Madonna Rejects Boy George Claims About Kabbalah

Attitude magazine asked Madonna about criticism by Boy George that her Kabbalah religion is homophobic. “He’s just got a bee in his bonnet,” she said. “I don’t know why he said that. It’s not true. I would say that at least 50% of the men who come to the Kabbalah center are gay, at all the centers I go to. Nobody ever talks about who they sleep with.”

Madonna’s Rep Responds To Bon Jovi’s Criticism

October 24, 2005 – Madonna’s rep Liz Rosenberg spoke with The New York Daily News about Jon Bon Jovi’s recent criticism of the Material Girl because she “takes [her] kids, [Rocco and Lourdes,] out to every premiere she ever goes to.” Rosenberg said, “Madonna has never brought her children to a movie premiere. I’m delighted to hear what an authority Mr. Bon Jovi is on Madonna’s talents as a mother. He can rest assured [Madonna’s] kids are, cherished, adored, well fed, respected and are extremely loved and well protected by their parents.”

Madonna Reveals Interest In A Musical

October 24, 2005 – Madonna tells eTalk Daily host Ben Mulroney that live theater may be one of her upcoming projects. “I did write about 20 songs over the last couple of years for a musical, for which I never ended up doing,” the singer revealed. “I love the idea of writing a musical.” However, don’t expect to see her name on the marquee. Madonna has a different casting choice in mind — Lourdes. “I’ll just wait a couple years and my daughter can do it,” she playfully suggested. The story at has since been removed.

Madonna’s Documentary Was Amazing!

October 23, 2005 – Contributed anonymously: Ok…I am just about won over. I watched “I’m Going To Tell You a Secret” this afternoon (I Tivo’ed it) and was surprised how much I liked it. It was very uplifting and even though it dealt with Madonna’s cult, it explained it more than it preached it. Actually, Kabbalah sounds a lot like common sense, not a religion. I loved how the songs mixed in with the film and I didn’t realize how well Madonna can hit those high notes until she sang that song “Mother Father.” I watched it with my sister, who’s not a huge Madonna fan. She actually had tears coming down on her face at the end. My only complaint is that there weren’t enough performances, but we may have to wait for the DVD. Oh, and as for Madonna condemning “sinners to hell” in this, she does no such thing! She was clearly joking. Anyway, I hope other people get to see this documentary. I think seeing a documentary on Mariah’s mega selling “Charmbracelet” tour would be better, but this still made my day.

MTVu Stand-In With Madonna

October 23, 2005 – Madonna and director Jonas Akerlund were on hand for a Q&A discussion following a screening of Madonna’s new documentary film, ‘I’m Going To Tell You A Secret’ for the mtvU ‘Stand In’ series at Hunter College on Tuesday (October 18) in New York City. The show will premiere exclusively on the broadband channel mtvU Uber on November 7th, and will be broadcast on-air on mtvU on November 8th. Check out pictures from GettyImages.

Cadbury Dairy Milk & Sir Elton John Unveiling At Madame Tussauds

David Furnish posed next to a chocolate effigy of his partner Sir Elton John following a nationwide poll which saw members of the public choose Elton as their favorite personality, at Madame Tussauds on Tuesday (June 14) in London, England. The chocolate model is produced by Cadbury as part of their centenary celebrations. Check out pictures from FilmMagic, RexFeatures, and GettyImages.

After Sticking His Foot In It, Elton Plans On Keeping His Mouth Shut

June 12, 2005 – Elton John got into a lot of trouble recently when he accused Madonna of miming. Has the Material Girl forgiven him yet? “I haven’t spoken to her, I haven’t seen her,” Elton told ‘Scotland Today’ correspondent Billy Sloan. “She’s been in Kabbalah meetings ever since!” I don’t think I’ll ever be forgiven for that one. I had a helluva time last year, the end of it. There was the Taiwan thing which… That made the press. I didn’t realize we were being filmed when that was happening and it was going out live on television. Then I had the Madonna thing and then I had the George Michael thing and the Posh Spice thing. I was only trying to just help and I’m just going to keep my mouth shut now…”

Former Lover Dishes About Elton John

April 20, 2005 – Sir Elton John’s former manager and love partner John Reid was on Lowie’s hot30 Countdown to provide intimate details on his affair with the pop legend. Reid said Elton was “quiet” in the sack, that “he’s just not able to face up to reality”, and that he had experienced “the little one” – a reference to Elton’s “wang”. has since removed the audio.

