles. Toyota has provided the girls – Jenny Frost, Liz McClarnon and Natasha Hamilton – and their team with a fleet of five great models, including a pair of RAV4s, a Previa and a top-of-the range Land Cruiser. Read more.

Disney Deal Has Kittens Purring

The Sun reports Atomic Kitten have been signed on by Disney to record the title track for ‘Mulan 2’, their second song for the entertainment giant. They also covered Blondie’s ‘The Tide Is High’ for ‘The Lizzie McGuire Movie’.