Tino Coury Covers ‘Lazy Song’ By Bruno Mars

Tino Coury

Tino Coury sat down to record an acoustic cover of Bruno Mars’ ‘Lazy Song’. “I chose it because I’m a big fan of all his music,” Tino explained. “It sounds really different from everything else that’s out.”

The video at YouTube has since been removed.

Alyssa Bernal Covers ‘Grenade’ By Bruno Mars

Alyssa Bernal 'Grenade' music video

Alyssa Bernal performed a cover of ‘Grenade’ by Bruno Mars karaoke style since her guitar string was broken. “I have this huge crush on Bruno Mars… so yeah. Hope you like my old school YouTube video with the karaoke,” Alyssa writes. Watch it below.

Savannah Outen Covers ‘Just The Way You Are’ By Bruno Mars

Savannah Outen - 'Just The Way You Are'

Savannah Outen performed a cover of ‘Just The Way You Are’ by Bruno Mars with her latest YouTube video. “I love this song so much,” Outen said. “It’s definitely my number one played on iTunes right now, so I wanted to play it for you guys.” Watch it below.