Blue ‘Bubblin” Video

Blue 'Bubblin'' single cover

British boy band Blue are out with the music video to their new single ‘Bubblin”. The song is featured on their third studio album ‘Guilty’, released on Innocent Records. Watch it online below.

Backstage With Blue At Top Of The Pops

June 3, 2004 – Top of the Pops’ official website has details behind Blue’s visit on the program last week, where Simon Webbe got a door slammed in his face, Lee Ryan shocked with rigorous pelvic thrusting action, Antony Costa insulted Sam & Mark, and Duncan James tried his best pickup line on one of the group’s dancers.

No Split For Blue

May 12, 2004 – Blue star Antony Costa tells Radio 1 there’s absolutely no truth in the rumor the band are going to go their separate ways. “No, no, we’re not splitting, not at all. We’re still stronger than ever,” he said. “People, the public, you know, they’re bored they want to start rumors. They can’t let people just get on with their jobs.”

Blue Help Promote Condoms In East Africa

April 17, 2004 – The Mirror reports Blue have given permission for their hit song ‘One Love’ to be used in Kenyan ads for Trust condoms. Group member Lee Ryan said: “At least the ad’s not for pile cream! Seriously though, there’s a real push to promote contraception in Africa so we’re glad to do our bit. So to speak.”

Lee Ryan Isn’t Leaving Blue

Blue star Lee Ryan is denying reports in The Mirror he’s leaving the boy band. “I just want to reassure all our fans I have no plans to leave Blue,” he told The Sun. “In fact, I’m in the studio at the moment with the other boys recording tracks for our fourth album. It’s all going really well and we’re coming up with some great songs, so we’re hardly splitting up.”

Blue’s Lee Makes Complaint Against Police

April 9, 2004 – Radio 1 reports Lee Ryan from Blue has made an official complaint against the police after his arrest for drunk driving last August. The London force released his address to the press and one newspaper published it.

Blue Play Slap ‘Em Or Snog ‘Em

March 27, 2004 – The guys from Blue took part in a politically incorrect game of slap ’em or snog ’em with BBC’s ‘Top of the Pops’. Amongst the ladies put to the test with the boy band were former Spice Girls Victoria Beckham and Emma Bunton, Kelly Osbourne, Pink, Britney Spears, Liberty X star Michelle Heaton, former S Club singer Rachel Stevens, Christina Aguilera, Kylie Minogue, and Jennifer Lopez. They then showed the group photos of several pop beauties bodies with their faces covered, to see if they gave similar responses.

Blue Miss Out On Brits Nominations

January 14, 2004 – After Blue failed to receive a single nomination for this year’s Brit Awards, Simon Webbe wasn’t afraid to voice just how disappointed the boy band is about it. “I’ve got to say I find it hard to swallow when we weren’t nominated,” Webbe admitted to BBC. “but you can’t win everything.”

Blue Not Hopeful For Christmas No.1

December 16, 2003 – Simon Webbe and Lee Ryan of Blue spoke with Radio 1 about ”Signed Sealed Delivered’, the cover they made with the legendary Stevie Wonder and Angie Stone. The group doesn’t believe it will fair well against ‘Pop Idol’ to top the singles charts. “We want to step out of the shadow of collaborating,” they said. “We don’t want to be the band that’s remembered for collaborations. Sir Elton John came along because he is a fan of ours and respected our music, and then Stevie Wonder came up and obviously you’re not going to turn round and say ‘no’ to him either. For us to actually come from England – we’re all from different backgrounds – but from where we first started to end up with Angie Stone and Stevie Wonder, well, that’s thank you to the fans and everyone who’s ever supported us.”

Blue’s Bar-Aged Fans Hot For Action

November 9, 2003 – Blue star Duncan James admits the group’s older fans are much more sexually aggressive than their teen fans. “When we go to the bar after our shows, women over 21 will be all over us,” Duncan gloated. “They grab your di** and stuff like that – especially when they’ve had a few drinks. It’s like walking into a hen party. All these women want a bit of you. I know a lot of fan mail we get is from single mums and women in their late 20s. They love us! They must think ‘Ohh Blue are a bit naughty. They’re sexy and saucy. I like their songs’. So they go out and buy the album. But they wouldn’t buy a Busted album.”

Blue Mentioned In ‘Love Actually’

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Blue are mentioned several times in the new film ‘Love Actually’ starring Hugh Grant. In the film, they battle one of the characters for the #1 Christmas single. At one point, their rival even draws on a picture of them.

