Beach House On The Benefits Of Being A Duo

Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally of Beach House spoke with Fuse On Demand about their latest album ‘Teen Dream’. When asked about the pros and cons of being a duo, Alex said, “The pros are complete quality control. There’s nothing that we ever do in the composition that isn’t essential, because there isn’t just some guy in the band that plays bass, there isn’t just some guy in the band that plays drums. Everything’s chosen. Musically I don’t see any bad things. I think oftentimes when you see a large group trying to collaborate, they run into problems all the time, because it’s hard for more than a few minds to really work together.” Watch the comments via YouTube below.

Beach House ‘Silver Soul’ Video

Beach House are out with the music video to their new single ‘Silver Soul’, off the Baltimore, Maryland dream pop duo’s third album ‘Teen Dream’, out now on Sub Pop. The video was directed by Beach House’s singer, Victoria Legrand. Watch it via YouTub below.

Beach House Perform On The Interface

Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally of Beach House talk about their first meeting, how they got to know each other and viewing their latest album as a proud parent | photo: Elizabeth Flyntz

Baltimore dream pop duo Beach House performed a live set for’s The Interface, featuring music from their just released third album ‘Teen Dream’. Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally also sat down for an interview, talking about how they met, how things clicked with the pair, and how they’ve evolved on their latest album ‘Teen Dream’.

“On my porch in Baltimore in 2004, she was recruiting me to join her band,” Alex said about first meeting Victoria. “She was dropping off a CD. She stood really far away in an awkward, strange way. I thought she was probably a goodie two shoes.”

On how things clicked for them, Victoria said, “Well music was the first link, then as friends hanging out. It takes time to get to know somebody, and now we spend all of our time together, so the shoe fits.”

“I think when it comes to this, I’m kind of like a weird, proud parent or something,” Alex said about how the new album ‘Teen Dream’ differs from their prior two albums. “I feel really lucky to be in the band with Victoria. I think that main development, we’ve worked a lot as musicians together, but I think the main development to Beach House has been her voice, which I think if you compare to the last record is so much more amazing and powerful, and like a real voice. It doesn’t sound like anybody, it sounds like Victoria.”

Performances of ‘Zebra’, ‘Lover of Mine’, ‘Take Care’, ‘Walk in the Park’ and the interview at have since been removed.