Blue Is Suing Blue

A Scottish group named Blue are suing British chart topping boy band Blue claiming they had the name first. Matt Nicholson, manager of the 70s Blue, who are still writing and recording material, said, “Virgin and the members of their Blue were made aware of the existence of our Blue before the release of their debut single All Rise last year. However, they continued to use the name. Our Blue have been hijacked by another group, aided by Virgin/EMI Records. This has damaged our reputation and, consequently, substantial damages are sought from them.”

Blue To Rappel Onto Stage At Party In The Park

July 4, 2002 – The Mirror reports the guys from Blue will rappel onto the stage for their performance at Hyde Park on Sunday for Capital FM’s Party In The Park for the Prince’s Trust. An insider said, “The lads are very worried about it as this is new territory for them. They know abseiling is dangerous but they reckon it’ll be worth it as they’ll steal the show if they manage to pull it off. They’re taking a crash course on Friday which, hopefully, will help. And they’ll be wearing full safety equipment.”

Blue Stars Bickering Over Sexy Fashion Writer

June 19, 2002 – The Mirror reports a jealous Lee Ryan is seething over his Blue bandmate Simon Webbe scoring dates with fashion writer Emily Dean. Both fell for Dean during a recent photo shoot, but it was Simon who ended up getting a phone call from the writer. A source revealed, “Simon and Emily have been on a couple of dates and things are going very well. But Lee isn’t happy at all. He was convinced he was the one who would be going out with Emily and he’s been bickering with Simon ever since.”

Blue Field Questions From Aussie Fans

June 14, 2002 – in Australia has a video interview with the guys from Blue posted. Young fans were lucky enough to sit with the guys via videophone and ask about what type of girl would be an ideal girlfriend, who they’d like to be for a day, their most embarrassing moment, whether they’d considered collaborating with Kylie Minogue, and more. The video has since been removed.

Boy-Band Whacked On Stage With Thrown Bottle

June 11, 2002 – The Sun reports Blue star Antony Costa was hit with a bottle during a gig at at Leeds University’s Summer Ball. Antony was furious and lept into the crowd ready to fight the guy who hit him only to be dragged away by bandmate Simon Webbe. An onlooker revealed, “Antony was furious that he had been hit by something chucked by the crowd. He stopped mid-song and just went for this guy. He was shouting -We’re Blue, why don’t you just fu** off if you don’t like us! You’re just jealous because your girlfriend wants to shag us.-“

Blue’s Simon Has Five Year Old Daughter

The Sun reports Blue star Simon Webbe has confessed to having a five year-old daughter who he fathered at the age of 17 with ex-love Nichola Jones. Webbe confesses he’s only seen his daughter a handful of times and adds, “Not a day goes by when I don’t think of her. I’ve seen her a few times. She knows I’m in Blue and she loves my music and likes dancing to it. We meet in town – go to the park and McDonald’s and do daddy things. She seems happy and polite. She is everything I’ve ever really dreamed about.”

Blue Members Slam a1 Ben Adams’ Hair

Smash Hits spoke with the guys from Blue, who had some rather catty comments about a1 member Ben Adams and his hairstyle. Said Antony Costa, “[Ben] loves himself so much, And what’s with the hair? – get it cut!” Added fellow Blue member Duncan James, who has his own hair grooming excesses, “I’m not as bad as Ben a1 though, he measures his hair.”

Blue’s Duncan Talks Mariah: Acting Bad, Singing Good

March 27, 2002 – Blue were recently on Capital FM’s Takeover where they were interviewed and played some of their favorite tunes. Duncan said during the interview, “We’re going to play a diva’s song next. I watched the film ‘Glitter’ last night and I thought it was absolutely appalling. Bless Mariah Carey! I’m sorry, but if you’re listening, you can’t act darling! I’m not being nasty but it wasn’t the greatest I’ve seen! But you do have a great voice.” Duncan did have a soft spot for Mariah though adding, “Anyway, I’m going to choose a song from Mariah because I think she’s absolutely wicked and I think she should stick to singing. One of my favorites is called ‘Hero’.”

The Capital Radio Awards Photos has photos of Blue, A1, Dido, and Kylie Minogue backstage at The Capital Radio Awards in London on Wednesday where all showed off their awards. Check out the pictures here.

Blue Chats With Channel V

February 23, 2002 – Channel V has a 20 minute clip with the guys from Blue asking them several questions including their worst job before the band, the story behind the band’s name, the boy band label, the story behind ‘All Rise’, what they’re thinking about when singing, and more. The clip has since been removed.

Video Clips From Brit Awards

February 21, 2002 – Radio 1 has several video clips from the Brit Awards Wednesday night including chats with Newcomer winners Blue, double winner Dido, and Nicky and Kian from Westlife. Blue said of their win, “We were just saying that we were in such a hard category, with So Solid and Misteeq, that it’s great to actually win something so big – we’ve got to thank all the Radio 1 listeners.” The videos have since been removed.

Blue’s Duncan ‘Dunk’ James Comments On Brit Awards

February 10, 2002 – Duncan ‘Dunk’ James of Blue spoke with Radio 1 about the group’s nominations in this year’s Brit Awards. Duncan said, “First of all, to be put forward for a Brit is a truly amazing thing. But then to find out that we’ve got TWO nominations after being in the public eye for just 10 months is a dream come true! Were all very happy and looking forward to the night.”

