Atomic Kitten Perform At G-A-Y

Atomic Kitten performed at the G-A-Y Astoria Theater on Saturday (December 6) in London. Check out pictures from RexFeatures and GettyImages.

Atomic Kitten ‘Ladies Night’ Video

Atomic Kitten 'Ladies Night' album cover

Atomic Kitten are out with the video for their remake of Kool & the Gang’s disco hit ‘Ladies Night’, the title track to the British pop girl group’s third studio album, out now on Virgin Records. Watch the video at YouTube.

Atomic Kitten Get Pulled Over By Police

Atomic Kitten experienced a minor glitch en route to the opening of their Ladies Night tour at Butlins in Minehead on Monday. Natasha Hamilton explained to the Daily Star: “On the journey there, we were pulled over by the police. Blame our tour manager, he’s been showing off with a trendy new number plate, which makes some numbers look like letters.”

Atomic Kitten Invade New Zealand

When asked the secret of Atomic Kitten’s longevity, group member Jenny Frost tells the New Zealand Herald: “People can relate to us,” she says. “They look at us and say, if they can do it, anybody can do it.” The trio are playing a free invitation-only gig at Auckland Town Hall tonight.

Australia Smittens Kittens

On a promotional tour in Australia, Atomic Kitten plan to bring their families down under to celebrate New Year. “I’m coming back with my family to party. I love this place and the people in it,” group member Liz McClarnon tells AAP.

Atomic Kitten Reveal All About Life In The Fast Lane

The Mirror spoke with the girls of Atomic Kitten in an extensive interview, where they covered their dating lives, their opinions on one-night stands, their relationship with family and friends, if they believe in love at first sight, and nights out.

Atomic Kitten Natasha Hamilton Becoming Dangerously Thin

As a doctor ordered Natasha Hamilton to take powerful medication for clinical depression following the birth of her son Josh 15 months ago, friends fear the Atomic Kitten star is becoming dangerously thin. “Her thighs and arms are like sticks – she’s never been this skinny before,” a pal told The People. “Tash used to have a much fuller figure but she is just a shadow of her former self. It’s gone past the usual lean pop star look and now it’s just unhealthy. She’s working so hard and she’s not eating enough for the energy she’s using.”

Kitten Smitten With New Man

The Mirror reports Atomic Kitten star Liz McClarnon is romancing a former male model works at Love 4 Music named Tom Ben. “Liz and Tom started off as friends. But the more time they spent with each other the more they realized how much they had in common and romance blossomed from there,” an insider said. “Liz seems quite taken with him but it’s early days yet and she’s not going to rush into anything serious too quickly. They’re enjoying dating and spending time with each other. All their friends think they make the perfect couple.”

Kittens On What Fans Can Expect From ‘Ladies Night’

Atomic Kitten stars Jenny Frost and Liz McClarnon spoke with CBBC Newsround and asked what fans can expect from their new album ‘Ladies Night’. “This album we co-wrote eight of the songs,” Jenny said. “I wrote three, Liz wrote three and Natasha wrote two. They’re all quite different really. I normally write really up-tempo party tunes and they were all really sad and depressing.” Liz told Jenny, “But it’s alright cos you don’t write about yourself to you?”, prompting Frost to reply, “Oh no, I just lie!” Check out the entire interview here.

Kitten’s Baby Blues Agony

The Sun reports Atomic Kitten beauty Natasha Hamilton is suffering from post-natal depression 14 months after the birth of her son Josh. “My doctor diagnosed me with post-natal depression and ordered me to take time off work,” she explained. “I wondered why I was feeling so down, I was crying a lot and everything got on top of me. I was surprised when the doctor told me, but glad to know I wasn’t losing the plot. At least now I know I have something that I can get over.” Read more.