Arista Drops Blake Lewis

‘American Idol’ season six runner-up Blake Lewis checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@blakelewis) on Wednesday (June 25). The Bothell beatboxer writes:

I planned for Wednesday to be my day to rehearse for tonight’s Canal Room show, cause we were leaving on Thurs. to play Vegas. Ring, ring, ring went the phone. Iain my manager baring the news. Arista isn’t picking up the second option. Meaning, I’m not doing another record with them. I’m totally fine with this… I was just wishing they would have put the word out to me over the last couple months, because lets face it… Waiting SUCKS!!!! I could have known this 2 months ago, when all of RCA was going through their changes. Oh well. I guess the right time was now. No biggy. I’m still with 19 Recordings and I got a tour and new record on the way. Now I’ll I need is a home for my music. Some place warm and tropical… seriously though… Got to be a place where they actually respect my craft and electronic music. Getting RCA to do remixes for my record was like pulling teeth AND I had friends do the mixes for next to nothing. They turned out great and are rising on the Billboard charts. ‘How Many Words’ is in the top 40. HOLY SH**!!!! its currently 29. So freaking pumped. People been shakin there booties to some electro Brake.. hehe Thanks to all the DJs playing my song. Lovin you right now!

Blake Lewis Really Excited About First New York Show

‘American Idol’ season six runner-up Blake Lewis checked in with his MySpace (@blakelewis) friends on Monday (June 23) with the following message:

Hey everyone, I’m currently at an airport in Connecticut waiting to head to NY.

Tomorrow night I will be headlining a show at The Canal Room. I’m really excited to play my first solo show in the big Apple. Hope those that are in the area can make it out. It’s just me, my guitar, piano and loop pedals.

I’ll try and post a new blog tonight about what has been going on with me. Much has happened this week.

Much love and hope to see you soon.


Blake Lewis Is ‘So Freaking Pumped’ For Canal Room Gig

‘American Idol’ season six runner-up Blake Lewis checked in with his MySpace (@blakelewis) friends on Friday (June 13) with the following bulletin:

Hey guys,

So in a week or so, I will be heading my way to the beautiful city of New York to play and intimate show. I’m so freaking pumped I can’t even believe it.

I just put together a new pedal board with lots of cool, tweaky fx and I can’t wait to get my butt to NY.

The show is at the Canal Room on the 24th and I hope that I see as many of you there as possible. This will be a stripped down performance of just me, myself and I. Loop Pedals, Guitar and Keys.

Hope to see you all there.

Love, Peace and Beats.

– Blake

David Cook Thanks Fans For ‘American Idol’ Victory

David Cook posts a thank you message to fans after winning 'American Idol'‘American Idol’ season seven champ David Cook checked in with fans on his YouTube channel, thanking fans for their votes during the program. Cook talked about the ‘Idols Live’ tour, the iTunes release ‘Time Of My Life’ – “I hope you guys will enjoy that song as much as I do”, and plans for launching a community oriented web site.

“Let me start off by saying thank you so, so much for all the votes, all the support, all the fan mail,” David said. “You guys have made this experience one of the coolest things for me. The finale was really cool. I got to share the stage with someone I really respect in Archie, and we did some really cool things and now moving forward I get to tell you about what is hopefully the next phase of our relationship. It’s gonna start with these kind of videos, talking to you and trying to keep you up to date on what’s going on as we prepare for not only this ‘American Idol’ tour this summer, but hopefully a fantastic record.”

Watch the clip below.

Blake On His Debut Album, Advice For Latest ‘Idol’ Singers

May 23, 2008 – ‘American Idol’ season six runner-up Blake Lewis talked with The ShowBuzz about the release of his debut album ‘A.D.D. (Audio Day Dream)’ and offered advice to this year’s ‘Idol’ finalists. “Stay true to yourself,” Lewis suggested. “I made the mistake of biting my tongue at the finale last year, so don’t hold back.” Watch the brief interview below the cut. (more…)

Blake Lewis Sounds Off On Radio Promo Tours

Blake Lewis checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@blakelewis) on Wednesday (May 14), where the ‘American Idol’ season six runner-up voiced his frustrations with getting radio play of his debut album ‘Audio Day Dream’. Lewis writes:

So I had been doing the whole radio promo tours and let me tell ya. I’ve never really been a fan of the radio, but always wanted to be a radio DJ. ‘Strange?’ You say. Trying to get them to play my jam has been so grueling. Don’t get me wrong, I loved being apart of ‘American Idol’ and all, but if I have to talk to one more DJ that doesn’t really care about my music and wants to know what Simon Cowell or Sanjaya is like, I’m gonna poo my pants. What happened to DJs playing music that provokes emotion? Or even music they like. I’ve talked to most of them and they just do what the next do. There is hope I feel. Still some magic is running through the air. A couple amazing singer/songwriters and producers are fighting there way through the waves, hoping to see the shore, as am I.

Blake Lewis Gets His Wish – ‘How Many Words’ Is His Next Single

‘American Idol’ season six runner-up Blake Lewis checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@blakelewis) on Thursday (February 7) with the following message:

It’s 11pm, I’m in a hotel on sunset, just got into LA and already today I had a three hour meeting with my new business manager, finished my new tattoo on LA Ink, by Kim Saigh and just had dinner with my sharks (Lawyers). What a great day. Grammy weekend. Time to party.

