Calvin Harris ‘Merrymaking At My Place’ Video

Calvin Harris 'Merrymaking At My Place' single cover

Calvin Harris checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace on Tuesday (July 10) with his new video.

“Here is the brand new shiny video for my song ‘Merrymaking At My Place’, which is out in a month or something like that,” he writes. “It’s directed by the very talented/beautiful/lovely Kinga Burza who just did the Kate Nash video, y’know, the one that’s at number 2 and all that?” Harris also admitted, “I look a bit ginger” and said “I hope you enjoy my INEXCUSABLY BAD ‘acting’ at the beginning.”

Watch it via Yahoo! Music below.

Exhausted Calvin Harris Fires Back At The Critics

Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris sent out the following bulletin to his MySpace fans on Wednesday (June 20):

I look like sh**. If you’re coming tomorrow, I’ll sound like sh**. We’ve just come off the back of 3 tours in a row, plus studio work… since mid February I’ve had about 3 days off. I’m fu**d to be honest. I know as well as anyone its not a real job, but fu** me I’ve been working a million times harder than I ever did at M&S. So to cheer me up I’ve been reading all the broadsheet reviews of my album, by the way they ALL fu**ing hate it! Which I find hilarious, it’s kind of like a double bluff, they say it’s ‘stupid music’ but still have no idea how I make it, or surely we’d all be doing it? Yet still, the very same people are trying to schedule time to film me undertaking some ‘hilarious antics’ at Glastonbury for their little online content sections of their websites. Well they can get fu**ed basically.

How To Buy Calvin Harris’ Album, A Guide

Calvin Harris posted the following message to fans on his blog at MySpace on Friday (June 15): “I’ve been watching Questlove’s video blogs, and noticing that even if he posts a REALLY boring 10 minute one of just him sitting infront of his Mac, folk STILL seem to love it, so I am testing this theory out tonight, as my camera is still fu**ed. I promise I won’t do it again!” Harris has since removed the video.

Calvin Harris Actually Doesn’t Get ‘The Girls’

Despite his new single ‘The Girls’ featuring the line “I get all the girls”, Calvin Harris tells The Sun it couldn’t be further than the truth. “It hasn’t helped at all,” he said. “I get even less now than before. In fact girls just take the mickey out of me. Maybe I should write songs about how I can’t pull instead, like Robbie Williams.”

The story at has since been removed.

Calvin Harris Comments On Kylie Minogue Dating Rumors

Calvin Harris, who was hand-picked to produce Kylie Minogue’s new album, spoke with SonyBMG about the UK tabloids claiming the two were a romantic item. “Of course it’s all lies! It’s ridiculous,” Harris said. “There’s 2ft three inches between us. I’m 6’5″! For a start, that’s just absurd. I was in the studio with her and I had to bring it up – I didn’t know wether to say anything, but I decided to say ‘have you seen the paper?’, and she said ‘no’, but she’d heard about it. She said ‘Don’t worry, people have been making stuff up about me for years’, and I said ‘Oh well that’s a relief – I’m not used to it however!'”

The story at has since been removed.

Kylie Vacations In Chile With Married Man With Pregnant Wife

May 5, 2007 – The Sunday Mirror reports that while film director Alexander Dahm is away on vacation in Chile with Kylie Minogue, his wife Laura is at the couple’s home in Mexico City, where she is looking after their three-year-old son Matias and preparing to give birth to their second child within the next six weeks. “Alexander and Kylie have struck up a friendship. But it’s ridiculous to think there is some sort of affair going on. There isn’t, they’re only friends and I’m not worried,” Laura insisted.

The full story at has since been removed.

Kylie Minogue An Item With Her Producer Calvin Harris

News of the World reports Kylie Minogue has hit it off with DJ and singer Calvin Harris, 23, who is producing Kylie’s new album. “Kylie and Calvin have spent loads of time together working on the album,” a source revealed. “They’ve struck up a very close friendship and are now an item. Kylie’s had a tough time but has finally found happiness with Calvin.” The tipster added, “She’s excited about the new album but meeting Calvin was the icing on the cake. He always makes her laugh and they’re a lovely couple.”

Jason Donovan’s Big Payday To Spill Kylie Love Secrets

March 13, 2007 – The Sunday Mirror reports Jason Donovan is breaking a 18-year silence to write a tell-all book revealing how his ‘Neighbours’ co-star Kylie Minogue broke his heart, and will make $2 million in the process. “This is the book every Jason and Kylie fan has been hoping for,” Jason’s spokesman said. “There is no aspect of Jason’s life and relationships he has not gone into. The book will be out this autumn.”

The full story at has since been removed.

Did Olivier Line Up Replacement Before Kylie Split?

March 4, 2007 – News of the World has learned Kylie Minogue’s ex Olivier Martinez lined up stunning model Sarai Givati as her replacement two months before they split. Martinez formally introduced the Israeli beauty to his family in Paris last December, which in French custom would suggest they’re more than just good friends. It was in February that Kylie and Olivier had announced the end of their four-year romance.