Backstreet Boys Aim For Rolling Stones Longevity spoke with Howie Dorough in a Q&A, asking the Backstreet Boys star if fans can expect the veteran boy band to be around forever, performing on stage with wheelchairs and dentures. “We’ve always said we’ve wanted to model ourselves after The Eagles, the Rolling Stones, you know, they were groups that have done it right,” Dorough explained. “They’ve had their ups and downs, they’ve been really popular and times they just kind of like, you know, just went along, had solo careers here and there. We have a really, really great thing going on, especially with the music industry being as crazy at it is, and the economy, and for us to be able to still go out there and sell records and sell tours, we’re all very, very blessed.” Check out the entire transcript here.

Backstreet Boys Perform In Las Vegas Despite Illnesses

The Backstreet Boys performed last weekend at the Pearl Concert Theater at The Palms hotel in Las Vegas, despite Nick Carter suffering from a 103 degree temperature the prior day, while AJ McLean was also feeling under the weather and under medication. Still, the strains of singing were apparent for Nick, who only sang along in the choruses and danced after singing his parts the first few songs.

Pictures and video of the band’s performances of ‘Everyone’, ‘Any Other Way’, and ‘Larger Than Life’ at have since been removed.

Nick Carter: Backstreet Boys Are Going To Change

Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys

Nick Carter checked in with fans from a bunk in the Backstreet Boys tour bus en route to Grand Prairie, Alberta, suggesting the boy band will be adopting the campaign theme of Barack Obama when it comes to their sound and overall message – change. The singer tells readers on the group’s blog at MySpace (@nickcarter):

It’s been amazing to see how many people still believe in what we do. There’s been so much support its awesome. It feels like we’ve been doing our own crazy campaign like Obama for almost a year, going around reminding people that we still are here. (Speaking of him.) seeing him win makes me feel that there is still good left in this world. I’m very happy. It also makes me think that with hard work, dedication and belief, anything can happen. And the same goes for us, as a group and as an individual. Yes we can change. And that is exactly what we are setting course to do. We are going to change a lot, the way our past records have sounded. The way we’re perceived . And just our message overall. I thank all of you in your strength too. You are some tough cookies. It’s not that COOL to be a BSB or Nick Carter fan at times. But I promise you this. We’re working to CHANGE all that.

Backstreet Boys Happy For Jonas Brothers, Sad For ‘TRL’ Ending

MTV News caught up with the Backsteet Boys as the veteran boy band prepares to perform at the final taping of ‘Total Request Live’. Nick admits he isn’t ready to see the show that springboarded the group’s U.S. popularity come to a close. “Sad. This is something that we’ve been a part of since the beginning,” he said. “So many great memories. Why are you taking it off? What’s wrong with you guys? Things have to change.”

The guys were also excited to see their former tourmates the Jonas Brothers find so much success. “They opened for us on the ‘Never Gone Tour.’ They’re a talented bunch of kids. They’re growing up fast,” Brian Littrell said. “I don’t feel reluctant to give them advice. I’ll never forget: We were doing a show in Florida with the Temptations, and one of those guys stood up and said, ‘This is show business, and as you’re doing your show, your business could be running out on you.’ I’ll never forget that.”

‘Total Finale Live’ will air Sunday, November 16 at 8 p.m. ET. Read more.

Backstreet Boys Are Just As Strong Without Kevin Richardson

Canada’s Metro magazine spoke with Nick Carter, where the singer talked about the Backstreet Boys still going strong 15 years after their formation, despite the departure of Kevin Richardson. “It was a little difficult at first, but we were cool with it,” the 28-year-old said. “(Kevin) moved on and so have we. We’re comfortable with what we do as four and it’s still just as strong. Competitive spirit that’s just in every single one of us, and to be the best that we can be as a team, as a group and musically, we feel that what we stand for is honesty and purity in great music that people love.”

The story at has since been removed.

AJ McLean On New Album, Performing Solo

AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys

The St. John’s Telegram caught up with AJ McLean in a Q&A, where the Backstreet Boys star talked about how it feels to be on stage alone performing his solo material compared to performing with his longtime bandmates. “It’s definitely different,” the 30-year-old said. “Initially when I first did it I was a little anxious. I was a little nervous. I was looking behind me, over my shoulder, kind of expecting the other fellows to be there. But … for me, just being on stage – whether I’m with the guys or I’m on my own – it’s where I really, truly belong. … So I felt great, honestly. It’s where I’m most comfortable and most happy.”

As for when fans should expect from the solo disc, McLean said, “We’re looking to have a single out hopefully around October or November and then probably have the album out the top of the year; then a tour to follow.” Read more.

New Backstreet Boys Material Coming In Early 2009

Brian Littrell, Nick Carter, AJ McLean and Howie Dorough of the Backstreet Boys with a dog

Howie Dorough tells that as the Backstreet Boys begin work on their sixth album, he and bandmate AJ McLean are working on solo projects. “A.J.’s about done” with his album, Dorough tells Gary Graff, while his own effort, which will explore the Latin roots of his mother’s family, is “probably close to halfway there.”

Dorough said the Boys have already began recording some new material while on tour in Europe, and will return to the studio after wrapping up their North American jaunt. “We’re looking at getting back into the studio quite quickly,” Dorough promised. “We want to hopefully have something ready to go or at least be heavily into it by the end of the year and have something out towards the beginning of next year.” Read more.

Jonas Brothers Identify More With The Bee Gees Than *NSYNC Or BSB

The Daily Mail spoke with the Jonas Brothers, where eldest member Kevin broke down where the sibling musical trio fits in the pop landscape.

“We see ourselves as a pop rock group,” the 20-year-old told Adrian Thrills. “We don’t do dance routines. We try to rock out. People classify us as a boy band because they see the reaction of the girls when we play live. But, hey, that can’t be a bad thing. On stage, we’re all having a blast. When we started making records, we looked to groups such as *NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys for inspiration. But we have far more in common with the Bee Gees. I love their harmonies and the way they reinvented themselves. We met Barry Gibb and he has become a friend of the family. He told us to take things slowly and enjoy ourselves.”

AJ McLean Previews Debut Solo Album

Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean sitting

Digital Spy caught up with AJ McLean in a Q&A, where the Backstreet Boys star discussed what fans can expect on his debut solo album. “We’re calling it a rock, funk and soul vibe,” he told Nick Levine. “The vocals are pop/R&Bish and there’s even a kinda country twang going on. It’s eclectic. I think people will be a little shocked by some songs, which is absolutely fine by me. They’ll be thinking, ‘That’s what I hoped he was gonna do’.” As for how his Backstreet bandmates feel about the solo project, AJ said, “We’re all really supportive of each other’s projects outside of the group, whether it be singing, acting, producing, whatever. The one thing we’ve always told each other is that we’ll never hold each other back.” The yet to be titled album is due out later this year. Read more.

Brian McFadden Touring Australia With Backstreet Boys

The person running former Westlife star Brian McFadden’s MySpace posted the following bulletin to the singer’s friends earlier today: “Just a quick note to confirm that Brian will be touring with the Backstreet Boys in Australia this spring. Further details will be posted when they are confirmed.”