Brad Fischetti Comments On Former Manager Lou Pearlman’s Arrest

AOL Music’s Popeater caught up with former LFO star Brad Fischetti to get his take on the arrest of his former boss Lou Pearlman on three charges of bank fraud involving more than $100 million. “The local media in Orlando has been discussing the impending charges against Lou for months now, so the fact that the charges have been filed doesn’t surprise me, but the fact that the charges have validity does,” Brad said. “I suppose that as an artist and friend of Lou, one just assumed that Lou was generating income from the scores of successful entities he was involved with. At this point, I am simply saddened by the entire situation and the mounting legal issues facing Lou.”

The full story at Popeater has since been removed.

LFO’s Brad Fischetti Explains Hiatus

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Brad Fischetti explains the reason for pop band LFO’s mysterious hiatus in a new interview with fellow pop star, Kyle McMahon. “They (J Records) had pretty much decided they were done promoting the ‘Life Is Good’ record. And it was time to move on. And we just decided, well, we’ll take a break.”, Brad says.

Brad Fischetti Solo Effort Completely Different Than LFO

Brad Fischetti of LFO was interviewed by and was asked about his new solo album, and how is it different from his past music. Brad responded, “It’s completely different than LFO. It is very alternative and moody. The songs don’t adhere to a particular formula or format. They evolve around pianos, strings, and haunting vocals.”

Brad Fischetti Talks Solo Project & LFO Days

LFO star Brad Fischetti is now solo as Sari and is on his own record label, 111 Records. Asked if he was frustrated being in the boy band, Brad said, “Being in LFO was not frustrating. Don’t get me wrong, we had our issues but I wasn’t frustrated with being in LFO. I was frustrated with the way every thing went with the second LFO album. 2001 brought a menagerie of problems for us, which in itself was frustrating. Despite the problems, I never wanted out of LFO and never even considered doing something on my own until well into the LFO hiatus.”

LFO’s Brad Fischetti Goes Solo With Sari

The first 111 Records release will be Brad Fischetti’s own album and his first project outside of LFO – sari (pronounced sha DEE). With the sari project, Fischetti teamed up with veteran producer/musician Rick Bailey and 111 artist Dan Walters to create an eerie record mirroring Fischetti’s normally reclusive mind. The self-titled album drops on November 19th.