Avenue’s Scott Clarke Hospitalized After Allergic Reaction

Scott Clarke of Avenue checked in with fans on the British boy band’s blog at MySpace (@avenuegroup) after experiencing a scary allergic reaction. Clarke writes:

Well I know Ross mentioned in his last blog about me being rushed to hospital, so I’ll fill you in on that a bit more! I’ve kind of recovered now, they’ve given me some tablets to take three times a day, which are a bit weird. It was all pretty scary, we were on our way from Liverpool to Brighton and I had some random food and all of a sudden my throat was closing up and I couldn’t breathe! I said to our tour driver, ‘I don’t want to panic you but can you get me to hospital because I can’t breathe’, so he set the sat nav to take us there, but unfortunately it took us to a doctors instead. The doctor said they’d have to call 999, and by then I’d started to panic a bit more and was shaking, so they rushed me into a room and injected me with I don’t know what and put an oxygen mask on me. Then the ambulance crew turned up and the doctor told them I was shutting down, and those words made me panic even more, so they injected me with something else! The lads have never experienced my allergies before, and I don’t know if they were taking it that seriously until they saw me being wheeled out in a wheelchair with an oxygen tank across my lap and a mask on! They were a bit shocked, but I tried making light of it, even though I couldn’t breathe, and they then burst into laughter and started taking pictures! I had to stay in hospital for a few hours which meant we didn’t get to Brighton until about half three in the morning, so apologies to the lads but obviously my health and safety comes first!

Avenue Celebrate ‘Last Goodbye’ Release

Avenue 'Last Goodbye' single cover

Scott Clarke of Avenue checked in with fans on the British boy band’s blog at MySpace (@avenuegroup) on Monday (September 22), the day their new single hit shops. Clarke writes:

Today’s been wicked, it’s the first day that ‘Last Goodbye’ is out in the shops so it’s a very, very special time for us. We woke up and did an interview for West FM, which is a Scottish radio station, and apparently they’d interviewed Boyzone before us who wished us luck, so that was cool. Then we went to a school and did two shows which was great, the response was brilliant, all the kids were up and dancing around and said they’re coming down to HMV!

So now we’re here at HMV, getting ready for the performance and the signing. I’ve already bought my copy of the single! I’m going to get it framed as it’s such a special moment for us. We’re going to be performing four of our tracks, so it’ll be good to showcase material off the new album, fingers crossed everyone likes it.

Avenue Perform Their First Live TV Gig

Scott Clarke of Avenue checked in with fans on the British boy band’s blog at MySpace (@avenuegroup) after performing on ITV’s ‘This Morning’. Clarke writes:

Today’s been crazy – we performed on This Morning which was absolutely incredible. It was our first live TV performance so we were obviously bricking it! We got picked up at half seven this morning – ouch! – so we were half dead in the car all the way there. We did the soundcheck at 9ish and then started getting more and more nervous as time went on – not so much worried, more excited. We took loads of photos, including some that Andy took of me and Ross sitting in Fern and Phil’s seats!! We met Lorraine Kelly who was lovely, and Fern and Phil were really, really nice to us too, said they were really pleased for us and that they loved the song and hoped it would do well.

Max George Checks In After Almost Naked Photo Shoot For AXM

Max George of Avenue checked in with fans on the British boy band’s blog at MySpace (@avenuegroup) on Friday (September 5). He writes:

I’m actually feeling a bit rough today. We went to an ITV party last night, then Scott went to a party for OK! mag and the rest of us went to the Embassy club ’til about 3. Saw Simon Webbe there, I tried to do a bit of dancing but couldn’t really pull it off, I’m more of a hanging-by-the-bar kind of guy. I didn’t get up until very late, my head feels like a cabbage! My normal hangover cure is just to go for some food and get a paper, so I might do that now.

I did a naked shoot for AXM mag, yesterday, well not quite naked, but almost! I had a good laugh doing the shoot, you’ve just got to not take yourself too seriously.