Blue Seeks Mystic Advise

November 3, 2003 – The Sun reports Blue stars Simon Webbe and Duncan James have become regular customers of mediums who are advising and guiding the boy band. “They’ve said a tall man who smokes a pipe and plays the piano is protecting me,” Duncan said. “That describes my grandad so I know he’s looking down on me. It makes me feel safe.” Bandmate Simon added, “I’ve seen a medium who told me if we fly on a plane with Duncan we will be safe.”

Blue Plot Clothing Line

November 2, 2003 – Sky News reports British boy band Blue have decided to enter the world of fashion by releasing their own line of clothing. “The guys are all seriously looking into their own style and how they want to be represented,” a source close to the group revealed. “We hope to get it off the ground for the spring of 2004.”

Preview Tracks From Blue’s New Album ‘Guilty’

Blue 'Guilty' album cover

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Blue’s website has links to clips from new songs on Blue’s 3rd album, ‘Guilty,’ which comes out next Monday. They are putting up three different clips everyday this week. Songs availbale so far are ‘Stand Up,’ ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours,’ ‘Taste It,’ ‘Guilty,’ ‘Bubblin,’ and ‘Rock the Night.’

Britney Spears Brushes Off Blue Singers

The Mirror reports Britney Spears gave Blue singers Duncan James and Simon Webbe the cold-shoulder at a party in her honor at Rex Cinema in London on Saturday (October 25). The two boy band stars tried to get Spears’ bodyguards to let them in the VIP room to no avail. Meanwhile, Spears banned pin-up Jodie Marsh from the event and told the DJ not to play any Justin Timberlake or Beyonce Knowles tunes.

Blue On David Blaine

October 20, 2003 – As David Blaine emerged from his plexiglass box at the end of his 44-day starvation stunt, Blue stars Duncan James and Lee Ryan have been offering their insights into his ordeal to Radio 1. “I think it goes to show that if you put your mind to it you can achieve so much,” Duncan said, adding that “He must smell, ’cause he hasn’t had a bath or washed for 44 days.” Meanwhile, Lee thinks Blaine is “an alien!”

Blue Produce A ‘Winner’ With ‘Guilty’

October 20, 2003 – Victoria Newton of The Sun obtained a copy of Blue’s new album ‘Guilty’, calling it “stronger, more mature and edgier” than their two previous efforts. She adds that “any one of the 15 tracks could be a chart hit” and concluded, “Well done, lads – this one’s a winner.” Read more.

Management Tell Blue To Shape Up

October 11, 2003 – The Glasgow Daily Record reports Blue have been ordered on a crash fitness course by their management because they are out of shape. “When you go into TV stations, you get a request list of what you want in the dressing rooms,” Duncan James explained. “We always ask for a kettle to make honey and lemon tea to help our throats and voices. We normally get crisps and chocolate too, but we are only being allowed fresh fruit.” Bandmate Lee Ryan added, “We’ve got a strict regime. We’ve got a month to go, but I’ve done nothing. I’m eating healthily though.”

Blue To Collaborate With Stevie Wonder

September 29, 2003 – Contributed by bluejanet:

UK boyband Blue are flying out to LA this week to collaborate on a track with legend Stevie Wonder. Blue, who plan to cover Wonder’s ‘Signed Sealed Delivered’ want Stevie to appear on the track himself. The song, which currently features vocals from Angie Stone will be on the boys upcoming album ‘Guilty’ to be released in November. The group made a similar move in recording Elton John’s classic ‘Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word’ which went to number one last year.

Blue Worry About New Crop Of Boy Bands reports that Blue star Anthony Costa is admitting in the fickle world of pop, the band worries about the new crop of boybands stealing their fanbase. “We’re always nervous,” he said. “We can’t take this job for granted because there are other bands on our case, like Busted, Triple Eight, and D-Side. They’re all doing different types of music, but fans can move from band to band. Hopefully we’ve still got loads who support us.”

Blue Singers Set Up Property Firm

September 7, 2003 – Blue star Simon Webbe and bandmate Antony Costa have set up a property firm. “I now own six properties in London,” Webbe told The Sunday Mirror. “I do it for my daughter. She’s only six, but if I’m not busy, she says, ‘Go earn more money, daddy’.”

