Matt Jay Hosts Radio 1’s Oneclick / Open

Matt Willis, aka Matt Jay from Busted took over Radio 1 for an hour to play his choice of music on oneclick / open. Amongst the tracks Matt played were Foo Fighters’ ‘Break Out’, Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney’s ‘The Girl is Mine’, and Blink 182’s ‘Damn It’.

Busted Aren’t Busted

Though reports suggested Busted star Charlie Simpson nearly announced he was leaving the group at a charity gig on Saturday, the band’s record company tell Radio 1 it’s completely untrue and they’ll be bringing out a new album next year.

Busted’s Matt Jay Buys Home For His Parents

Busted star Matt Jay has bought his parents a new home in Egham, Surrey, according to The Sunday Mirror. And Matt isn’t stopping there, now looking for a home for himself in the trendy Portobello Road area of London. A friend said, “His mum was in a council house nearby so he bought the new house as an investment, on the advice of his management, before he buys his own place.”

Busted’s James Bourne Escapes Serious Injury In Car Crash

Busted star James Bourne was nearly injured seriously while heading to the band’s Glasgow concert when the Chrysler Voyager he was travelling in was side-swiped by another car. “The car was a complete write-off and the whole left-hand side was totally crushed,” a source revealed to The Mirror. “By some fluke James was in the back on the right – that’s what saved him from being badly hurt.”

Breast Flashing Getting Old For Busted

The Sun reports that the guys from Busted have admitted they are sick of the sight of their female fans flashing their breasts in concert. “I never knew I’d see so many boobs,” Matt Jay said. “At first I was shocked but now it’s just like ‘Oh look, there’s another pair of breasts.’ Girls always get them out for us to sign and don’t get at all embarrassed about it. The crowd at our concerts is full of t*ts.”

Busted Shows No Christmas Love For Westlife

When Smash Hits magazine asked the guys from Busted what they’d get the Westlife guys for Christmas, Charlie Simpson responded, “I wouldn’t waste my money.” Matt Jay added, “I hate Westlife and their boss Louis Walsh.”

Busted’s Charlie Takes Break For Rock Project

Plans for a new Busted album have been put on hold while Charlie Simpson takes two months off at the beginning of next year to work with his new band Fightstar. “Charlie’s amazed at how successful Busted have become, but he knows the band aren’t going to go on for ever,” a friend of the 19-year-old revealed. “He wants to concentrate more on the sort of music he’s really into, and that’s what he plays with Fightstar.” A band spokesman said, “This doesn’t mean the boys are splitting. They still plan to reunite and work on their new album.”

Busted Flop In Bid To Crack America

Busted star Matt Jay admitted the band’s bid to break America looked doomed after their gig in Seattle, Washington. “We played the gig in Seattle in a 300-capacity club – and 27 people turned up,” Matt said.

Busted’s Matt: Playboy Bunny Flirtation An Illusion

Busted star Matt Jay spoke with The Mirror about the band’s recent trip to California, where the musician and his bandmates Charlie Simpson and James Bourne were invited to the Playboy mansion.

“The Playboy bunnies were really weird,” he revealed. “When the camera’s on they’re all over you, saying ‘You’re so cute’ and staring into your eyes and then as soon as the film stops rolling they’re like, ‘Who are you?'”

Busted Added To Band Aid 20

Busted are the latest act to be added to Band Aid 20, The Sun reports. “Me and James [Bourne] were babies when the first record was done in 1984 and Charlie wasn’t even born,” Matt Jay said. “But we all know the importance of Band Aid, what it can do to help people. We’re delighted to be a part of Band Aid 20.”