Conservative Leader Pleased With Busted’s Support

The Sun reports that Tory leader Michael Howard revealed on Thursday he had never heard of boy band Busted – after they said they backed him. “I didn’t know them – but I’m becoming more familiar with them,” he said in a TV interview. Howard added, “I am very pleased they are supporting us.”

Sudden Wealth Turns Busted Stars To The Tory Party

Busted spoke out in an interview with style magazine Tatler about their support for Britain’s Conservatives, justifying their support because of their sudden wealth and wanting to keep as much cash for themselves as possible. “Yeah, actually, you know what, I am not going to be ripped off any more,” former Liberal Matt Jay said, joining the political ideology of bandmates Charlie Simpson and James Bourne. “From the financial position I am in now, I am a fu**ing Tory boy too.” Read more.

Busted’s Matt Splits Up With Girlfriend

The Sunday Mirror reports Busted star Matt Jay has split from his long-term lover Holly Davies. “Holly and I have split, but we’ll always remain good friends,” Matt said. “Everyone thinks that if you’re famous or into rock ‘n’ roll you should have someone on your arm. I find that a real cliche. I think to be really part of that scene you have to be spontaneous instead of having a beautiful girlfriend. That’s why we fit into rock ‘n’ roll. Charlie drinks more beer than he’s allowed and I cross the road when the green man isn’t flashing. It’s crazy. We really live our lives on the edge.”

Busted Enjoy Playing Outside Stadiums As Much As Inside Them

In Britain, Busted are headlining stadiums. In America, the pop-punk trio are playing parking lots outside stadiums. So which do they prefer? Prepare to be surprised. “It’s awesome at gigs here, because you kind of have to win the crowd over,” bassist Matt Jay told MTV News. “Like in England, it’s awesome and stuff, but we could just go ‘Bugger!’ and they would go ‘Yeah!’ Which is awesome, but here, you really have to work hard.” Read more.

Britney Spears Tries To Sneak In On Busted’s Reality Show

Neil Sean of Sky News reports that Britney Spears is eager to make a guest appearance on Busted’s MTV show to plug her forthcoming greatest hits album and new single, along with her first perfume ‘Curious’. However, Charlie Simpson isn’t too keen on the idea. “When she came to the UK she could barely be bothered to speak to us at her party – and let’s face it, she’s the one who needs the exposure this time,” Simpson sneered.

Busted’s Young Female Fans Leave Them Blushing

The Glasgow Daily Record reports Busted star Matt Jay is sometimes left blushing by posters at their concerts. “Once, there was one that said, ‘Who needs porn when you’ve got James Bourne?’,” he said. “I was like, ‘You’re 13’! Though I suppose it does show a grasp of poetry.”

Hacker Takes Over Girls Aloud, Busted & Other Official Sites

The official websites for several Universal Music UK groups have been hacked by people claiming to be anti-Neo Nazis. and are amongst the official group websites hit with the attack, as is the label website.

Busted Enjoy American Radio Buzz

According to The Sun, only Nelly’s single ‘My Place’ is generating more interest Busted’s new U.S. single ‘What I Go To School For’ as kids and teens prepare to return to school. “The news from radio stations is better than we hoped,” a spokeswoman for the group said. “The single is shaping up to be a big hit.”

On Tour With Busted

The Sun has been given an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Busted’s latest 24-date tour. In a two-part report, the British tabloid shows what life is really like on the road for the band, who are sitting pretty at No4 in the charts with ‘Thunderbirds/3am’. They also reveal how band members Charlie Simpson, James Bourne and Matt Jay cope with the fans, the shows and the travelling.

The story at has since been removed.

Busted’s Charlie Buys Girlfriend Used Car Before Leaving Town

The Mirror reports that before heading off to America to film their MTV reality show, ‘America Or Busted’, Charlie Simpson popped into a local auto dealer and bought girlfriend Camilla Smith’s a second-hand VW Polo as a surprise birthday present. Charlie, Matt Jay and James Bourne will be filmed for 10 weeks attempting to crack the American market.