Ronan Keating Considers Stage Role With Boyzone Bandmate

Sky News reports that Ronan Keating may someday join his ex-Boyzone bandmate Stephen Gately in the London stage musical ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’. “I think he would be great in the show, after all it’s aimed at kids and he’s got two of his own,” Gately remarked. The play’s current run interferes with his busy tour schedule, but he may take on the stage role in the future.

Ex-Boyzone Shane: No Sex With Fiance Before Marriage

Former Boyzone heart-throb Shane Lynch tells News of the World he’s banned his stunning fiance Sheena White from his bed until they get married after finding God. “We’ve been together 14 months but we haven’t slept together and won’t until Sheena’s my wife,” Shane revealed. “I want to do what’s right—and the Bible says no sex before marriage.”

Conflicting Talk In Boyzone Reunion

While Ronan Keating is wanting to reunite Boyzone for a one-off concert, Keith Duffy is unwilling to join the line-up. “I think it’s all a bit late really – we’ve all moved on,” he told Sky News. “And let’s face it – we can hardly be called Boyzone any more, can we?” But Ronan countered, “A concert will take place – we’re all friends again now.”

Boyzone Reunite After Five Years

The former members of Boyzone – Mikey Graham, Ronan Keating, Stephen Gately, Shane Lynch and Keith Duffy – joined forces on Irish soil for the first time in five years as they set about to raise funds for two charities on Tuesday (April 20) in Dublin Ireland. The boys met up at Citywest Hotel to officially launch the 3rd annual celebrity golf classic in aid of the Irish Autism Alliance before hitting the town with a stop at the Diep Shaker Restaurant. Check out pictures from ShowbizIreland and GettyImages.

Boyzone Plotting Reunion

Sky News reports Stephen Gately has told a source that all former Boyzone band members are now speaking and hoping to do something together before the end of the year, including Ronan Keating.

Ronan Keating’s Failure Could Accelerate Boyzone Reunion

The Glasgow Daily Record reports that after Ronan Keating’s latest album, ‘Turn It On’, only made it to No. 21 in the charts, the singer is poised to reunite Boyzone. “There might be a Boyzone reunion for a charity gig to start off with,” Keating revealed. “I’ve never said we’d never get back together again. You never know what’s down the road. I don’t know if the reunion is going to be happening in the near future, but it could bea possibility because I never thought we’d be talking again and now we are.”

Ronan Keating Considered Quitting Boyzone

The Sun reports Ronan Keating considered quitting Boyzone when he tired of his celebrity lifestyle. But he said: “I’m glad I didn’t because I don’t know what else I could have done, apart from get my old job back in a Dublin shoe shop.”

Stephen Gately Takes A Pounding By ‘Hubby’

Former Boyzone star Stephen Gately has spoken to The Mirror about the violent bust-up with his partner Andrew Cowles that saw the pair punching and kicking each other in the street, just two months after they “married” at a special ceremony in Las Vegas. “You know what it’s like – boys will be boys,” he said. “It only lasted a few minutes. We don’t really know what happened. It was over something really stupid and I can’t remember much of it. We were very tipsy and tired as we’d just got back from Dublin. Andrew’s getting the blame for whacking me but that’s not fair. I whacked him first.”

Former Boyzone Star Wants To Adopt With His ‘Husband’

The Sun reports former Boyzone star Stephen Gately and his secretly “married” gay lover Andy Cowles have talked about returning to America to try to adopt, as other gay couples in Britain have done. Andy’s mother Alison said, “I would not rule out the possibility they will adopt children. They are in a strong and very positive relationship. I’m happy for both of them and if they decide they want a family that would be fine with me.” Read more.