Brooke Hogan On Gay Marriage

Brooke Hogan shared her thoughts on gay marriage on her blog at MySpace on Saturday (April 3). The singer/reality star writes:

Some say it’s against certain religions. Although I am a devout Christian, we also have to remember the bible was passed from person to person and in reality the only law we should be living by is what Jesus would do. Would he picket outside of a courthouse and curse the gays? Would he not hug them and love them for who they are? Would he forgive them if it really WAS wrong? Jesus only dealt from love and compassion and would surely not treat anyone unfairly or unkind. Lets not forget life on this Earth isn’t even the main goal here…we will all be judged by God after this life…so lets leave that up to HIM.

There’s also another issue people are fretting over. They think a gay union isn’t the best environment to raise children in. Ummmm…excuse me but lets start worrying about the couples who abuse each other in front of their kids, mothers and fathers who are alcoholics and druggies and abandon their kids. At LEAST the gays are TRYING for some normalcy. Just because you’re gay doesn’t mean you’ll be a bad parent. A person is going to feel what they feel despite what a parent might try to influence them with. I am very different from a lot of things my parents tried to instill in me, but it doesn’t mean I’m a bad person.

The entire commentary at has since been removed.

Happy Thanksgiving Twitter Messages

Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas of the sibling pop trio Jonas Brothers, among the stars wishing fans a happy Thanksgiving on TwitterSeveral artists are sending out their happy Thanksgiving wishes to their followers on Twitter today. Among them:

Colbie Caillat (@ColbieCaillat): Happy Thanks Giving everyone!

Brooke Hogan: Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! You guys are so sweet, I have SO much to be thankful for. Sending all my love to you guys

Boomkat (@BOOMKATMUSIC): Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Steve Rushton (@rushtonaiter): Happy thanks giving every one!

Jessie James (@iamjessiejames): Happy thanksgiving!

Mat Kearney (@matkearney): Happy Thanksgiving! I cant tell you thank you enough for listening and being apart of what I love to do.

Katelyn Tarver wishes everyone a Happy ThanksgivingKatelyn Tarver (@katelyntarver): happy thanksgiving people!! thankful for many, many things today..

John Mayer (@johncmayer): Happy Thanksgiving all. Special tip of the hat to our troops who can’t be home this year… we’re all thinking of you today!

78violet (@78violet): Happy Thanksgiving everyone:) we r so thankful for ur support and love. We can’t tell u enough how much it means to us. Xoxo 78violet

Rob Thomas (@ThisIsRobThomas): have a great thanksgiving, fellow twits!! gobble gobble.

Lucie Silvas (@LucieSilvas): Happy Thanksgiving! About to gatecrash another family’s one! I miss everyone at home so much. I am thankful for chances and good friends x

Lolene (@Lolene): Happy Thanks giving all my American friends x be beautiful be blessed x

Sandi Thom (@Sandi_Thom): My guitarist Randy is from sweet hom Chicago so were celebrating Thanksgiving tonight in Cambridge, happy thanksgiving y’all!

Emily Osment offers a cheer for turkey on ThanksgivingEmily Osment (@EmilyOsment): Happy Thanksgiving! Yay turkey! Yay stuffing! Yay little cousins dog-piling on top of me right now! #iamthankfulfor others :)

Esmee Denters (@esmeeworld): Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Big Kiss Esmée (let me know what you are doing today)

Brian Littrell (@brian_littrell): I wanna tell everyone all around the world. Happy Thanksgiving. We are thankful for all of you. Happy ChirpGiving!!!

Jonas Brothers (@Jonasbrothers): We’d like to wish all of our fans a very Happy Thanksgiving – JB

Mpho (@mphosays): I’m jealous…Americans get to do Christmas 2ice with Thanks Giving, can’t we join in??? Happy Holidays!! hope your THANKFULL 4 what u have.

Illness Sidelines Apologetic Brooke Hogan

Brooke Hogan checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@brookehogan) on Saturday (August 15), apologizing for being unable to attend scheduled events earlier in the week, blaming illness. The ‘Brooke Knows Best’ star writes:

I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it to the events I was supposed to attend this week… I really wanted to see you guys… Its always my favorite thing to travel and perform and meet you. Everyone is always so nice and I am so blessed to have so much support. Please don’t think it’s because I didn’t want to see you or that I was just being lazy that day… I actually got really sick… no joke. There’s been so much family and business stress on top of me going out to promote my show and album… I’ve been on countless airplanes and so many hotels. I guess your body just stops at some point… I’m mad at myself that It had to happen now cause I know we were all looking forward to it. I just wanna get better so I can keep rockin’! Please extend my apologies to all of your friends and family that were looking forward to it and I PROMISE I will come back and make it up to you. I know a lot of you are mad but please don’t be. My body just had a breakdown…and I couldn’t help it. I’m SURE I will see you soon and please don’t forget how much I love all of you for being there for me. You guys are and always have been awesome.

