Keating: Boyzone Reunion Not Gonna Happen

Ronan Keating is throwing cold water on hopes for a Boyzone reunion anytime soon, telling The Daily Mail: “Take That have caused nothing but grief for me because everyone keeps asking me if Boyzone are getting back together. I know you should never say never but it’s not going to happen.” Read more.

Boyzone Ordered To Shape Up For Comeback Tour

Boyzone manager Louis Walsh has ordered the group to get shaped up for their reunion tour. “I saw Take That in Dublin last week and it’s amazing how good they all look – especially Gary Barlow,” Walsh told The People. “The Boyzone lads will have to work if they want to compete! But I’ve been talking to all of them about the reunion and it’s looking hopeful.” Read more.

Keith Duffy Gets Acting Tips From Colin Farrell

Former Boyzone star Keith Duffy tells The Mirror he’s hoping his old friend Colin Farrell can help him achieve fame in America. “I’m going to LA for some auditions and Colin has given me great advice,” Duffy said. “I don’t mind what I get into, it’s a case of whatever you’re offered over there.” As a backup plan, Duffy said Boyzone could reunite soon. “It could happen this year. It all depends on the other lads now,” he said.

Boyzone To Reunite

Stephen Gately has confirmed to the People that Boyzone will definitely be back, including the group’s most successful solo artist, Ronan Keating. “We had a long chat about reforming and [Ronan] is definitely in,” Gately told The People. “He said he can’t wait to meet up with the rest of the lads again. We’ve also talked to Louis and he’s keen. It’s now just a case of agreeing a time when everyone is free.” Gately added, “There’s a lot of preparation to be done. I’ve started to hit the gym again to get a bit fitter for the dance moves. I’ve also started a diet to help me get in shape. As for the voice, there won’t be a problem there as I’m classically trained. We can’t wait to get out on stage again for the fans.” Read more.

Keith Duffy Could Sing Again

Former Boyzone star turned actor Keith Duffy tells Ann Montini of Sky News he would not rule out a return to singing if the role required it. “I have a half decent voice and yeah to do a musical or even make a record again would be great if there were any offers,” Duffy told a source.

Colin Farrell Insists He Turned Boyzone Down

Colin Farrell has a different account than Louis Walsh as to why he didn’t become a member of Boyzone. “It’s not quite true actually the way Louis tells the story… I did audition for a part in Boyzone, but it didn’t work out as I had terrible rhythm at the time but my singing voice was as good as the rest of the band,” the actor told Neil Sean of Sky News. “However, I turned them down as I really did want to become an actor and not a pop star.”

Boyzone Reuniting Without Ronan Keating

According to The Sun, Andy Scott Lee, brother of former Steps singer Lisa Scott-Lee, will be Ronan Keating’s replacement in a Boyzone reunion tour. “I’d be honored to tour with Boyzone,” Scott Lee said. “I know all of the songs so that side of things will be easy. And I’ve known the lads for ages and get on well with them.”

Boyzone Boss Looks For Ronan Keating Reunion Replacement

The People reports that Boyzone manager Louis Walsh is after a singer to replace Ronan Keating on the boy band’s reunion tour. “It could be a familiar face,” a source said. “The tour should be big with Keith Duffy on ‘Coronation Street’ and Shane Lynch on ‘The Games’.”

Ronan Keating Snubs Boyzone Bandmates

The sleeve of Ronan Keating’s new greatest hits album credits neither ex-manager Louis Walsh or his former Boyzone bandmates. “Ronan has forgotten his roots,” a source complained to The Sun. “If it wasn’t for Boyzone and Louis Walsh he wouldn’t have a greatest hits.” Keating countered, “The songs were covers and I sang most of the vocals.”

Mikey Graham Marries In Dublin

‘Pop Idol’ Gareth Gates and former Take That member Gary Barlow were joined by their girlfriends to attend the wedding service for former Boyzone member Mikey Graham and Karen Conadi’s at St Mary’s Pro Cathedral on Saturday (August 14) in Dublin, Ireland. Check out pictures from GettyImages, WireImage, and ShowbizIreland.