Ava Leigh Checks In After Obama Inauguration Celebration Gig

Ava Leigh checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@avaleigh) on Wednesday (January 21) after performing at the Barack Obama inauguration celebration at the indigO2 Arena in London on Tuesday. The ‘La La La’ singer tells readers:

Well my throat got a lot better over the weekend, so I was able to perform at the inauguration celebration at the indigO2 on Tuesday, was awesome!

Got to watch the inauguration on the big screen and it was very emotional, and wicked to think that a huge part of the WORLD was watching it!

…There is a lot of people saying things like ‘how the hell is Obama gonna change stuff and fix things…’ well there is no saying he will as of yet, but this is one man who you know is going to TRY HIS BEST to change things. And I really do believe that. Cynics will always be there to criticize people’s moves all the time and to question, but are they the ones who do anything about things? No.

So good luck to Obama :) :)

Ava Leigh Feels Confidence In Obama As President

Ava Leigh updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@avaleigh) on Monday (January 19), talking about performing a gig at Pigalle club in London last Friday despite being “really sick” and her gig on Wednesday as part of the Obama Inauguration Celebration at London’s O2 Arena. The reggae pop singer tells readers:

I’m performing at the Obama inauguration tomorrow eve at the Indigo O2, I’m really looking forward to it as I have always been behind Obama because of what he is pledging to do. And I have confidence in him as a president. I think it’s great that the whole world is celebrating and not just the US, as it really does affect everyone, and in a way, it brings all countries together as well. And I think that’s one thing we need to happen!

Ava Leigh Checks In After Celebrating Christmas

Ava Leigh updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@avaleigh) on Monday (December 29), talking how time has flew by in 2008. The reggae pop singer tells readers:

I’m currently sat in my living room in Chester watching Gwen Stefani in concert on TV enjoying the whole chilled out Christmas vibe!

Hasn’t it been lovely, hasn’t it gone quick!!! In fact this whole year has flew by! It feels like a few months ago since I was having Christmas eve drinks with my friends! Man!

It’s been lovely to catch up with friends and get merry, and spend time with family… Had to bring my 2 kittens with me to Chester as they couldn’t stay in Brighton over Crimbo. Unfortunately the other cats in the household do not get on with them and that’s because my kitty’s came into the house ruling the roost and hissing, so they dug their own grave!!! But it’s all good :)

Ava Leigh Busy Writing Songs While Feeling Ill

Ava Leigh updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@avaleigh) on Monday (December 8), talking about her health, songwriting, and her new single being featured on a popular British soap opera. The reggae pop singer tells readers:

Still feeling pretty ill today! And everyone seems to be getting ill so it’s quite hard to get over it!

I’ve been getting so many messages from people saying they heard my song ‘La La La’ on ‘Eastenders’, and I missed it! But today I happened to have ‘Loose Women’ on, and YES I do like ‘Loose Women sometimes :) And they had a clip from ‘Eastenders’, and it was my song was on the clip! Wahoo! Very exciting! Felt quite weird but in a good way :)

I’ve been writing a lot of lyrics the last few days, and that’s what I’m doing today, it’s so good to have lots of lyric ideas down, so they are there for the future… at the moment I’m trying to get out of the whole rhyming thing a little bit… I LOVE to rhyme (if its in a good way) but sometimes it’s not good if it’s just for the sake of a rhyme, so I’m just trying to write lyrics like a conversation or if I was talking about something with a friend…. Getting back into skating at the moment, there’s really nothing better than having a good skate in winter along the seafront, really warms you up and you get that lovely fresh air at the same time!

Ava Leigh Gets The Giggles

Ava Leigh checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@avaleigh) after experiencing a case of the giggles while recording a session for MTV (which should be posted here soon). The British pop/reggae singer tells readers:


So I went to do the MTV Spanking New Sessions yesterday, me, my drummer Elliot and my guitarist Andrew were going to be doing an acoustic session of ‘La la la’ and ‘Rudi skank’… Simple, one would think! Cept, anyone who knows me knows that if someone gets the giggles, then it will immediately get passed on to me…. Thankfully, it wasn’t live, it was being recorded, and we had to do the song bout 2/times each so they could get all the right angles etc…

‘La la la’ went fine, and then it came to ‘Rudi Skank’, and Elliot, who was playing something that resembled a speaker, had to do his “1,2,3.4” hand click again, so they had it in shot, something in that sparked him off, and after his 4th take of doing it without laughing, we then had to all do the song. This time whenever I went to introduce ‘Rudi Skank’ it set me and Elliot off, and then when we overcome that, his click set him off again, and then we did it again, and half way through the song I burst out laughing and couldn’t contain myself, the director looked so darn happy about it! haha. It’s funny, most people would do everything in their power to stop themselves from laughing, but me, im different. My brain was on overdrive seeing the funny side in every lyric, every face in the room, my voice, EVERYTHING!

We got it done in the end, I’m sure there are loads of funny outtakes, and it was a right old larff!!!

I just hope it doesn’t happen live on TV sometime…

Peas xxxx

Ava Leigh Cheers Obama Victory

Ava Leigh updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@avaleigh) on Thursday (November 6), reacting to the election of Barack Obama as the 44th U.S. President. The British reggae pop artist tells readers:

If there’s anyone that can take America from a state back to being the ‘United States’ is Obama.

Congratulations to America for making the RIGHT decision! The energy that he created around this election brought people out to vote that would usually have just stayed in, young, old, black, white…. You didn’t have to be interested in politics to have been excited about this election! I stayed up till 5am watching it, until my eyes were too heavy to keep open!

Exciting stuff! Yey Obama!

Ava Leigh Salutes Robin Thicke

Ava Leigh updated fans on her blog at MySpace on Friday (October 31). The London reggae pop artist tells readers:

So I was the support act for Mr. Robin Thicke in London, Manchester and Birmingham, had such a great time.

There are some artists that put on a good show, a great show even. And there are some, who go out of their WAY to make sure that everyone in the audience will have an experience they will never forget, Robin I salute you! What a legend!

Robin was one of the most talented people I’ve ever seen, and he was so particular in rehearsals and making sure everything sounded amazing, and the loveliest guy!

His band were absolutely amazingly talented, man soo much respect!!!