James Bourne’s Quadruple Play

The Sunday Mirror reports that former Busted star James Bourne rebounded from his breakup with Kara Tointon by making out with four different girls at London’s Pangaea nightclub. The 21-year-old later joined the girls for a very private party in Wardour Street, in a flat above a strip club.

One Last Release From Busted

Neil Sean of Sky News reports that after their breakup earlier this month, Busted still plan on releasing a double-CD greatest hits album, which will be part-live, part-studio with some rare tracks. “Charlie may not be there to promote it but, unlike Boyzone, Busted do plan to give fans one final fling,” a source at the band’s label revealed.

V’s Aaron On Busted Breakup

Aaron Buckingham from V shared his thoughts on the breakup of Busted last week, and revealed that he was offered to try out for the band when they first formed but turned it down. “Whether you were a fan or not you only have to look at the pop acts to be launched in the last year or the pop acts due to be launched in the next year (go Faders!) to see that Charlie, James and Matt have changed the face of pop music, although for the sake of my boy band career I hope they haven’t changed it for good,” Aaron wrote. “Having supported the guys on their two sell-out arena tours last year I can hand on heart say they’re all really cool guys – and genuine also, which is rare in this industry.”

McFly Won’t Break Up Like Busted

McFly had close ties with Busted, and now that they split up last week, Radio 1 asked the guys from McFly what their future is. “Good luck to them, we wish them the best of luck in everything they decide to do – we love them,” they said of their Busted buddies. “None of us have any plans to leave – in fact, we’re all attached at the toes. We’d have to have an operation, by bluetooth, to separate them! No, seriously, we’re not going to split up.”

Charlie Simpson Encounters Trouble With Busted Fans

Fans of Busted took out their frustrations on Charlie Simpson at a recent gig with his new group Fightstar. One witness told the Daily Star: “Shouting over the music wasn’t getting anywhere, and suddenly, Charlie was hit with something during the set. He looked hurt and shocked but he carried on playing.” A spokesman for Simpson said afterwards: “A boy threw a Mr. Man toy covered in red paint during the gig. He went up to Charlie and apologized afterwards.”

More Bad News For Busted’s Matt Jay

Just after Matt Jay got the bad news that Charlie Simpson was quitting Busted, The Sunday Mirror reports he got another slap with news his MTV host girlfriend Emma Griffiths has been canoodling with her co-host and ex-boyfriend Alex Zane. “Matt will be gutted. Emma and Alex have been meeting up again. He wants her back,” a spy revealed. “Their relationship has always been very on/off, on/off. But he’s desperate for them to give it another go. Emma still has a lot of feelings for Alex, but she’s going out with Matt. She told pals she doesn’t know what to do.”

James Bourne Heartbroken By Busted Split

The Sun spoke with James Bourne’s father Peter following news that the chart topping band announced they were breaking up on Friday. “It’s a very sad time for James and everyone close to him,” Peter explained. “We’ve lived and breathed the last few years with him and it’s sad to see it come to an end. He was devastated when the lads decided to call it a day. They were so successful it was a real blow for it to end so abruptly.” Mr. Bourne added: “James has worked so hard to get where he is and it’s sad that it couldn’t have lasted another couple of years. But when the curtain comes down on one act, it comes up on another. Mark my words, James will be back with another band in the next few months.” Read more.

Busted Announce Band Breakup

Following the departure of Charlie Simpson, Busted announced today (Friday 14th Jan 2005) that they have decided to split up.

Over the last two years James Bourne, Charlie Simpson and Matt Willis have become household names. Busted have had eight top three hits including four number ones. Both Busted albums, 2002’s Busted and 2003’s A Present For Everyone, have clocked up over 1 million sales each.

Busted won Best Pop Act and Best Breakthrough Act at the 2004 BRIT awards and they were nominated for Best British Group. Most recently they topped the charts with the theme to the Thunderbirds movie, which was voted Record Of The Year.

Busted Press Conference On Friday

A Busted press conference is taking place tomorrow Friday (January 14) at 11am GMT. This is for Busted to clarify the current situation with the band amid all the recent press speculation that the group is breaking up. Afer a brief photocall, each band member will make a brief statement, then the band will then take a few questions. There will be no interviews with individual band members, and a press release will be handed out afterwards.

Exotic Pet Christmas For Busted Boys

Busted star James Bourne tells The Mirror the trio are buying each other belated Christmas gifts. “We haven’t got round to buying each other gifts yet but I’m going to buy Matt a shark and he’s getting me an alligator,” Bourne said. “You can only keep them for a few months and then you have to give them to the zoo but we can’t wait to get them.”