Ex-Boyzone Star Ties The Knot In Gay Wedding

ShowbizIreland.com reports former Boyzone star Stephen Gately is currently honeymooning in London after getting married to his gay lover Andy Cowles after a ceremony in Las Vegas. The pair now hope to adopt a child.

Boyzone’s Ronan And Keith Mend Fences

The standing feud between Ronan Keating and Keith Duffy finally came to an end at the weekend when the two came face-to-face at the Miss Ireland finals, reports ShowbizIreland, who have photos of the former Boyzone stars sharing an embrace. Check out the pictures and more on the reunion here.

Colin Farrell Was Asked To Be In Boyzone

The London Star reports Colin Farrell has revealed he was the first choice for the lead singer in Boyzone. Louis Walsh asked him to sing at an audition when he was just 16. “I was fu**ing tone deaf so it wouldn’t have worked out,” he admitted.

3 Of 5 Boyzone Members Reunite At Golf Tourney

ShowbizIreland.com has photos of former Boyzone members Keith Duffy, Stephen Gately, and Mikey Graham gathered amongst a host of celebrities and Stars at the Keith Duffy Golf Classic at the weekend. They weren’t joined by Shane Lynch or Ronan Keating though. Check out photos and more on the golf tourney here.

Ronan Keating Boasts Solo Career Bigger Than Boyzone

Australia’s Beat magazine chatted with former Boyzone star Ronan Keating who gushed about the success he’s been enjoying… at least outside of America. “I was a dreamer when I was a kid, but now I go for it. I never thought my hopes and dreams would take me this far,” he said. “To be in a place like Jakarta and Korea and hear your song on the radio is bizarre. My solo career is bigger there than Boyzone ever were. The buzz is bigger and I’m selling more records, but the hysteria’s calmed down, maybe it’s happens to all boy bands.”

Ex Boyzone Star Sends Touching Letter For Fans

Former Boyzone star Mikey Graham mailed the Sun to tell fans thanks for their concern over his nervous breakdown last June. Graham revealed, “Most of you know I have been unwell of late. Last year, after an exhaustive period of promoting both Boyzone and my own projects, I finally collapsed and felt completely burned out. I truly regret that this occurred right when the tour and the album were set to be launched.”