Boomkat ‘Lonely Child’ Video

Boomkat 'Lonely Child'Boomkat are out with the music video to their new single ‘Lonely Child’, off Kellin and Taryn Manning’s second studio album ‘A Million Trillion Stars’, out now on Little Vanilla Records.

The duo had this to say about the video on their blog at MySpace:

Lonely Child is our most cherished and meaningful video to date. The video was directed by Justin Coloma (Smashing Pumpkins,Linda Strawberry, Eagles of Death Metal) and produced by Megan Duffy (Smashing Pumpkins, Matthew Wilder). Our biggest inspiration for writing this song was our dad who is no longer with us. If it weren’t for him, my brother Kellin and I would not be the artists we are today. While we were just young kids, it was our dad who introduced us to Motown, the Philly sound, and classic rock n roll. We had many opportunities to watch his band rehearsals and even were allowed at some of the gigs he played all over the Washington D.C. area and up down the east coast! He was an amazing lead vocalist and musician who could play the Hammond B3 organ, piano, drums and practically any instrument he picked up! During his career, he was in some of the most popular bands in the area, was signed twice to a record deal, and in his later years performed as a solo artist playing the piano and singing his heart out. His sudden and untimely death broke our hearts in pieces, but ultimately fueled our own creative passions. In this video you will see photos of him superimposed on a frame that Kellin and I are holding. It’s our way of paying him love n respect for passing down the musical talent that we hold dear to this day. We hope you enjoy our latest single off our record “a million trillion stars”

Watch it via YouTube below.

Happy Thanksgiving 2009 From Boomkat

The Boomkat family checked in with fans on their YouTube channel, with Taryn Manning, her brother Kellin and others talking about what they’re thankful for this Thanksgiving. Watch the message below.

Taryn Manning Working On Solo & Boomkat Albums

Taryn Manning of Boomkat checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@tarynmanningboomkat) on Monday (October 26), talking about her upcoming solo album and a new song from the disc called ‘So Talented’ which can be heard at Taryn writes:

I’ve been wanting to share this great news with everyone and now is the perfect time :) This year, I collaborated with producer, Linney with Darkchild Entertainment in the recording studio to start the journey of my new solo record. With only 4 tracks completed, buzz is already starting to build as “So Talented,” the first song written for the album has been featured on Melrose Place on the CW in September.

Aside from working on my solo record with Linney, I’ve also been writing music with my brother Kellin for our band Boomkat. We just began pre-production on our 3rd record and I can’t wait to fill you in with details and surprise all of you later this year. I will always write music and perform with Boomkat which is a very big passion of mine. I love the 80’s electro/pop explosion right now so my solo record will showcase the love of that sound with a unique twist of course:)!!! Where as Boomkat’s brother-sister team will always remain experimental-never knowing or planning what will come out of us siblings.

Boomkat Head To SXSW

Boomkat singer Taryn Manning updated fans on the duo’s blog at MySpace (@tarynmanningboomkat) on Thursday (March 19) as they prepare to head to SXSW. Taryn tells readers:

Just finished working on my film and came home to my Penguin:) my fluffy baby…. oh I needed a hug from her so badly, such a crazy movie I’m making and longest days and it’s so intense to be in every single scene, but the end product will be great!! I love this character

When I got home my band was here at my place rehearsing and waiting for me and we had a great light rehearsal because we leave tomorrow for Austin, TX…. and I’m so tired from filming all week, but I’m so lucky because the production is shutting down for 4 whole days just for me so I can play with my band!!!
That’s cool as heck…

South by Southwest baby!!!!!

Taryn Manning Reacts To Criticism Over Lyrical Content

Taryn Manning of Boomkat updated fans on her blog at MySpace on Tuesday (March 17), apparently reacting to someone’s criticism. The singer/actress tells readers:

(BTW I don’t give a damn that everything here is spelled wrong) I just wrapped a long day on a hot movie with “content”
I don’t have time to look over my blogs and correct everything I write so…., I ramble, get with it or get off it
I gotta be on set tomorrow again for another all night shoot……so excuse my ignorance, never said I did well in school-maybe that’s why I’m a star now….hmmmmmm
I don’t need or want every song I play and write to have “content” as you say…..dancing is fun, your story bores me….heard everyone in LA’s story by now………. I’m off that. Gimme something that makes me smile…please????
whats that mean anyway? That u cant enjoy to smile, dance, be carefree??