A Mixture Of One And Two On Blue’s Third Album

July 29, 2003 – Blue star Simon Webbe spoke with Radio 1 from this year’s Pride in the Park over the weekend where he previewed the band’s third album. “I think it’s a mixture of the same,” Simon said. “The first album had great songs on it, the second album had a lot of vibe about it, so we’re gonna mix the two together now and hopefully we’ll get six.”

Blue, Mel C On Shaan Album

July 26, 2003 – Mid-Day Mumbai reports Indian artist Shaan will be collaborating with former Spice Girl Mel C and Blue on his forthcoming album, though they won’t be appearing in the studio together. Instead, Shaan will sing Hindi lines, which will be overdubbed on Blue’s hit song ‘One Love’, while a few Mel C lines recorded in London will be added to a remixed techno version of Shaan’s ‘Tanha Dil’. “I’m really excited about these songs on the new album,” Shaan said. He added, “We had a plan of giving the album a large-than-life feel. So while my solo songs will dominate the album, we thought we’d arouse some extra curiosity by having other well-known singers.”

Orlando Bloom Agrees To Cameo In New Blue Video

Blue star Duncan James tells The Sun that actor Orlando Bloom has agreed to appear in one of the group’s videos for free. Speaking at the launch bash for Orlando’s latest movie ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’, Duncan could hardly contain his excitement. “I told him it was only a cameo but it was the whole point of the song and he jumped at it,” James explained. “He said, ‘Count me in’ so I can’t wait to let the boys know. When you’ve written the song yourself it becomes your baby so to have Orlando on board is really cool.” Read more.

Blue Bands Settle Name Dispute

June 30, 2003 – reports two bands called Blue have settled their High Court “name’s the same” battle. The current boy band and the 50-something members of a Seventies rock group agreed that each could continue to be known as and trade under the name Blue.

Blue With Shades Of Grey

June 28, 2003 – The Mirror reports Blue are being sued by a Seventies rock band with the same name who claim confusion is damaging their career and reputation. But the original Scotland-based band – all now in their 50s – may find the case difficult to prove as even the judge is with it enough to spot the difference between them and the teen-favorites.

Blue Heading To Japan

May 20, 2003 – Blue’s official site reports that group is jetting off to Japan this week on another leg of their promotional tour. The lads spend 6 days there and will be performing at the Japanese MTV Awards and appearing on Nippon TV which is one of the biggest Japanese TV stations. Blue are nominated for Best Pop video and Best Group video for ‘One Love’ at the MTV Japan awards this Sunday and they’ll be performing ‘If You Come Back’ live also. When they return they will be spending a couple of days writing for their new album then off to France for promotion and a day at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Blue Let Loose At Cannes

May 19, 2003 – The Sun has photos of Blue stars Duncan James and Lee Ryan at the Cannes Film Festival, including two of Duncan with a mystery blonde, Lee with a mystery brunette, and one of the two singers flipping off the photographers. Check them out here.

Blue Singer Sets Up TV Production Company

May 13, 2003 – The Mirror reports Blue star Duncan James is going into business with Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, setting up a TV production company called Meltdown TV. “I’m really excited as I’ve always been very interested in TV production,” James said. “It’s a fantastic opportunity and a great investment for the future. Tara and I will make a great team.”

Blue Replace Britney Spears As Face Of Pepsi

April 25, 2003 – The Sun reports Blue have signed a $80 million deal with Pepsi to replace Britney Spears as the soft drink’s international face. Duncan James said, “Pepsi has signed some of the biggest names over the years. We are really flattered we will now be part of that.”

Blue And Kittens Do Their Bit For Music Therapy

April 2, 2003 – Simon Webbe and Duncan James from Blue said that since they’ve learned what the Nordoff-Robbins organization does, they just want to help. “What we saw in the videos is a baby crying in a high-pitch, so the therapist sung a note at the pitch the child was crying at, eventually bought the tones down, so eventually the kid was talking as normal,” they said at the press conference announcing the charity gig along with Atomic Kitten. “I wish (the people in the press conference) would see some of the work.”

Blue & Atomic Kitten Launch Pepsi Silver Clef Concert

Blue and Atomic Kitten were on hand at the Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy launch of the Silver Clef Concert at the MEN Arena in Manchester and promoted by Pepsi at the Intercontinental Hotel in London on Tuesday (April 1).

