BBMak Explain How They Made It In The U.S. recently spoke with the guys from BBMak and asked about the difficulties that British bands have had making it in the U.S., something they’ve managed to overcome. “Honestly, I don’t think that a lot of British bands are really prepared to do the necessary work. England is so small that you can be really successful touring for just a couple of weeks. In America, we spent a whole year doing everything we could to sell albums and get on the charts.” Bandmate Mark Barry added, “Bands like Westlife, who are huge in the U.K., come over to America for maybe a month. After a month with nothing happening, they start getting cold feet and think, ‘I better get back to England where I’m loved.’ They don’t want to risk losing that fan base.”

BBMak Perform And Interview On TRL

BBMak visited MTV’s Total Request Live on Thursday to perform their new hit ‘Out Of My Heart (Into Your Head)’ which was #6 on the countdown. The guys talked about the new album ‘Into You Head’ and what they plan on doing to celebrate next Tuesday’s release. Read on for a transcript.

BBMak Preferred Touring With *NSYNC chatted with Mark Barry, Christian Burns, Ste McNally of BBMak and one of the subjects was whether they enjoyed touring with Britney Spears or *NSYNC more:

Ste: They’re both really nice people but, of course…
Mark: Doing the tour *NSYNC was the best because we got the full band on stage. Whereas on the Britney Spears tour, we didn’t.
Christian: They’re cool guys.
Ste: Who’s cooler? You know, with Britney, that was like playing in front of 20 to 25 thousand people. Then our single went up the charts, and we ended up touring with *NSYNC in front of crowds of 70,000!
Mark: There’s a big difference.

Not Being Part Of *NSYNC ‘Electrifying’ For Fatone

August 18, 2002 – Victoria Gotti of the New York Post chatted with *NSYNC star Joey Fatone about his new gig on Broadway in ‘Rent’. Joey says, “I always enjoyed theater. The challenge of being out there on my own and not part of a group is electrifying.” That doesn’t mean he’ll be leaving *NSYNC anytime soon. “I’m in ‘Rent’ until the end of the year – then the guys and I are getting back together to start writing [new songs],” he said.

‘Disneymania’ Features X-Tina, *NSYNC & More

August 18, 2002 – The LA Times reports Christina Aguilera, *NSYNC, Usher, Aaron Carter, the Baha Men, Smash Mouth, Jessica Simpson and the A-Teens have all contributed to ‘Disneymania,’ an album of Disney songs due September 17th from Walt Disney Records. A TV special is being planned for the fall.

Chad Hugo Explains Teaming With Britney & *NSYNC

August 17, 2002 – Joshua Ostroff of the Toronto Eye caught up with the Neptunes and N.E.R.D.’s Chad Hugo who defended working with the likes of *NSYNC and Britney Spears. “Our concerns were just to make something hot that we would like,” Hugo says. “Some people might wonder why would I do Britney Spears, she’s so bubble gum. Ultimately, do a hot joint and if you like it, you can’t deny — no matter who’s doing it.”

What Are The *NSYNC Guys Up To?

August 16, 2002 – Entertainment Weekly has a rundown on what the guys from *NSYNC have been up to on their hiatus. Justin Timberlake tells EW, “Right now I want to enjoy life.” As for his solo effort, “I’m throwing it out there, seeing what happens. I’m testing the water, man.” And on the more reclusive JC Chasez, EW suggests, “Writing/producing could be this guy’s ticket out of Candyland, but all work and no play make JC a very dull boy indeed.” Read more.

BBMak Says Christina Aguilera Isn’t Very Nice

A fan on the message board claims to have met the guys from BBMak after BFD4 at Seahawks Stadium on Monday. sunny778 writes, “Then after the show I went to the after party and I got up to VIP and talked to two of the guys from BBMak again, which with one of them I was having a pretty good conversation. We talked about what kind of music they listened to, which was Vertical Horizon and Travis among others. I asked him if he liked Christina’s music and he said yes, she is very talented, but then he said how disappointed he was when they met he because she wasn’t very nice. But he did say that if I ever met her he hopes she’s nice to me…how sweet. Then I said it was nice to meet you and he gave me a kiss on the cheek!”

Top Pop Acts Perform At New Seahawk Stadium

Contributed Anonymously:

Monday, August 19: Daniel Bedingfield, Mario, BBMak, The Calling, Michelle Branch, Shaggy, Avril Lavigne, O-Town, P Diddy, and Special Guest Host Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys all rocked the stage down at Kiss 106.1’s BFD 4. Highlights of the concert were definitely new BBMak music, the cool soothing sounds of Michelle Branch and her guitar, Avril Lavigne’s great music and edgy attitude, and the guys of O-Town brought down the house with there one hour set, each band member performed a solo cover song that inspired them. Also Nick Carter made several appearances on stage and premiered his new solo song.

Unanimous Decisions Make BBMak Strong caught up with the guys from BBMak to talk about their new album ‘Into My Heart’, due out August 27th. The group plans on staying together for awhile still, and Ste McNally credits their democracy in decision making. “One of the things that always kept us strong is the way we make decisions. They have to be unanimous,” Ste said. “If one of us doesn’t like the way something looks or how something sounds, we won’t use it. We put 100 percent into everything that we’re doing. We never argue. We’ll sit down and talk about things instead of ranting and raving. It’s easy to be in BBMak.”

BBMak Stop By MTV’s TRL To Introduce New Video

The guys from BBMak stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Tuesday to talk with Damien. They talked about their new album ‘Into Your Head’ due out August 27th and introduced their new video ‘Out Of My Heart’. Read on for a rough transcript.

BBMak Celebrate Launch Of Virgin Mobile USA

BBMak’s Stephen McNally, Mark Barry, and Christian Burns celebrated the launch of Virgin Mobile USA with media mogul Sir Richard Branson and recording artist Wyclef Jean at the Whitespace Studio on July 24the in New York City. Virgin Mobile USA has partnered with Sprint PCS, MTV Networks, and a wide variety of retail outlets to penetrate the youth market for mobile communications.

BBMak’s Mark Barry On MTV Cribs Next Week

Latoya Hunter of caught up with BBMak’s Mark Barry who will be the focus of MTV Cribs next Wednesday. Mark admits his home doesn’t exactly measure up to the huge mansions many of his fellow musicians have. “It’s quite weird because I’ve seen (‘Cribs’) for the past months on MTV and I’ve seen like all these big mansions,” he said. “My house is no mansion.”

New BBMak Album Drops August 27th

BBMak have announced the title of their upcoming second album. ‘Into Your Head’ will come out on August 27th on Hollywood Records. The album was produced by Rob Cavallo an the first single off the disc, ‘Out of My Heart (Into Your Head)’, is due to hit radio on June 25th. It has been featured early though by KIIS FM.