The message has since been removed.

Boomkat ‘Run Boy’ Video

Boomkat are out with the music video to their new single ‘Run Boy’, off Kellin and Taryn Manning’s second studio album ‘A Million Trillion Stars’, out Tuesday on Little Vanilla Records. “I know the video is not for everyone but i want ‘the kids’ to like my music,” Taryn writes on the duo’s blog at MySpace (@tarynmanningboomkat). “I love children and animals… can’t wait to have my very own lil baby one day!” Watch the Hannah Lux Davis directed video via YouTube below.

Taryn Manning ‘So Excited’ For Tonight’s Viper Room Show

Taryn Manning checked in with fans on Boomkat’s blog at MySpace (@tarynmanningboomkat) on Tuesday (January 6), ahead of the duo’s show at Viper Room in West Hollywood tonight. Manning tells readers:

All kinds of friends and people coming to peep us tonight……yay!!!!
Playing some new songs I’m doing with my dearest Tony DeNiro, were gonna rock it. The list is closed now, so sorry u slept on the free sh**. It’s packed…lol
Viper Room is mad cause I have too many friends.
Okay… things will never be the same..
love, Taryn

Taryn Manning & Butch Walker ‘Christmas All Over Again’

Taryn Manning checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@tarynmanningboomkat) after posting a cover of the Tom Petty holiday song ‘Christmas All Over Again’ on her player. The Boomkat singer writes:

Check out my Christmas song I did with Butch Walker…. It’s on iTunes, buy it for your holiday party and rock out. We had sooo much fun doing it. It’s a tom petty cover…. WeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHappy holidays friends.

Frankie B ‘Let’s Get Lost’ Video B-Roll Ft. Taryn Manning

Taryn Manning of Boomkat at a photo shoot for Frankie BFootage of Daniella Clarke and Taryn Manning talking behind the scenes of the Frankie B Spring/Summer 2009 video Look Book shoot has been posted online. The clip begins with 10 seconds of the video, with original music by Gilby Clarke and vocals by the Boomkat singer.

Manning told MySpace readers, “Check out a sneak peak of the behind the scenes of a short film I did for Frankie B. The song I’m singing was written by Gilby Clarke and it’s called ‘Let’s Get Lost’. The whole short will be available soon. I’ll keep you posted.”

Daniella Clarke said of Taryn, “She’s a little hippie, she’s a little rock and roll, and she’s got this really earthy kinda sexiness as well for me. I love Taryn’s whole vibe. I met Taryn on a Vanity Fair shoot that we did, and I was asked to pick a muse of who I thought would be the perfect Frankie B girl, and I thought it was Taryn. So we met a few months ago on a Vanity Fair shoot and I called her up because I wanted to do this video Look Book. I thought it would be really cool to maybe, I always like to do vintage and retro things, but I always like to infuse it with something modern. What’s modern right now is maybe a video Look Book since a lot of people are on the web and looking for new ideas, I thought I’m going to do something on the web and do a video Look Book instead of a printed Look Book, and hey, that could be green too.”

Watch the clip via YouTube below.

Family Troubles Force Boomkat To Cancel Indie Fest Show

Taryn Manning of Boomkat checked in with fans on the pop duo’s blog at MySpace on Thursday (August 14) with the following message:

Aug 15th show cancelled:(

I’m sorry to announce I had to pull out of my show Aug 15th at Indie Fest. I’m having some family trouble and I have to tend to them first. I love what I do for a living, but family always comes first.

I know alot of my fans were planning on coming, and thank you for that. I’m playing viper room this month just trying to lock the date down between filming my new show “Sons of Anarchy” which premieres soon!!! It’s going to be a great show I believe. Feels like a new Sopranos, check the trailer on YouTube or

Anyway, I’m also playing NoHo Arts festvial Oct. 5 and thats all ages:)
Sorry again. Let’s just hope everything will okay with the fam.
Love Taryn xoxo