Brooke Hogan: Do Not Buy Fur

Brooke Hogan checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@brookehogan) on Tuesday (August 4), directing them to her column at about animal cruelty in the fur trade. Hogan writes:

Please check out my blog for on animal cruelty. These people beat the living hell out of beautiful animals for their fur! It’s wrong to kill an animal for our selfish, materialistic purposes, but even when these a**holes do, they don’t even do it in a humane way! My personal opinion is that the people killing these animals in such a nasty way, with no remorse, should have the same done to them and see how it feels! Let me pick you up by your feet and swing your limp body onto a hard corner of a fence, let me beat the hell out of your skull with a metal rod! IT IS DISGUSTING! They deserve to have their lives taken away! You can TELL they are just doing it for FUN and entertainment, then later they’ll skin them ALIVE and make the fur!!! TERRIBLE! Help me PLEASE! DO NOT BUY FUR! Of course we can’t go over to wherever they are and beat the sh** out of these people who are so cruel (well we could, and I want to, but we are better than that), but we CAN hit them where it hurts and in a spot that will make them STOP doing what they are doing. IN THE WALLET. If we stop buying animal products, they go out of business!!!! Please help me spread the word and win this fight! These animals are just innocent babies who don’t even stand a chance, and can’t stick up for themselves. Imagine yourself in their shoes…

Brooke Hogan & Colby O’Donis Plug ‘Hey Yo!’

After performing on Good Day NY, Brooke Hogan and Colby O’Donis plugged their new single together, ‘Hey Yo!’. “We just performed on ‘Good Day NY’, and I kinda got a little nervous,” the ‘Brooke Knows Best’ star confessed. “Plus I’m sick, so I’m like bleh.” Watch the brief message below.

Brooke Hogan Blogs About Her Mother

Brooke Hogan with producer Sarom

Brooke Hogan checked in with fans on her blog at Global Grind, talking about her strained relationship with her mother Linda, which the ‘Brooke Knows Best’ star addresses in her new album with the song ‘Dear Mom’. Hogan writes:

Fans have twittered me (@brookehogan), asking me if my relationship with my mom will ever be ok. To ALL my fans, I honestly don’t know. I know the Bible tells you to respect both your parents and I do to the fullest, but my mother has become a different person and I felt the need to tell her that in my song “Dear Mom.” Unfortunately, a phone call just doesn’t work sometimes.

The entire post at has since been removed.

Brooke Hogan At Dance Rehearsals

Brooke Hogan at dance rehearsals

Brooke Hogan checked in with fans on her Twitter on Friday (July 24) while in dance rehearsals ahead of tonight’s gig at Opium club at The Hollywood Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. The reality star writes:

Just got done with dance rehearsals, can’t WAIT for the show! Saturday Night, CLUB OPIUM! Cya there

Brooke Hogan Talks About Her New Album ‘The Redemption’

Brooke Hogan in the studio with her father HulkBrooke Hogan is out with a trailer for her second album ‘The Redemption’. The reality star explained how the just released disc differs from her debut, the role her family played in the CD especially given her parents’ nasty divorce, how the song ‘Dear Mom’ was inspired by her “very selfish” mother, the guest features on the album, trying to surround herself with good people this time around, her favorite songs on the album, and more.

“I have a track on the album called ‘Dear Mom’, and it was inspired by my mother and our trials and tribulations that we’ve gone through,” Brooke explained. “Those aren’t really resolved yet, and I kind of feel like she’s had a selfish, I don’t know, she’s just been very selfish through the whole situation with the divorce and how she dealt with her kids and the whole family side of things and just kind of up and left. I wrote a song called ‘Dear Mom’ and it really was just heart to heart between me and a piece of paper and it came out in a song. Sometimes I listen to it and think oh god, that’s a little harsh, but it’s how I really feel. I have never been able to be myself and say how I feel and this album is that.”

Watch the video below.

Brooke Hogan FYE Dolphin Mall In-Store Highlights

Brooke Hogan posted footage from her in-store at FYE Dolphin Mall in Miami, where the reality star signed copies of her second album ‘The Redemption’ on Tuesday (July 21), the CD release day. Watch the video via YouTube below.

Brooke Hogan At Dolphin Mall At FYE

Brooke Hogan at Dolphin Mall at FYE

Brooke Hogan is currently at the Dolphin Mall FYE store, signing copies of her just released album ‘The Redemption’. Taking a shot at reality star Spencer Pratt was among the reality stars Twitter posts today:

@Daschund Believe! “Redemption” is selling out everywhere :)

@jdzup12 I’ve tried my best to talk to Mom. Some things are irreparable

@spencerpratt I don’t like you. Stop being a hypocrite using the Lord’s name in vain and tell your girl drop the mic