BoA MySpace Welcome Message

BoA posts a video message for her fans at MySpaceBoA checked in with fans on her MySpace page as the Korean singer preps the release of her U.S. debut album ‘Look Who’s Talking’ next year.

“I’m finally here in the States and I’m very excited about my new single ‘Eat You Up’,” BoA says in the clip. “Check it out and be sure to leave a comment because I’ll be checking my page everyday and updating it all the time. Thanks for your support. Bye bye.”

BoA’s MySpace page and the original video have since been deleted, with her official site indicating a MySpace page is now “coming soon”, but the message can be viewed at YouTube below.

Howie D. In The Studio With BoA

Contributed by elgato:

Backstreet Boys star Howie Dorough was in the studio with Asian artist BoA, recording ‘Show Me What You Got’ for BRATZ debut album. The single will be released on August 27th. Sometime this month, Howie will be heading to Japan for an event sponsored by the Dorough Lupus Foundation.

Howie D. Collaborates With Up & Coming Japanese Artists

Contributed by elgato:

Crazy4_BSB_Bone from the Backstreet Boys forum at has an article from a Japanese newspaper that says Howie will be coming to Japan in August for a Dorough Lupus Foundation charity event. The article also says that Howie’s working with a Japanese/Korean singer. The translation says, “BoA,who is 16-year-old Korean famous singer (but she works in Japan) will collaborate with Howie D, one of the Backstreet Boy for BRATZ’s debut single ‘Show Me What You Got,’ which will be released on Aug. 27th. This song will be included in BoA’s new album that will be released the same day. More than half of the songs included in her new album are in English. It is being considered for release in the U.S., so her advance to the world might speed up.”