Bjork Chases Paparazzo In Paris

Bjork was spotted out and about in Paris, France on Monday (August 27). Once spotted by the paps, Bjork went off on the lensman, chasing the man down the road. Watch footage from X17 below.

Bjork Performs At Glastonbury

Bjork performed on the Other stage at the 2007 Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm in Pilton, Somerset, England on June 23rd. Check out pictures from flickr.

Bjork Discusses Teaming Up With Timbaland On ‘Volta’

Time Off magazine spoke with Bjork, who talked about her collaboration with Timbaland for two tracks on her new album ‘Volta’. “I know I spend a lot of time in interviews talking about long distance collaborations and how it has to be organic for me, but the Timbaland thing has to be a bit of an exception for me because we wrote those songs a year ago and after that his life got incredibly busy,” she explained. “He went and did the Justin Timberlake thing and the Nelly Furtado thing and he was off doing TV performances with them in Japan and just didn’t have a lot of time, so I ended up finishing the songs myself which wasn’t a bad thing. I felt honored that he trusted me. I don’t think he’s done that with anyone else. He’s not a close friend but there’s been a mutual admiration. He did sample my song ‘Yorka’, like, 11 years ago and made a track out of it and talked a lot about how much he loved ‘Venus As A Boy’. It had Indian strings in it, which he really liked, and there’s been talk through the years of us doing stuff and it never really happened. I guess I was ready now to do a fully bloody uptempo tribal album so this seemed to be the time. But as different as we are, we do have things in common. And it was interesting going into the studio and in three hours we had seven songs or something. I thought, ‘I’ve never worked like this – how fast!’. And he said to me, ‘I’ve never worked like this – how fast!’.” has since removed the full article.

Bjork’s New Album Is A Shocker

Bjork 'Medulla' album cover

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‘Medulla’ the latest album from Bjork is reviewed in the current issue of Rolling Stone. The magazine writes, “Even measured against the Icelandic singer’s own artistic yardstick, Bjork’s seventh studio album is a shocker, the kind of record that’ll stop those who overhear it and make them ask, ‘What the hell is that?’ Medulla is both the most extreme record Bjork has ever released and the most immediately accessible.”

Bjork Enjoying Brazilian Carnival

The singer Bjork is in Brazil enjoying the Carnival holidays together with her husband Matthew Barney and the North-American musician Arto Lindsay. Used to the cold European weather, Bjork was wearing a long sleeve sweater but had to take it off soon – in Salvador, Brazilian’s Carnival spot, the temperature was over 30 degrees.

Britney Spears Meets With Guy Stisworth

The Mirror reports Britney Spears was spotted in the London office of producer and songwriter Guy Stisworth, who is known for having produced Madonna’s ‘Music 2000’ album and co-written ‘What It Feels Like For A Girl’ as well as his work with Bjork. The 20-year-old Stisworth joins Shep Soloman as those said to be working on Spears’ fourth album.