Blue Excited To Represent The UK At Eurovision

Blue talked to Absolute Radio’s Adrian Hieatt about their hopes for Eurovision while at this year’s BAFTA Video Games awards in London. “We’ve always been very lucky that all of our songs that we’ve ever released have always gone down really well, especially in Europe. We sold like 14 million albums worldwide and the majority of those albums were sold in Europe,” Duncan James explained. “So for us coming back together, this year marking our 10th anniversary, going into Eurovision is a great thing for us. We’re really excited to be flying the flag for the UK and doing our country proud.” Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Blue, Calvin Harris & Katy Perry At Capital FM Summertime Ball

Blue were one of the big pulls at the Capital FM Summertime Ball in London over the weekend. Leona Lewis also entertained fans with a rare gig.

Calvin Harris joked with ITN about getting Michael Jackson in the studio with him to record a track on his new album when the King of Pop comes to the UK. Katy Perry, also on the bill, talked about having beans on toast for breakfast.

Watch the ITN report via DailyMotion below.

Antony Costa: Blue Tour This Year, New Album Next Year

Antony Costa talked with ITN about how preparations are going for the Blue reunion shows. Antony said he remembers all the old songs, and it’ll be different this time around because “we’re older, we’re wiser.” Costa said they’ll be performing their old stuff this year and begin work on a new album next year. Watch via YouTube below.

Antony Flirts With Big Brother Star

January 7, 2007 – The Sunday Mirror reports former Blue star Antony Costa was spotted flirting at Embassy Club with Big Brother star and former Miss Wales, Imogen Thomas. “Imogen wasn’t just flirting for Wales – she was flirting for Britain – when she and Ant chatted,” an onlooker said. “They clicked straight away and were inseparable all night.” The pair also left the club together with their pals.

Blue Plan One Time Reunion Gig For Charity

July 9, 2006 – An insider tells The People that Blue are planning to get back together to perform a one-off charity concert as the boy band’s final farewell. “Simon Webbe has told pals in Manchester that it’s definitely going to happen,” a source told the tabloid. “They wanted to be one of the first bands to play the new Wembley stadium. But it’ll probably be Old Trafford now.”

Lee Ryan Couldn’t Delay The Inevitable Blue Split

Lee Ryan spoke with the Daily Star about why Blue announced their “break” a year ago. “There wasn’t an official split because the boys didn’t want to do it,” he said. “I was the one who left. I’d had enough of people waiting for us to split and in the end I just said ‘Fu** it, I’m leaving’, and that was that.” He added, “I don’t miss working with them. As soon as I left the band I could be myself.”

Tearful End For Blue

Blue ended their Best of tour on Saturday with a sell-out concert at Wembley Arena, and the boy’s couldn’t hold back the emotion as their eyes welled up with tears. “I just want to thank everyone for making this an incredible five years for us,” Duncan James told the crowd Saturday.

Simon Webbe Loses Track Of Blue Bandmates

March 26, 2005 – Simon Webbe tells The Mirror he hasn’t seen his Blue bandmates since the boy band’s tour was axed last month. “I haven’t seen or spoken to any of the Blue boys. I haven’t even seen Duncan’s baby,” Webbe said while DJ’ing at Marrakesh in Ascot. “I’m just so busy DJ-ing. I’m going to Chinawhite to do a set after this, and I’m focusing on my girlband Laydee.”

Blue Scrap Farewell Tour

February 25, 2005 – Blue singer Lee Ryan, after a visit to Los Angeles to see a throat specialist, was told he is developing nodules on his vocal cords, and advised total rest for eight weeks. The advice means the boy band’s farewell tour is off. “I am very sorry to disappoint all our fans,” Ryan said. “I’ve been told by doctors that if the tour takes place, I risk permanently damaging my voice. It’s terrible timing and I’m very upset.” A spokesperson insisted that this was “not the end for the band.” Read more.

Lee Ryan’s Throat Condition Put Blue Tour Hopes In Doubt

The Sun reports that Blue’s upcoming tour is in trouble due to Lee Ryan’s throat condition. “Lee had tests on Friday,” a source revealed. “He wants to do the tour but can’t risk ruining his voice forever. There’s a strong chance the tour will be called off this week.” The band are set to hit the road on March 11th in Nottingham.

Rachel On Good And Bad Descriptions

February 13, 2005 – Dan Cairns of The Times caught up with former S Club star Rachel Stevens as she preps the release of her new single ‘Negotiate with Love’. Asked how she’d hate to see herself described in five years’ time – after, she predicts, many more career “ups and downs” – and what she’d be happy to read, Stevens responded, “I would feel really uncomfortable to be described as Rachel Stevens, nice, sweet, occasionally released a good pop track. I would like to be described as an artist in my own right and I make great albums and I’m a great performer and people like coming to see me and like to play my music.”

The story at has since been removed.

Rachel Named Worst UK Singer, Blue Worst Group

February 8, 2005 – Blue picked up the dubious honor of worst British Group in the annual Naomi awards – with former S Club star Rachel Stevens “winning” worst female. They are voted anonymously by record company executives, producers, managers and music journalists.

Ask Rachel Stevens & Get Featured On Her New Single

February 4, 2005 – As Rachel brand new single ‘Negotiate with Love’ is just around the corner, her official website is offering visitors the chance to ask her anything you like and be featured on the single as part of the bargain. Just email your questions for the former S Club star and the best ones will be put to her next week. You’ll then be able to check out her answers on the ‘Negotiate with Love’ CD release. Your name will be featured on the CD and you’ll get to take home a bunch of Rachel goodies too. Mail your question, name, age and address to Competition closes at 6PM GMT, Monday (February 7).