Blue Describe Their Sound As Blue

February 15, 2003 – Narendra Kusnur of Mid Day (India) spoke with Lee Ryan of Blue who described the group’s music as matching their name — blue. “We’re influenced by rhythm ‘n’ blues,” he said. “But essentially it’s a pop sound. I personally write a lot of ballads. I also like writing moving songs.” Bandmate Simon Webbe added the group would like to work with others after their Elton John collaboration. “We’d love to work with Justin Timberlake, Linkin Park and Matchbox 20,” he said.

Free D&G For Blue

February 13, 2003 – The Mirror reports Blue were offered Dolce & Gabbana suits when they performed at the San Remo Festival in Italy this week, and when the got measured, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana performed the task personally. “We were amazed when we got there to meet Dolce and Gabbana,” Duncan enthused. “And they gave us four free outfits each!”

Blue Get Robbed

December 23, 2002 – After only being able to debut at #4 in the UK singles charts, the Sunday People reports Blue suffered another blow when their chalet was raided after a gig at Butlins. Duncan James said, “Someone stole a £7,000 camera and jeans. It was awful.”

Pre Teenyboppers Make TOTP Staffers Cringe

December 12, 2002 – reports the crew at Top of the Pops had a nightmare trying to film the audience when Blue were performing at the recent TOTP awards. It seems there were a bunch of 11-year-old girls were standing at the front with a huge banner, on which was printed: ‘BANG ME TILL I’M BLACK AND BLUE!’

Blue Deliver A Scare With Last-Minute Shopping Spree

November 15, 2002 – The Mirror reports the guys from Blue gave organizers of the House Of Fraser Christmas lighting on Oxford Street a scare when they decided to skip off to go shopping. Twenty minutes later Lee, Duncan, Simon and Anthony surfaced after racking up a $3,000 bill.

Elton John Gives Blue Boys Gold Chains

The Mirror reports Elton John gave the guys from Blue all a Theo Fennell gold chain, complete with an engraving of their names, along with a personal note with each chain. It was Elton’s way to say thank you for working with him on their latest single, ‘Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word’, which was a hit for him in the 1970s. Blue’s version of the tune is due out December 9th, and a spokesman said, “The boy’s are currently walking around and showing off their gold non-stop. They will all be wearing their chains in the video.”

Elton Hits Out At Idol Manipulation

November 6, 2002 – The Sun reports Sir Elton John is livid at Simon Cowell for how the Idol series winners are treated. “I feel sorry for these artists,” Elton railed. “I say, ‘Make sure you are getting your money and put it in the bank. You are just a commodity to these people.’ Someone like Simon Cowell has no love for Will Young or Gareth Gates. He sees them as another Mercedes-Benz.”

Blue’s Entire ‘One Love’ Album Streaming Online

October 31, 2002 – Blue fans can listen to the entire ‘One Love’ album before its November 4th release on Capital FM of London. They cite the best tracks on the album being ‘Don’t Treat Me Like A Fool’, ‘Without You’, and ‘Get Down’. Tracks to skip include the title track ‘One Love’. The audio has since been removed.

Blue Star Says He’s Received 20,000 Death Threats

October 8, 2002 – Blue star Lee Ryan tells The Sun that he’s had 20,000 death threats since his World Trade Center outburst where he fumed, “Who gives a fu** about New York when whales are dying.” Lee said, “I got death threats, saying things like they wanted to shove anthrax down my throat. I’m still getting them now.” The move squashed any hopes of the group to get promoted in the U.S., but Lee says he doesn’t regret his comments. “I don’t regret what I said, but I do regret the way I said it.”

Blue Can’t Wait To Get On The Road

October 5, 2002 – BBC Newsround reports Blue star Duncan James can’t wait for the group to kick off their tour next month. “It’s a great way for us to see our Irish fans, our Scottish fans, our Welsh fans – all our fans!” said Duncan. Bandmate Ant added, “We want to give back to our fans a great show that’s worth the money.” Read more.

Blue Wear Blue Contact Lenses To Announce Tour

October 3, 2002 – The members of boy band Blue turned themselves blue by wearing blue color contact lenses to announce their sponsors for their forthcoming sold out UK tour called ‘One Love’ in London.

Blue’s Duncan And Lee Kiss And Tell

Blue stars Duncan James and Lee Ryan blabbed their best kissing stories to Sugar magazine. Duncan says he once kissed 14 girls in one night, “My mate and I decided to see how many girls we could kiss in a club – he managed 16.” Lee rates himself a perfect 10 in the kissing department saying, “I snog two girls in one night the whole time. I’m a ten because I have some special tricks.”