Bridgit Mendler Discusses Debut Album And Hectic Schedule

Bridgit Mendler

Bridgit Mendler visited Now 100.5 FM in Sacramento, where the Disney Channel star talked about making time to work on her album in between seasons of ‘Good Luck Charlie’, keeping awake with such a busy schedule, and party plans for the release of her debut album ‘Hello My Name Is…’.

“Actually I worked on music in between the second and third season,” Bridgit said about the production of her first LP. “We had a little bit of a hiatus last year between September and November. I just wrote the entire album then. You have to crank it out. So then we shot season three, and it worked out nicely so I didn’t need to overlap those much. Then once you start doing a few shows and rehearsals and different visits to stations and stuff and the show is going on, it gets pretty hectic.”

Talking about how she stays awake with her busy schedule, Bridgit said, “They encourage not too much coffee because of the voice, so that’s unfortunate. I have to try to limit the caffeine. I don’t know. I just surround myself with energetic people.”

Questioned how she’d celebrate the release of her album, Mendler said, “That’s what we’ve been trying to figure out, because I don’t know where I’ll be when I come out with the album. If there’s some sort of album release in town, then of course friends and family will be there. If I’m travelling, we’re hoping to lure some people into coming to travel out.”

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Bridgit Mendler Talks Fugees Influence On ‘Ready Or Not’

Bridgit Mendler talks about 'Ready Or Not'

Bridgit Mendler sat down with VEVO Lift to talk about a track from her debut album ‘Hello My Name Is…’ entitled ‘Ready Or Not’. The actress turned pop artist talked about the message behind the song, how it was influenced by the Fugees track of the same name, and her songwriting process.

“‘Ready Or Not’ was meant to be a girl empowering song,” the singer songwriter explained. “I consider myself to be that girl sitting at the curb waiting for the world, so I think it’s a great message to send to just go for the things that you want to take charge of.”

On the track’s influence, she said, “One of the writers was like ‘Check out this Fugees song, ‘Ready or Not’. So we all listened to it and were like that would be kind of fun to do some sort of interpolation off of that song, which is what we did. I think it stands by itself as its own song but it still has that memorable quality of the Fugees song, which is fun. I think we were all really proud of it and hoping it will go far.”

Discussing her songwriting process, Bridgit said, “I think the fear when writing a song always that the outside world won’t think it’s as awesome as you do. That’s the scary part about progressing through releasing the song, and also the fun part in sharing it with other people. Making the music video was so much fun, and getting to add a whole new dimension to the song and bring myself to the song, so that was great. Then having it released and having other people hear it and seeing a few covers on YouTube of other people performing the song, seeing that they’ve taken it on as something for themselves, and performing it in concert and sharing that experience with all of these people, it goes from being something that’s very much for me and for the other writers who wrote with me, into being something that’s for everybody else. That’s what performing is. You’re giving it to everyone else. I think that that’s really cool, it’s also super trippy, because you’d never think this thing that you created in a small room with four other people would be something you’d get to share with so many people.”

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Bridgit Mendler Talks Songwriting, Online Education & Walt Disney

Bridgit Mendler visits a Portland radio station, talking about her songwriting methods and how she did her high school education online

Bridgit Mendler joined Brett Andrews in the Z100 Portland studio recently to promote her debut album ‘Hello My Name Is…’. The pop singer talked about her acting background, what she knew about the rumor Walt Disney was cryogenically frozen, whether she’s primarily a singer or actress, her writing process, how she’s been an online student in recent years, and her music video for ‘Ready or Not’.

“Well I’ve been singing for a really long time,” Mendler said when asked if she was more of a singer or actress. “I remember writing songs before I knew really how music worked. I’d do little up and down arrows instead of music notes to try to remember the songs, but it never worked. This is before the age of me really understanding technology, so I wanted to use my tape recorder at age seven. I’ve been writing songs forever, so that’s been a huge part of my life. The music that I initially did with Disney was not my original music, so this album is really special to me because it is my original music and it’s my first time really what that sounded like. I wrote on every song, so it’s definitely a lot of me.”

