Fedorov Insists He & Underwood Are Just ‘Good Friends’

Carrie Underwood’s tearful reaction to Anthony Fedorov’s ouster from ‘American Idol’ on Wednesday night – and her mouthed “I love you”- isn’t what some might think, Fedorov insisted to the Bucks County Courier Times, perhaps because he has a longtime girlfriend. “Good friends” is the way he described their relationship, adding the finalists are “one big happy family.” He added, “We’re not saying it because we’re told. There is no other way to get through this competition.”

Cowell: Red States Will Power Underwood To The Top

Simon Cowell spoke with ‘Entertainment Weekly’ about how he sees Carrie Underwood as the favorite to win this season’s ‘American Idol’ – citing Republican influence on voting. “I think ‘American Idol’ has always been a red state competition,” Cowell explained. “I think mainly it’s a Southern competition. I think Carrie is reflective of what’s going on in this country. There are a lot of girls saying, ‘I’m bored of girls dressing like sluts.’…There’s a difference between what the record industry thinks and what Wal-Mart customers think. That’s one of the reasons why Carrie is doing so well.”