Rachel Stevens And Boyfriend Escape Tsunami Disaster

January 13, 2005 – The Mirror reports that Rachel was on holiday with her boyfriend in the Maldives on Boxing Day (December 26), when the tsunami hit. The former S Club star and Gavin Dein, son of Arsenal vice-chairman David Dein, escaped injury but their luxury hotel was flattened. Gavin, 27, said: “The devastation was worse elsewhere.”

Will Young And Rachel Stevens Win Sexiest Body Poll

January 5, 2005 – A Heat magazine poll has found readers believe ‘Pop Idol’ champ Will is the male celeb with the sexiest body, while former S Club star Rachel topped the list for the women. Young topped soccer star David Beckham, while Stevens bested Kylie Minogue.

Blue ‘Get Down On It’ Video Featuring Lil’ Kim

Blue 'Get Down On It' single cover

Blue are out with the video to their remake of the Kool and the Gang track single ‘Get Down On It’, featuring Lil’ Kim, from their greatest hits collection ‘Best Of Blue’. Watch the video below.

Blue Plan Grand Smash Hits Awards Entrance

November 17, 2004 – Blue plan a grand entrance for their performance at Sunday’s Smash Hits Awards, a source tells The Mirror. After hitting it off with Olympic boxing star Amir Khan, the boy band will take to Wembley Arena’s stage dressed in boxing gowns to the sound of ‘Rocky’ theme ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ and Europe’s ‘Final Countdown’. “Lee and Duncan met Amir at a charity event last month and they’ve become good friends,” the source explained. “Record company bosses are spending twice as much money on them than on any other act, so expect something spectacular. They want to go out with one big bang.”

No Breakup For Blue, Just A Break

October 17, 2004 – Blue tell Radio 1 they have no plans on splitting up anytime soon. “The reason why so many bands do split up is because of the pressure cooker they are in from the record companies, they’re here, there and everywhere, they just internally combust,” a band member said. “So if you don’t have a break and go off and do individual stuff, you’re going to just split up, but we don’t want to do that. We want to go away and come back refreshed, with new experiences under our belts.”

Model Provides Details On Threesome With Blue Stars

Model Elizabeth Starup tells News of the World she had a threesome with Blue stars Duncan James and Lee Ryan. “They told me they’d never had a threesome before and that was an amazing turn-on, having two of Britain’s sexiest men in bed with me,” Starup said. “But Duncan definitely has the bigger package. Lee is ‘average’. “They’re different in bed too. Lee just grabs you and does what he wants, but Duncan is a gentleman. He knew what he was doing while Lee seemed inexperienced. But it was one of the best nights of my life.”

Blue Stars Turn Ex-Lovers Into Lesbians

News of the World reports Blue stars Simon Webbe and Lee Ryan left two of their ex-girlfriends so upset with their behavior they’ve turned into a lesbian couple. Model Leanne Carr said Simon put her off men for life because he was “a callous rat” who just wanted her for sex, while Louise Glover was so traumatized by Lee’s “cruel jibes” about her body that she resorted to a boob job before becoming lovers with Leanne. “He had a Brazilian!” Glover revealed. “And he even admitted he’d had it done to make his manhood look a decent size! Lee has such a tiddler it would be a miracle if he gave a woman a good time. He can’t be more than five inches. But having a short back and sides downstairs isn’t going to fool anyone.”

Best Of Doesn’t Mean End Of For Blue

September 16, 2004 – With Blue releasing a best of album by year’s end, Radio 1 asked Duncan James if this meant the end of the British boy band. “It’s definitely not the end of Blue. We’ve got a tour coming out next year, March/April,” he insisted. “It is going to be a bit of a farewell tour in the sense that we’re going to be off the scene as Blue, as all four of us for a year. In that year we’re going to work on solo stuff. But also we’re going to work on doing another album. Me and the boys get on really, really well, there’s no problem in the camp there. The problem I think is that we really want to have a go at other stuff.”

Blue Sex Files

News of the World has reports from women claiming to have slept with Blue stars Simon Webbe, Lee Ryan, Antony Costa, and Duncan James. “Charming is NOT the word I’d use to describe Antony,” complained Natalie Yates. “When he did talk to me he kept prattling on about me having a body like Jodie Marsh. I was so insulted. I’ve got a good figure and boobs—hers are like spaniels’ ears. No wonder he couldn’t wait to get his hands on mine.”

‘Big Brother’ Victor’s Threat To Blue

August 14, 2004 – The Mirror reports that ‘Big Brother’ loser Victor had a bust-up with Lee Ryan the other night at the Cirque club in London, angry with his Blue bandmate Duncan James for insulting him on E4. “Lee said that if Victor was threatening Duncan then he was threatening him,” a source revealed. “Then one of his mates shoved Lee. Eight of Victor’s mates surrounded him and Lee went to shove him back, but security men jumped in before it got messy. Lee was escorted to the VIP area by the bouncers for his own protection. But when he left the club, Victor shouted at him that he and Duncan should watch their backs.”

Simon Webbe Spins As Blue Takes A Break

July 27, 2004 – The Daily Star reports that Simon Webbe of Blue Simon has been DJ’ing at elite London nightspot, Cirque. “Simon is really looking forward to playing some of his favourite music,” a spy said. “He’s looking at what to do when Blue take their year off as a certain member of the group is hoping to crack America.”

Blue To Split Next Year?

July 4, 2004 – The People reports that Lee Ryan told partygoers at Elton John’s White Tie and Tiara Ball that Blue will split after a money-spinning tour to pay off taxes. “He told us that the guys want to do a final tour,” a friend of the singer revealed. “It’s so they can all cover their tax debts and walk away with a fortune. Blue have made a lot of money over the past few years as one of Britain’s biggest groups. But now the taxman is looking to take a large chunk of that cash off each of them. So they want to clean up on their last tour and painlessly pay off the taxman.”