Boy George: There’s No Problem With Me And George Michael

Boy George tells ITN the long running feud between himself and George Michael is long gone. “There’s no problem with me and George and there hasn’t been for a long time,” the singer said. “We haven’t spoken recently, but you know I’ve always liked him as an artist. I’ve always thought he was a great singer and a great writer. It was never anything to do with him as a musician.” Watch the comments via YouTube below.

Boy George Hits Back At Perez Hilton On Twitter

Boy George is lashing out at Perez Hilton on Christmas Eve after the gossip blogger reported that a judge denied the singer’s request to appear on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ and advising him to “find another way to whore yourself out.” George O’Dowd tells his Twitter followers:

@PerezHilton Don’t know what your playing at girl but your being a total cu**!

Coby Koehl is right, queens should never stab each other in the back, very sad Perez!

Just blocked Perez, anyone else following the unfollowing?

@gomezhyatt What we say about others say’s so much about us!

Everyone breath and say OM, don’t let her curdle the milk of human kindness!

“Boy George” Discusses Trial On Weekend Update

Boy George, played by Fred Armisen, visited Weekend Update last night on ‘Saturday Night Live’ to discuss his trial with Seth Meyers, defending his actions of handcuffing a prostitute and beating him with a chain for touching his computer. Watch the comedy clip below.

Boy George Discusses U.S. Visa Denial On ‘Today’

In a ‘Today’ show interview on Friday (June 27), the British pop star Boy George talked about being banned from entering the U.S. and said that despite the situation, “I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time.” The Culture Club frontman was denied due to a pending trial in London on a charge of falsely imprisoning a man. “If you let me in, I’ll take the broom, no problem,” Boy George joked in regards to his prior trouble in America in 2006 for falsely reporting a break-in to his New York home, which resulted in court-ordered community service. Watch the interview below.

Boy George: Madonna Is ‘A Vile, Hideous Human Being’

In an upcoming documentary to be shown on Britain’s Channel 4, Boy George lashed out at Madonna again, just months after he opined that the Material Girl “should have just shut up” after releasing ‘Holiday’. “Madonna… I just think she’s a vile, hideous human being with no redeeming qualities,” he fumed. “There’s nothing nice about her. I’ve never heard anyone say anything nice about her at all. And anyone that’s ever met her she’s been vile to. Vile, full of herself – so unspiritual. How has this woman got away with it for so long?” Read more.

Please Adopt Me Madonna

October 15, 2006 – Raybon Kan of the Sunday Star Times weighed in on Madonna’s move to adopt a orphaned boy from Malawi, sticking up for the Material Girl in the face of a global outcry. “What would you rather have in your face: the paparazzi in your pushchair, or flies you haven’t the energy to swat away,” he asked. “And even if an adopted child is nothing but a status symbol, it’s a better scenario for all concerned than celebrities with more fleets of Humvees. It’s never the beggars who are choosers. Do we ever hear the kids who’ve been adopted by celebrities, wishing they’d been left at the orphanage? Does Nicole Richie wish Lionel Richie hadn’t adopted her? If Soon-Yi hadn’t been adopted by Mia Farrow, she would never have met her future husband.”

Madonna In Tears After Leaving Adopted Son Behind

October 15, 2006 – News of the World reports when a passport hitch meant Madonna’s adopted 13-month old Malawian boy Davie Banda could not fly back to Britain with her, the singer wailed, “I can’t leave him.” A source said: “Madonna was in tears. Everything had gone so well up until then.” The boy was moved to a secret location over fears he may be a kidnap target.

Madonna Adopts

October 14, 2006 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Friday night, “The Associated Press is reporting that Madonna adopted a baby from Africa. I understand the child is looking forward to learning about Jewish mysticism from an Italian-American woman with a fake British accent. [Laughter and applause] Now Britney’s baby will have somebody to go to therapy with.”

Boy George Ordered To Pick Up Trash

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Monday night, “’80s icon Boy George, remember Boy George? Well, as part of his drug possession conviction he’s been sentenced to community service. He’s been ordered to pick up trash in the park. Don’t confuse that with George Michael, who does that for recreation. That’s a totally different.”

Boy George To Pick Up Garbage

Jimmy Kimmel joked during his ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ monologue on Tuesday night, “Boy George, a judge sentenced him to five days of community sentence. Boy will pick up garbage for the Department of Sanitation in New York. That must be a great morale builder for the guys that work at the Department of Sanitation. That their job is what someone is sentenced to when they’re arrested. But how cool would it be if Boy George picked up your garbage. If someone told me 12 years ago that the lead singer of Culture Club wld be picking up trash on the streets of New York — I would have said that’s about right, to be honest with you.”

Boy George Pleads Out Of Drug Charges

Boy George was photographed entering the Manhattan Criminal Court building before a pre-trial hearing following his arrest for cocaine possession in New York City on Wednesday (March 8). The former Culture Club singer pleaded guilty to falsely reporting a burglary and was sentenced to five days of community service and fined $1,000, but drug possession charges against him were dropped. Check out pictures from RexFeatures.

Community Service, Rehab For Boy George

Reuters reports former Culture Club lead singer Boy George plead guilty to falsely reporting a burglary. He was sentenced to five days of community service, ordered to undergo a drug rehabilitation program, and fined $1,000, but drug possession charges against him were dropped.

Boy George Smoking Outside Nobu

George O’Dowd, aka Boy George of Culture Club fame, was photographed smoking a cigarette while leaving Nobu restaurant in London, England on November 3rd. The 44-year-old entertainer was in a great mood despite recently being arrested on suspicion of drug possession and filing a bogus police report after calling police to his pad claiming that it had been burglarized on the October 12th. If found guilty, the singer faces a maximum sentence of 15 years in state prison.

Note: The image provided by Bauer Griffin has since been removed.