Bridgit Mendler does a radio interview in support of her new album 'Hello My Name Is...'On her songwriting process, Mendler said, “It’s kind of different depending on the day because I never go in with something. I always just go in and see what happens and see the vibe is, so sometimes people will play a track and I’ll start going to that or sometimes I’ll just start messing around on guitar and I’ll just start singing, but usually I’ll do the sounds of the words with the melodies if that makes any sense. A lot of times that ends up being writing lines before I have any idea what the subject of the song is. After I write a little bit, I’ll think, ‘Hmm, what does this mean?'”

As for her education, the 19-year-old said, “I did online high school. It’s the trippy futuristic thing where you have the teacher in a little camera so you can see the teacher while the class is going on. I call it a combination of video chat and ProTools because they have the lecture up. There are other students in real time. There’s a raising your hand button. There’s a laugh button. There’s a no button. There’s an applause button. The teacher would always try to make jokes and the students would press the laughter button.”

Discussing her ‘Ready or Not’ music video, Mendler explained, “It took two days to shoot, so by the end you’re all nice and bonded. At the beginning, it’s so funny because they’re like, ‘Laugh with each other. Tell each other jokes. Act like you’re having a good time.’ I don’t know if they were super confused by me or anything, because when they tell you to laugh you just have to look like a maniac and do it. Everyone sits there and zones out and they’re like laugh and you laugh and go ‘Oh that’s really great’ or just acting like you’re best buddies.”

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Bridgit Mendler Explores Relationship Drama With ‘Hurricane’

Bridgit Mendler talks about her song 'Hurricane' and working with Eman Kiriakou, Evan Bogart and Andrew Goldstein on the track featured on her album 'Hello My Name Is...'

Bridgit Mendler talked about a track from her debut album ‘Hello My Name Is…’ entitled ‘Hurricane’, including what the song is about and the process of recording it. Additionally, Mendler performed the song for VEVO Lift.

“The song ‘Hurricane’ is about a story relationship where this girl is kind of overwhelmed with the drama of a guy and how he keeps saying, ‘Oh, it’s gonna be better. We’re gonna be in the clear’. Then each time, something pops up again that makes her wonder if they should really stay together,” Bridgit explained. “She is afraid of being in the relationship where there’s so many factors that are outside of her control, but I think she’s also kind of enjoying the ride.”

As for the process creating the song, Mendler explained, “Working with Eman Kiriakou and Evan Bogart and Andrew Goldstein was such a fun writing process. For the breakdown in ‘Hurricane’, the voices are actually the voices of Andrew, Eman and Evan all in there, and me, doing different characters. I think we each went through and did two different characters, and we were all in the booth together at one time. It just worked out perfectly. We wanted it to sound like a full chorus of people.”

Explaining what she feels is the best part of the song, the 19-year-old said, “I think the bridge is probably my favorite lyrically in the song. I love the colorful lyrics and the verses. I think they’re really fun, but I love that the bridge just kind of explains it.”

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Bridgit Mendler Signs With Hollywood Records

Bridgit Mendler visited the Radio Disney Studio to hang out with Ernie D the other day. The 18-year-old talked about signing a record deal with Hollywood Records and what kind of music fans can expect on her debut. “I would like to do something that has more acoustic elements to it but also kind of beat driven and something that you can hear on the radio and want to move to,” the ‘Lemonade Mouth’ star said. Watch the comments via YouTube below.

Lemonade Mouth ‘Somebody’ Video

Lemonade Mouth 'Somebody' music video

Bridgit Mendler and the cast of ‘Lemonade Mouth’ performing ‘Somebody’ from the Disney Channel movie has been released ahead of its premiere on April 15th. The song is off the ‘Lemonade Mouth’ soundtrack, out April 12th on Walt Disney Records. Watch the Brandon Dickerson directed clip via YouTube below.

Bridgit Mendler ‘This is My Paradise’ Video

Bridgit Mendler is out with the music video to her new song ‘This is My Paradise’, featured in the movie ‘Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2’, which Mendler also stars in. Watch it via YouTube below.