Nick Carter “So Proud” To Be A 16-Year Backstreet Boy

Nick Carter picture

Nick Carter updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@nickcarter) on Tuesday (April 21), talking about World of Warcraft, working on a new Backstreet Boys album, and being with the veteran boy band for 16 years. Carter tells readers:

Last night I recruited some people to join my GUILD in WOW. I know, I’m a serious NERD. Not like you didn’t already know that. It’s soooooo much Freaking fun. Anyways, been working on the record with the boyz, It’s awesome. The vibe is amazing, the writers and producers are fantastic.

Aj called me yesterday and wished me happy anniversary. I was a little weirded out at first, then he said that it was 16 years for us as a group. I’m so proud to be a part of something that is so special. Especially since it is so hard to stay together in this world as groups sometimes. We owe it to YOU. Thank you.

Nick Carter Checks In From The Studio

Nick Carter checked in from the studio with an odd update with extreme close-ups before doing a walkthrough. Nick talked a bit with his Backstreet Boys bandmates AJ McLean and Howie Dorough outside before heading into the control room and showing off his limited piano skills. Watch it via YouTube below.

Backstreet Boys Pray Before Final Unbreakable Tour Show

The Backstreet Boys posted footage as they got ready for the final show of the Unbreakable Tour. AJ McLean thanked everyone for coming out before being joined by Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell and the crew in a circle for a prayer led by AJ. Watch the video via the boy band’s YouTube channel below.

Backstreet Boys Working On ‘PDA’ In The Studio

The Backstreet Boys checked in from the studio, working on a new album, with a video on their YouTube channel. Just back from the South American tour, the guys were still speaking Spanish while recording a song called ‘PDA’. Watch it below.

Backstreet Boys To Cover Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’?

The Backstreet Boys checked in from the studio with the following update (April fools?) moments ago:

Studio Update: We have decided to cover “Enter Sandman” on the new album in honor of Howie beating GH: Metallica on Expert last night!!

Update: Yep. April Fools.

AprilFools! After reading your replies, maybe we should cover Metallica. Did you hear about the Guardian? Crazy!

Brian Littrell Excited For Backstreet Boys To Return To The Studio

Brian Littrell checks in while on the Backstreet Boys Unbreakable Tour in Mexico, the last leg of the global trekBrian Littrell checked in from Mexico backstage after the band wrapped up a 13 month worldwide tour in support of their latest album ‘Unbreakable’.

“I want to say thank you to all of the fans. We’re finishing up the Mexico part of the tour, the Unbreakable Tour,” Littrell said. “This will end the Unbreakable Tour. It’s been going on for well over a year now. We started in February in Japan and it is now March, it’s 13 months later. We’re headed home. God bless you guys. We’re going right back in the studio. We’re gonna take like a week and a half off and then we’re back in the studio. So we’re just excited the tour is coming to an end but we’re also excited to get back in the studio.”

Watch the message below.

Backstreet Boys On MySpace, YouTube & Twitter

Backstreet Boys wave in a video messageThe Backstreet Boys checked in on their YouTube channel while on tour in Brazil, talking about the online ways they’re communicating with fans online, including their MySpace, YouTube, Twitter and official web site at… the last one was a bit troublesome for Nick Carter to remember.

“You know who we are, we’re the Backstreet Boys,” Howie said, with Nick adding, “We’re just checking in on you guys, seeing how you’re doing. We’re in Brazil right now actually on tour. We have a new web site out too, it’s actually the old one. It’s getting revamped, so make sure you go to” That prompted Howie to correct him. “Nick, it’s actually”

The video at MySpace can be viewed below.

Backstreet Boys Working On New Record After South American Tour

Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, Nick Carter and AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys check in while on the latest stop of their tour in South America in Sao Paolo, Brazil, revealing they'll be working on a new album next

Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, Nick Carter and AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys checked in with fans on their YouTube channel, offering an update from their tour in South America, while laying on the floor in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Howie talked about starting out in his mother’s birthplace Puerto Rican, followed by Nick discussing the next stop in Peru. Brian then talked about their stop in Caracas, Venezuela.

Howie said, “We’ve had an amazing time on the South American tour. We actually started in my country, my homeland Latinos, Puerto Rico. We had a great time there, had lots of fun. We had all the family out there. We enjoyed ourselves on the beach and had a great time.”

AJ had good things to say about their visit to Chile, which had good food but “no poops”. Litrell told fans, “We’re gonna be working on a new record right when we get home.”

Watch the video below.

Backstreet Boys Interviewed In Brazil

Backstreet Boys sit down for an interview in BrazilThe Backstreet Boys provided what it looks like behind the scenes of an interview they did while in Brazil in a video clip at their YouTube channel. Howie Dorough talked about the boy band’s most memorable time in the country, while Brian Littrell said it’s an amazing feeling to still have so many people come and see them perform.

“We actually came over here, I think actually before the concerts,” Howie said. “We had some promotion, but I think probably the most memorable times that we had here in Brazil was during the 100 hours around the world, and we stopped in Rio, and we had an unbelievable turnout at the airport. People followed us down the streets next to Copacabana beach, where we had this performance up on top of this rooftop. I think there was 40 or 60 thousand people down below. Shortly after, we came back here for the tour and played Sao Paolo and Rio and had amazing nights here, the stadiums there. Brazil has always been a crazy place for us, we love the people, the music the food and everything’s great. Actually last night we had a Brazilian barbeque and we’re still feeling it today.”

Nick Carter talked about the dangers of wearing a scarf when mobbed by female fans who end up choking him with it. “Truthfully though, we love the attention,” Carter said. “We’re happy that they love us so much and they’re so excited to see us. We don’t want that to stop.”

Watch the interview below.

Backstreet Boys Launch YouTube Channel

Backstreet Boys launch YouTube channelThe Backstreet Boys posted a bunch of videos on their newly launched YouTube channel, documenting their tour in South America.

“Welcome to our official Backstreet Boys YouTube channel,” Howie Dorough said, seated with Nick Carter, Brian Littrell and AJ McLean. Nick said, “We’re gonna be updating it all the time. You can check out cool things such as behind the scenes footage and all sorts of things, so be there.”

Check out an intro clip below and watch several others at