Sorry it’s been so long my friends. I have finally had a couple of weeks off and by off I mean I’ve super busy catching up with family and friends at home. I haven’t been online because I don’t have internet at my new casa. I finally bought my house and KJ my best bud and drummer moved in last Thursday. What a great feeling to have a place to rest my head. We combined our studios and within the next few weeks, we will have it up and running. So far I’ve painted a couple rooms, torn out the base boards and bought a couch. It’s coming together just great. Dad came over and helped me paint. Felt like old times for a minute. I use to paint houses as side jobs as a kid and now my house has seen the best of it.

I’m here in LA for business with my record label and 19. We are in talks of the new single and I couldn’t be more happy with the news. Finally my dream has come true and the label has listened to my pleas. HOW MANY WORDs does it take for me to say that HOW MANY WORDs should be the new single. Well finally it caught on. Don’t know when It will hit the radio, but hopefully within the next month you should be hearing it on the airwaves. STOKED!!!!!! Thanks to you great friends.

Thanks for reading. More to come when Comcast gets there sweet ass over to my place and hook me up with some of that Informational Super Highway ish.

Peace and Vibes – BL

Ousted ‘American Idol’ Semi-Finalists Talk With ‘Access Hollywood’

Robbie Carrico, Jason Yeager, Alexandrea Lushington and Alaina Whitaker spoke with ‘Access Hollywood’ being given the boot from ‘American Idol’. Lushington said “this is only the beginning” for her and will continue with school and music. Whitaker admitted she was “a little surprised” she got the boot and afterwards admitted to being embarrassed for breaking down after she was given the boot. Carrico called it “an emotional night” and says opportunities are already coming in for him. Watch the segment below.

‘American Idol’ David Hernandez Has Stripper Past

March 6, 2008 – It was recently revealed that ‘American Idol’ season seven semi-finalist David Hernandez was a stripper. The ‘Today’ show correspondent Natalie Morales explored whether his past will impact his future on the hit show. Gordy Bryan of Dick’s Cabaret said Hernandez danced for men and women, and insisted it wasn’t “a controversial thing”, comparing it to a job at McDonald’s. Watch the segment below.

Blake Performing On Thursday’s ‘American Idol’

March 4, 2008 – ‘American Idol’ season six runner-up Blake Lewis checked in with his MySpace friends (@blakelewis) on Monday (March 3) with the following bulletin:

So, I’m back in LA. Why do you ask? Because I’m gonna be on ‘American Idol’ again. When? The 6th. This Thursday singing ‘How Many Words’.

I’m flippin out!! I actually have been watching this season thanks to my DVR. It’s more surreal now that I’m off the show watching it. It feels like I was beamed into space and I wasn’t on this planet last year. It gonna rock being back on that stage.

Stay tuned for more info, now that I got my internet back up and running. I posted my LA Ink date and ‘Idol Extra’ is comin.

Peace, Love and stuff

Boom chic, ba boom boom chic.



Courtney Hazlett Discusses Carly Smithson ‘Idol’ Controversy

February 18, 2008 – Courtney Hazlett visited ‘Morning Joe’ on Monday (February 18) to talk about how semifinalist Carly Smithson signed a $2 million record deal with MCA years ago while Randy Jackson was at the label and her album subsequently tanked. They also mentioned the professional background of last season’s finalist Melinda Doolittle. Watch the segment below the fold.

MySpace Celebrity Interview With Blake Lewis

‘American Idol’ season six runner-up Blake Lewis visited the MySpace offices in Beverly Hills to chat about his debut album ‘Audio Day Dream’, preferring to be trapped in an elevator with Randy Jackson over the other ‘Idol’ judges, wanting to be top MySpace friends with Pee Wee Herman, and Blake’s song ‘My MySpace’. The video at MySpace has since been removed.

On TV: Blake Lewis, Maroon 5, KT Tunstall, Kate Nash

Pop acts on television this week include:

Maroon 5, who perform on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ on Monday and ‘Total Request Live’ and ‘The View’ on Wednesday.

KT Tunstall, who performs on ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’ on Tuesday.

Kate Nash, who performs on ‘The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ on Tuesday.

‘American Idol’ season six runner-up Blake Lewis, who performs on ‘The View’ on Tuesday and ‘The Late Late Show’ on Wednesday.

And ‘American Idol’ kicks off with a two night, four hour season premiere on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Blake Lewis Thanks Fans For Making 2007 A Special Year

Blake Lewis checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace on Friday (January 4). The ‘American Idol’ season six runner-up writes, “Just wanted to thank everyone that has made 2007 a special year. Lookin back at this year is a trip!! So much of every second was spent pursuing my art. That’s amazing. I owe a lot of thanks to all the fans of ‘American Idol’, that really showed there love for me on the show. Thanks to all my friends that have stuck by me from day one. Thanks to all my new friends and creative partners that helped me out on the record. Thanks to Mom. Thanks to Dad. I Hope 2008 is as kind to you as 2007 was to me.”