Calvin Harris ‘Ready For The Weekend’ Video

Calvin Harris 'Ready For The Weekend' single cover

Calvin Harris is out with the music video to his new single ‘Ready For The Weekend’, the second release and title track off the Scottish electropop singer songwriter’s second album, out August 17th via Fly Eye/Columbia/Sony. Watch it via YouTube below.

Calvin Harris’ “Groundbreaking” Jam TV Draws Katy Perry’s Interest

Calvin Harris’ second episode of Jam TV features the Scottish artist asking Goldie to open a jar of jam. Meanwhile, the idea has proven to be a hit for Calvin, with Katy Perry asking to be featured on Jam TV. Perry and Harris Tweeted:

Katy: @calvinharris only if i can be apart of JAM TV. ass.

Calvin: @katyperry AND JAM



Video at YouTube has since been removed.

Calvin Harris’ Failure To Open Jam Jars Leads To Jam TV

Calvin Harris is out with episode one of Jam TV, which the ‘I Created Disco’ singer promises will be one of many. Harris got the idea after appearing on a ITV online interview. Harris writes on his Twitter (@calvinharris):

The entire interview was based around a feature called ‘can you open my pot of jam’. Now, I’ve opened a few jars of jam before, sometimes with success, sometimes without, I would say I am average at opening jam. On this occasion, I could not open the jam. Usually, most people would end there would they not? Let’s draw a line under my jam failure. But she asked could I have another go? I’m a nice guy so I said, ok, for the purposes of this terrible feature I will have another go. Predictably, the jam remained unopened. Is this the end? Sadly no. ‘Oh go on have another go’. WORST TELEVISION EVER. WHO DO THEY EXPECT TO WATCH THIS JAM-UNOPENING? IS THIS WHAT ITS COME TO? IS THIS MY LIFE? IT’S NOT THE EMBARRASSMENT OF NOT OPENING THE JAM, I HAVE COME TO TERMS WITH MY LACK OF UPPER BODY STRENGTH. IT’S THE OVERWHELMING SADNESS I FEEL THAT SOMEBODY WHO MAKES TV THINKS THIS IS AN ACCEPTABLE AND ENTERTAINING FEATURE. IT’S NOT. IT’S SH**E. AND I WOULD LIKE TO PUBLICLY CALL FOR THE PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE FOE THE ‘CAN YOU OPEN MY JAM?’ FEATURE TO PUBLICLY APOLOGIZE. NOT TO ME, BUT TO ANY POTENTIAL VIEWER, FOR POTENTIALLY EXPOSING THEM TO THE WORST SH** IMAGINABLE ON TELEVISION. HEADS SHOULD ROLL. They had two cameras! TWO CAMERAS! FOR JAM! She did a sync handclap. FOR FU**ING JAM.

The jam episode has since been removed.

Blue, Calvin Harris & Katy Perry At Capital FM Summertime Ball

Blue were one of the big pulls at the Capital FM Summertime Ball in London over the weekend. Leona Lewis also entertained fans with a rare gig.

Calvin Harris joked with ITN about getting Michael Jackson in the studio with him to record a track on his new album when the King of Pop comes to the UK. Katy Perry, also on the bill, talked about having beans on toast for breakfast.

Watch the ITN report via DailyMotion below.

VV Brown Putting Penis Pictures On Her Album Artwork?

VV Brown updated fans on her Twitter account (@VVbrown) earlier today, with a provocative idea for her ‘Travelling Like The Light’ album artwork. The ‘Crying Blood’ singer writes:

Had an acting class for video? Then counted my Polaroid collection, I have bout 3000, Africa express, indie bands, penis’, vaginas’, sunsets..

I’ve decided I’m gonna do a Polaroid diary, this is mad, some of my pics are bloody iconic! My put inside album artwork! Espec 1″s of penis’

Prompting this response from Calvin Harris (@calvinharris):

@VVbrown did you actually just say you’re putting pictures of penises in your album artwork?! Just when I thought I had you figured out…!

Calvin Harris ‘I’m Not Alone’ (Burns Rewerk)

The “Burns Rewerk” version of Calvin Harris’ new single ‘I’m Not Alone’ has been posted at Calvin’s YouTube channel. Listen to the track, which will be featured on the single’s Remix CD available next month, below.

Calvin Harris ‘I’m Not Alone’ Tiesto Remix

Tiesto is out with a remix of Calvin Harris’ new single ‘I’m Not Alone’, which Calvin posted at his YouTube channel. Listen to the track, which will be featured on the single’s Remix CD available next month, below.

Calvin Harris ‘I’m Not Alone’ Video

Calvin Harris 'I'm Not Alone' single cover

Calvin Harris is out with the music video to his new single ‘I’m Not Alone’, the lead release off the Scottish singer songwriter’s upcoming second album on Columbia/EMI. Watch the video, filmed in Oslo, Norway, below.

Calvin Harris Preps For Christmas ‘Top Of The Pops’

Calvin Harris updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@calvinharris) on Friday (December 19). The pop singer and producer tells readers:

Well you probably haven’t noticed that it’s almost time for Christmas, which means it must be almost time for the BBC to show Christmas Top Of The Pops (on Christmas day) which I will be on! Me Chrome and Dizzee doing ‘Dance Wiv Me’ of course. I will finally get to realize a long held ambition to pretend to DJ on the show – I thought my chance had perhaps disappeared when the show did, but they resurrected it – so I thank the BBC for that, thanks.

It also gave me an opportunity to road test my Fly Eye MKII Spectacles, once again expertly crafted by NASA, with a number of unique modifications…