Food Fight For Avenue At Photo Shoot

Jonny Lloyd of Avenue checked in with fans on the British boy band’s blog at MySpace (@avenuegroup) on Wednesday (August 20). “Yesterday we had a photo shoot for OK! magazine for their food review section,” Jonny writes. “They sent us to a Malay restaurant called Jom Makan, which was very civilized, until we decided to do the rebel band thing and have a food fight! There was rice flying everywhere and Max got hit with a chicken skewer, it made his head bleed! The staff wouldn’t even let us clean up afterwards – bless. Then as part of the photo shoot they made the mistake of letting us loose with a wok! We had to pretend to cook and toss these vegetables – Andy got them everywhere. The food was great and they gave it to us all for free! I think we’re due in the September 9th issue so watch out for us.”

Avenue Perform And Go On The Rides At Thorpe Park

Max George of Avenue checked in with fans on the British boy band’s blog at MySpace (@avenuegroup) on Thursday (August 14). “We’ve just finished our first show at Thorpe Park and it was really good, loads of girls dancing and screaming down the front,” Max writes. “As soon as we got here this morning we went straight on the rides. There’s one called Stealth the goes from 0-80 in about two seconds. There was a guy on a mic who normally does a countdown but instead he said ‘Can Avenue give me a harmony in d minor?’ or something and just as we started the ride just shot off! Andy was absolutely bricking it, he goes on one ride and then has to have half an hour off!! Nemesis was class, that was a real belter. Colossus was proper fast, it goes upside down about ten times so Andy felt a bit dicky, his face went yellow! Me and Jonny sat next to each other and held hands on that one!”

Andy Brown Discusses Avenue’s Nickelodeon Taping & More

Andy Brown of Avenue checked in with fans on the British boy band’s MySpace (@avenuegroup) on Wednesday (August 13), talking some of their recent promotional appearances. Brown writes:

Well we’ve just finished filming at Nickelodeon, which is the first bit of TV we’ve done so far so we were really excited, although because it was live we had to make sure we didn’t fall of our chairs or anything like that! It was a dead good laugh and we were really happy that we were able to sing live too because that’s really important to us. We’re off to do an interview with the Sun now.

The Lincoln gig last night was amazing, we met Kelly Osbourne and Nick Grimshaw and a load of other people from Radio 1. We went down really well, everyone seemed to love us so hopefully we made a few new fans! We’d have loved to have done some signings but there just wasn’t chance so we handed out a load of signed postcards to people at the front and they were fighting for them and grabbing our hands! It’s great when the crowd is really enthusiastic, it makes you feel dead good and really up for it when you’re performing.

Avenue Comment On Cheryl Cole Being New ‘X Factor’ Judge

Digital Spy caught up with the guys from the British boy band Avenue, where the group that was disqualified from ‘The X Factor’ for already having a management deal was asked what they felt about Cheryl Cole replacing Sharon Osbourne on the program. “Brilliant,” Jonny Lloyd responded. “What I like about her is that she always says it how it is. She doesn’t pussy-foot around or anything – she’s very straight-talking.” Andy Brown added, “Because she came from ‘Popstars: The Rivals’ she knows every stage of the process and she’ll be able to empathize with the contestants. It’s brilliant that she’s come full circle like this.” Max George said, “I’d audition again just to see her! I’d just be singing right into her eyes!” Read more.

Avenue Begin Doing Gigs

Jonny Lloyd of Avenue checked in with fans on the British boy band’s blog at MySpace (@avenuegroup) on Monday (August 11). Jonny writes:

Well we were on our radio tour last week, which was just crazy!!! We did five radio shows a day, and had a really amazing reaction from everyone. As well as Last Goodbye we also did a live acoustic version of Sweet About Me by Gabriella Cilmi ‘cos we all love that song, and we also did Who Knows off our new album. It was a real laugh, and we actually had three fans called Steph, Sophie and Lindsey who followed us all the way from Glasgow to Edinburgh which was really nice – hello girls if you’re reading this!!

We’ve now started doing our gigs, we did Stoke-on-Trent Gay Pride on Saturday which was great, and then we did the gay club AXM in Manchester in the evening. It was quite mad because they had massive pictures of each one of us hanging over the bar as we walked in! It was a great gig and they looked after us really well, we even stayed for a drink afterwards.

Avenue ‘Last Goodbye’ Video

Avenue 'Last Goodbye' single cover

London, England based boy band Avenue are out with the video to their debut single ‘Last Goodbye’, released in the UK on September 8th on Island Records. Watch it below.