George O’Dowd Still Steaming Over Elton’s Duet With Eminem

March 9, 2005 – Jeannette Walls of reports that in Boy George’s new memoir ‘Straight’, the Culture Club singer targets Elton John for doing a duet with Eminem at the 2002 MTV Awards. “It’s like me singing with Pol Pot,” the singer said. “People will call you a fag or whatever occasionally, but it’s so much more prevalent now and he has to take some responsibility. He’s an asshole and I think every gay person with a brain cell found it hideously offensive to see Elton performing with him.” Read more.

AirTran’s Elton John Planes

February 17, 2005 – Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Wednesday night, “The airline AirTran announced plans to paint Elton John’s picture on the side of some of their planes. Yeah, AirTran says the Elton John planes will be like other aircraft, except the passengers will load through the rear.”

Boy George Eyes Acting Roles

After appearances in ‘The A-Team’ in 1986 and the British soap ‘Hollyoaks’ a few years ago, Boy George tells Ann Montini of Sky News he may make another stab at acting. “I really enjoyed both experiences and I have not ruled out a return to acting – if only I could get offered the right parts,” the Culture Club star said. “But casting directors have told me that my look can be difficult to cast.”

Boy George Slams Madonna For Practicing Kabbalah

Boy George has slammed Madonna for embracing the Kabbalah after he learned the mystical offshoot of Judaism preaches homosexuality is a disease. “I have a problem with Madonna’s devotion to Kabbalah, because I watched a documentary that said that Kabbalah believes that gay people are diseased and can be cured,” the Culture Club singer explained. “She’s such a hypocrite. This is the woman who has embraced homosexuality and used it to her advantage.”

Madonna Signs On To Play Transvestite

February 19, 2005 – Madonna is planning to play a transvestite in a yet to be named Hollywood film as Candy Darling, a source tells The Sun. “Madonna has been desperate to make a film where she can earn respect for her acting abilities,” a source said. “She is still trying to shake off the bad publicity from the movie ‘Swept Away’. She sees this as her big chance. She said she would do anything for the part and has agreed to work for free.” Darling starred in a series of Andy Warhol’s experimental films in the 1960s and was the inspiration behind the Velvet Underground classic ‘Candy Says’ and Lou Reed’s solo hit ‘Walk On The Wild Side’.

Boy George Takes A Swipe At Madonna

Madonna 'I'm Breathless'

The Mirror reports Boy George claims Madonna is so desperate to stay in the limelight she lacks any integrity. His latest attack comes on a DVD about the making of his musical ‘Taboo’. “I want it to be successful but not at the loss of the integrity of the show,” he said of the show’s Broadway debut. “I’m not Madonna!”

Kylie Minogue Surprises ‘Birthday Boy’ George

The Mirror reports Kylie Minogue paid a surprise visit to Ronnie Scott’s Soho jazz club on Sunday to sing Boy George a breathless version of ‘Happy Birthday’, as the Culture Club singer turned 42. Kylie was without boyfriend Olivier Martinez.

Big Money For Hairdresser, But No Changes For Kylie

June 16, 2003 – The Daily Mail reports Kylie Minogue spent seven hours and $3,400 updating her image with Brazilian hairdresser Gille Gonsalves, who flew in to give her a complete makeover in her house over the weekend. Despite hair extensions, Kylie popped out after he’d gone to reveal her hair looked just the same as before.

