Brooke Hogan Goes On A Date With A Girl On ‘Brooke Knows Best’

Brooke Hogan posted another sneak peak from this weeks episode of ‘Brooke Knows Best’, where Brooke is seen out on a date with a short haired boyish looking DJ (a la Samantha Ronson) after agreeing to go out on a date with another woman. The clip ends when the date offers to walk Brooke to her door. The video at MySpace has since been removed.

‘Brooke Knows Best’ Sneak Peak

A sneak Peak of this week’s ‘Brooke Knows Best’ show features Glen complaining about being unable to find the right guy, prompting Brooke Hogan to suggest he should try going on a date with a girl. Glen agrees only if Brooke and her roommate Ashley go on dates with girls as well, with the requirement they have to kiss their dates. The preview at MySpace has since been removed.

Brooke Hogan Blown Away By A Double Rainbow In Miami

On the day of the season premiere of ‘Brooke Knows Best’, Brooke Hogan observed an unprecedented double rainbow in the sky over Miami Beach. “That is truly a sign from god,” Brooke said. “That lets you know that miracles do happen and that is absolutely beautiful.” Watch her YouTube footage below.

Brooke Hogan ‘Birthday Sex’ Remix

Brooke Hogan is out with a remix to Jeremih’s single ‘Birthday Sex’, featuring Fabolous. The song will be featured on her upcoming mixtape ‘Judgement Day’, available for download at

Hogan writes on her MySpace: “Hey you guys! Ok so like every girl in the world, I LOVE the song ‘Birthday Sex’. I found myself singing it every minute so I took my butt in the studio and did a lil version myself. Lemme know what you think… and haters- eat it up:)”

Listen below.

Brooke Hogan Says Red Apples Suck

Brooke Hogan checked in with fans on her YouTube channel while in Hawaii, talking about how she’s very mad at red apples while eating a green apple. “Green are the superheroes of apples, okay,” Brooke said. Hulk’s daughter said red apples tend to bruise easier and are just sweet without variety, and they’re “sandy and soggy”. Watch her complete explanation below.

Brooke Hogan ‘Falling’ Video Behind The Scenes

Brooke Hogan behind the scenes on her 'Falling' music video shootBrooke Hogan posted some behind the scenes footage from the set of her ‘Falling’ music video, featuring Stack$ and directed by Ryan Costa.

“A lot of people shoot in Miami, but you gotta know how to shoot in Miami,” Stack$ explained. “You’ve gotta have the right cameras. You’ve gotta have the right lenses. You’ve gotta have the right locations. I think for this video we’ve got all three of those. The right crew. Shout-out to the crew. You’re gonna see the final product, man. Exclusive. It’s gonna be dope.”

Watch the clip, shot on the beach in Miami, below.

Brooke Hogan Plans “Modern Pop Opera” On Second Album

Brooke Hogan has been talking about her upcoming sophomore album ‘The Redemption’ on her Twitter account. Hulk’s daughter writes:

@perezhilton I am sure you’ll feel different when you hear my new album. I was inspired by Robyn.

Think my economy song is going to be called “The Ballad of Rick Wagoner”. It’s like Jennifer Hudson meets Johnny Cash.

This album is moving more towards a concept piece. It’s a modern Pop Opera. I am so excited!!!

Dropping the song about the economy. Too depressing… Back to writing about boys:)

Pole Dancing Highlights Brooke Hogan’s Calle Ocho Performance

Brooke Hogan returned to the stage over the weekend for a Power 96’s Calle Ocho 2009 show in Miami, where the ‘Brooke Knows Best’ star’s stage act included a stripper pole. As Brooke imitated a dancer at Scores, father Hulk Hogan cheered her on from the audience, at one point making out with a woman who looked a lot like Brooke. A report from TMZ has since been removed.