Blue’s Duncan Talks Brit Award Nominations

January 26, 2002 – Blue’s Duncan ‘Dunk’ James talked with Radio 1 to share his feelings on getting a Best British Newcomer nomination. Duncan admits, “First of all, to be put forward for a Brit is a truly amazing thing. But then to find out that we’ve got TWO nominations after being in the public eye for just 10 months is a dream come true! Were all very happy and looking forward to the night.”

Blue To Do Promo Tour In Malaysia

January 22, 2002 – Blue will be in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on January 30 and 31 to celebrate the Gold Award that they will receive from EMI Malaysia for getting more than 15,000 copies of sales in the first month of the release of their debut album All Rise. The guys will be interviewed by several radio stations in KL, including Hitz.FM for their Late Night Show, which will be simulcast live at 10 AM EST on January 30.

Mariah Carey, Blue, Geri Halliwell Win 2001 Insiders’ Awards awarded their 2001 Insiders’ Awards with least surprising split going to All Saints, Best 80s Revival Thing going to Mariah Carey where they said, “They all tried their hand at the ‘oh so fashionable’ 80s sound but the only one who got it right was ‘Riah, reminding us how chunky those beats used to be on the soundtrack to Glitter.” As for The Kleenex Award for Most Droolworthy Band, Blue took the honors. And yeah, is owned by Virgin Records, so the correlation between winners and their label’s artists shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Original Blue Considers Legal Action Against Boy Band

December 23, 2001 – Discoweb reports seventies rockers Blue are considering legal action against UK pop stars Blue who are using the same name. The band’s spokesperson and record company boss Matt Nicholson has been in talks with Virgin about the situation saying, “Letters have been exchanged by both parties. I am puzzled why there wasn’t a thorough check to see if there was a group with the same name.”

Fire Alarm Interrupts UK Pop Stars

Someone at the hotel Blue, Liberty, and others on the Smash Hits tour set off the hotel’s fire alarm Wednesday night. The boys in Blue were partying in the bar and one rushed to help Jessica from Liberty as she revealed, “Simon gave me a piggy back down the stairs from the seventh floor, which was very sweet of him because I didn’t have any shoes. We were tucked up in bed, and I thought it was my alarm, and I was like looking at my alarm going, ‘Stop! Stop!’ and then I realized it was echoing through the whole hotel.”

Top Of The Pops Talks To Liberty

November 14, 2001 – The guys and gals from Liberty talked with Top of The Pops where Kevin from the band was asked if wild cheers from fans were because his fly was open… Kevin replied, “They wouldn’t be screaming – they’d be peeping to see something. I mean, no hints about my manhood or anything but it’s only two inches!” As for the band checking for themselves on the internet, Kelli admits, “There are shocking pictures of me, but they’re not me – they’re just my head superimposed over another body. The boobs were out of proportion!”

Blue’s American Assault Axed After Lee Ryan Comments

November 20, 2001 – The Sun reports Virgin exec’s have shelved any plans on British chart topping band Blue to make a run in the United States following the outrageous comments by Lee Ryan concerning the September 11 terror attacks. A Virgin source told the Sun, “We were looking to make some sort of assault there and the initial reaction was very positive. But after what Lee said there is a wave of feeling against them and they have had a lot of threats from people in the States and have been warned not to go there.”

Blue Want To Do A Movie

November 16, 2001 – Top of The Pops talked with Blue and asked Simon if the band has considered doing a movie. Simon replied, “We’ve all talked about it. We would love to make a movie. But it would be a blue movie because we would be in it wouldn’t we? Not a pornographic one though!”

The Rest Of That Blue Chat

November 6, 2001 – The Sun is finally publishing the rest of that chat with Blue where Lee Ryan made perhaps the most foolish comment of his life. Amongst the other questions were the bands thoughts on U.K. titans Westlife, where Simon replied, “We are completely different to Westlife. We are not a pop group and just do our own thing. Saying that, Westlife are great blokes.” The full transcript has since been removed.

Liberty Pulls Out All The Stops Sexually In New Video

October 16, 2001 – The Sun is reporting that the new video for Liberty’s Doin’ It is so steamy that parts will have to be censored. An insider on the set revealed, “It was a really sexually charged shoot – every time you looked somebody was touching somebody else.” Look for the video to be out November 19.

The Sun Chat With Liberty

September 29, 2001 – The Sun has a transcript of the band’s chat with the paper after the group bounced back from a Popstars rejection. When asked about their thoughts of Kym from Hear-Say and her ‘bitchy’ comments about the group, Jessica responded, “I knew Kym and Suzanne as we all started off at the Northern auditions but didn’t spend that much time together. I wouldn’t call us mates and I don’t listen to what is said.”

Lee Ryan Of Blue Is F***ed

In perhaps the most idiotic, career damaging comment in pop history, Blue singer Lee Ryan gave an insane response when asked about his thoughts on the terror attacks on New York. Ryan said, “What about whales? They are ignoring animals that are more important. Animals need saving and that’s more important. This New York thing is being blown out of proportion.” After other band members told him to shut up, Lee continued, “Who gives a f*** about New York when elephants are being killed?” Execs at Virgin were furious at his remarks and he has since apologized, pledging to donate profits from the band’s next single to the Twin Towers Fund.

UK Pop Acts Hold Charity Show Saturday

October 21, 2001 – Several of UK’s top pop acts were on hand to perform at the ‘Showtime at the Stadium’ charity event at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium last night. Included on the lineup were Steps, A1, Blue, Atomic Kitten, Damage and S Club 7, and others in the event that raised funds for Red Hot AIDS Charitable Trust and the BBC’s Children In Need Appeal. The event was simulcast last night on Radio 2 and will be broadcast on BBC 2 on November 25.