Kylie Risks Overexposure After Latest Ad Deal

June 14, 2003 – Now that Kylie Minogue has signed on as the newest ambassador for British Airways, her latest commercial venture, some are advising the pop star is in danger of becoming overexposed. David Corkindale, Professor of Marketing Management at the University of South Australia, tells The Advertiser that while Kylie is a “safe” pick for advertisers wishing to set themselves apart in an increasingly indistinguishable market, they should remain cautious. “…Their credibility, if people see them in too many things, (drops),” Professor Corkindale said. “Particularly if the (endorsements) are themselves not particularly linked, then people do realize that they do it for money.”

Boy George Says Robbie May Do Anything To Look Staight

Gay pop icon Boy George tells The Sun that after seeing Robbie’s naked romp with Rachel Hunter, he still thinks the singer may be gay. “Let’s face it – Robbie will do anything to look straight,” he said. “There’s a slither of George Michael about Robbie – not that I am saying anything for definite.”

Humorless Madonna Threatens Suit Against Boy George

The Sun reports Boy George has been threatened suit by Madonna over his spoof version of her hit ‘Vogue’ in his West End musical Taboo. George said, “I thought she was having a joke. I used to think she was an icon but she’s more eyesore to me now. It’s all so inoffensive – it’s a tiny send-up.” The Culture Club star adds, “It’s a shame because the song was funny but she obviously has no sense of humor. Americans don’t have that ability to laugh at themselves in the way Brits do.” Read more.

Madonna Chooses Between Bag & Shirt

April 19, 2002 – Star magazine reports Madonna recently had to choose between a $12,000 Louis Vuitton garment bag and a vintage one-of-a-kind shirt she had bought for a couple dollars at a flea market in Los Angeles when the bag’s zipper got jammed with the shirt. It was either cut up one or the other and Madge choose to keep the irreplaceable shirt, thinking she could always buy another pricey bag.

Madonna Sends Out Letter To Fans

April 18, 2002 – Madonna fan site was one of those who received a letter from the singer recently which includes the lines, “You may look at my life and think I live a charmed existence. I am rich and famous. I have a talented and gorgeous husband and 2 beautiful children. I could go on and on. But you would not be looking at the whole picture if that was all you could see. I too have my moments of doubts and weakness. . . . My moments when I gossip and am envious.”

Madonna Not Pregnant

April 18, 2002 – London’s Evening Standard reports that Madonna’s press agent has told them that the singer is not pregnant. “We have been inundated with calls over the last 10 days about this,” adding that she has been “reliably informed she’s not pregnant.” Apparently the talk started after pictures of Madonna in Beverly Hills had her lifting her shirt trying to get son Rocco to pat her stomach.

Madonna Prefers To Be Called ‘M’

April 17, 2002 – The Australian reports Madonna has asked those on the play set of her West End debut in ‘Up For Grabs’ to not call her ‘Madge’, but rather ‘M’. The play’s writer David Williamson revealed, “The English newspapers call her ‘Madge’ to try to domesticate her, and she hates it. One of the actors didn’t realize and called her that in rehearsals and got a fairly sharp response.”

Madonna Rumored To Be Pregnant

April 16, 2002 – With the 43 year old’s biological clock minutes from midnight, gossipers are wondering if Madonna is pregnant following photos in Heat magazine that show the singer ‘more rounded and softer’ than normal. reports rumors have Madonna expected to give birth to a baby boy in December.

Guy Ritchie’s Dad John Furious Over Madonna Nudes

April 12, 2002 – The Mirror reports Guy Ritchie’s father John is very unhappy with the controversial paintings by Scottish artist Peter Howson depicting her daughter in-law in the nude. John said, “I thought the pictures were disgusting. I’m not impressed by them at all and they are so inaccurate as to be absurd. I think Guy would prefer not to see them.”

Bodyguards To Protect Stage Bound Madonna

April 12, 2002 – The New York Post reports Madonna will be using two bodyguards at both ends of the Wyndham Theater’s stage for her West End debut in ‘Up for Grabs’. The stage at the London theater will also be raised three feet to protect Madonna from over-eager fans. The show is set to debut next month.