Charlotte Church Would Do Nearly Anything If Cash-Strapped

‘Top Of The Pops’ caught up with Charlotte Church for a Q&A and asked the singer if she would ever consider selling her autographs on the internet. “If I was strapped for cash I’d sell anything! Except my body – let’s take that one out of the equation,” she said. “If I was seriously poor then no one would be that interested anyway and I’d sell for 1p a go or something!”

The interview transcript at has since been removed.

Cheryl Aloud Claims Charlotte Church Has ‘No Originality’

Girls Aloud star Cheryl Tweedy is accusing Charlotte Church of ripping off the girl group’s sound, a source tells The Sun. “She reckons Charlotte’s album is a carbon copy of a lot of Girls Aloud material” a friend told the tab. “She says Charlotte has no originality and reckons she’s trying to copy the image that made them a chart success.”

Rare Praise From Charlotte Church

The Daily Star reports that Charlotte Church credited a couple pop stars, a switch for the Welsh singer known to criticize others. “Most pop stars are like: ‘I can’t sing, so I’ll bump and grind’,” she said. “But when you think of stars like Joss Stone and Natasha Bedingfield, you think of sexy women who can really sing. That’s what I want people to think of me.”

Rebecca Loos Hits Back At Charlotte Church

David Beckham’s alleged mistress Rebecca Loos responded to charges from Charlotte Church that she’s a “bitch who should get her nose fixed.” Loos told Radio 1, “Ooooh – what’s wrong with my nose?! I love my nose! Everyone’s entitled to their opinion – she’s obviously…..jealous? Yeah, that’s actually quite harsh – probably the harshest thing I’ve heard. I’d never have such strong opinions of someone I’d never met, but if that’s the way she is, then that’s her way of living her life. Good luck Charlotte, I’m not going to lower myself to that level.”

Charlotte Church: Therapy Is A Waste Of Money reports that Charlotte Church revealed that when she saw a therapist, she quickly decided it was expensive and pointless after just two sessions, and refused to go back. “I’ve been in therapy. People were saying, ‘You need to see someone, you’ve got a lot on your plate,'” Church said. “I was sitting there thinking, ‘This is bollocks’ and I was paying the woman ridiculous money. I went twice.”

Live And Loud 2005 In Glasgow

Former S Club star Rachel Stevens, KT Tunstall, McFly, Lovebites, The Faders, Rooster, Freefaller, former Spice Girl Melanie Chisholm, Daniel Bedingfield, Natalie Imbruglia, former a1 star Ben Adams, and Charlotte Church performed at Live and Loud 2005 in Glasgow, Scotland on June 26th. Check out pictures from RexFeatures (page1 / page2).

Charlotte Church: I’m Not Posh, I Can Sing

Charlotte Church has scoffed at claims she is the new Posh Spice – saying: “I can sing!” The 19 year old added, “I’m sorry to get the claws out – but she knows it.” As for Victoria Beckham’s soccer star hubby David, Church says her man Gavin Henson is tops too. “Gavin’s much better looking than David Beckham,” Church told Q magazine. “The comparison is just bollocks.”

Charlotte Church: Those Breasts Aren’t Mine!

Craig McLean of the Sunday Herald caught up with Charlotte Church, who talked about an image that was spread around the web of what was being billed as her breasts after boyfriend Gavin Henson’s mobile phone was apparently stolen. “It’s absolutely bollocks,” Church said of the photo. “If you see the photo it’s some 40-year-old with nasty, massive, saggy tits with huge nipples! They’re not mine! Obviously a 19-year-old’s don’t look like that.” Asked if the speculation surrounding the photo got to her, the Welsh songstress said, “It got to me the fact that they were so horrible and people might think they were actually mine, hah hah hah!”

Summer XS 2005 Concert In Nottingham

McFly, Chesney Hawkes, Lucie Silvas, Rooster, Andy Scott Lee, Blazin’ Squad, Charlotte Church, Daniel Bedingfield, Jem, Noise Next Door, and former S Club star Rachel Stevens performed live at Summer XS on Saturday (June 25) at the Nottingham Arena in Nottingham, England. Check out pictures from WireImage.