Summer XS 2005 In Milton Keynes

Charlotte Church, The Faders, Jem, Lucie Silvas, McFly, and former S Club star Rachel Stevens performed at Summer XS 2005 on Saturday (June 25) at Milton Keynes Bowl in Milton Keynes, England. Check out pictures from FilmMagic and RexFeatures.

Is Charlotte Church Radio DJ Material?

The Sun reports that Charlotte Church’s attempt at co-hosting Jo Whiley’s radio show on Radio 1 on Wednesday went so well she could be offered a more permanent role at the station. “She has a wicked sense of humor and a fantastic voice,” a source said. “They want to try her out with a one-off slot to see how it goes. The boss of daytime shows rang her manager while she was on air and offered her a show there and then.”

Charlotte Church In The Radio 1 Live Lounge

Charlotte Church was Jo Whiley’s special guest on her Radio 1 program Wednesday (June 29). She spent most of the show in studio – presenting the entertainment news and introducing records. She also performed an acoustic version of her new single ‘Crazy Chick’ in the Live Lounge, and she did a cover version of Mario’s ‘Let Me Love You’. Audio and pictures have since been removed from

Charlotte Church: Stop Releasing 2pac Records

Charlotte Church 'Crazy Chick' single cover

Charlotte Church, who’s new pop single ‘Crazy Chick’ is head-to-head against the Elton John, Tupac Shakur track ‘Ghetto Gospel’ in the UK singles charts, is lashing out to The Sun about her competition. “Elton John and Tupac are really big… but I think it’s crap. Of course I don’t like it, it’s my competition,” she said. “I like Elton, but Tupac – he should stop releasing records, let the man rest in peace for God’s sake. Elton John has had enough number ones in his time and I reckon he should let someone else have a go.”

Charlotte Church Stays At Grandma’s Because Her Home Is Too Messy

Charlotte Church has moved out of her Cardiff flat and taken shelter at her grandmother’s. “I’ve been staying with my nana recently because my house needs such a good clean and I can’t be bothered to go in there,” the singer told ITV. “It’s been nice, my nana’s been doing all my washing. She rings me up and says, ‘I’ve got cottage pie on, love, hurry up and get home’.”

Charlotte Church Caught On Camera Behaving Badly

The People reports that a cell phone’s camera captured Charlotte Church blasting expletives, attacking the guy taking the pics, and kissing ex-boyfriend Kyle Johnson after screaming abuse at him. The 19-year-old singer then tried to buy off the photos, worried her rugby star lover Gavin Henson, who is touring New Zealand with the British Lions, would see them. “It was made clear to me that she wanted the phone just because of the pictures of her and Kyle,” club doorman Noar Tajul, who took the photographs, revealed. “The caller’s exact words were, ‘That photograph of her and fu**ing Kyle Johnson is going to lead to a fu**ing lot of fu**ing questions’.” Noar added: “There was no way I was going to hand it over. She thinks she can just buy her way out of everything.” Read more.

Police Called To Break Up Charlotte Church’s Fight With Ex

The Mirror reports that police were sent in to break up a furious early-morning bust-up between Charlotte Church and her ex-boyfriend Kyle Johnson. “Everyone looked like they had had a bit too much to drink and it was getting very heated,” a source revealed. “Kyle was accusing her of all sorts and she was just livid that he’d had the nerve to show up at her place. One of her friends had to intervene to try to break them up as they started pushing each other.”

The article at has since been removed.

Red Dragon FM’s Party In The Park 2005

Former a1 star Ben Adams, Tyler James, Love Bites, Freefaller, 4th Street Traffic, Bananarama, Charlotte Church, Daniel Bedingfield, The Faders, Keisha White, ‘American Idol’ season one champ Kelly Clarkson, The Noise Next Door, former S Club star Rachel Stevens, and Rooster performed at Red Dragon FM’s Party In The Park on Sunday (June 19) at Coopers Field in Cardiff, Wales. Check out pictures from RexFeatures and WireImage.

Radio Alice Interviews Kelly Clarkson

May 30, 2005 – Hooman of Radio Alice in San Francisco interviewed Kelly. She talked about guys who made her weak in the knees, her love for chocolate, the new Pope being part of the Hitler Youth, the Paula Abdul and Corey Clark allegations, why she went blonde, how she felt Kevin Federline “scored bigtime” in marrying Britney Spears, what she felt about the Newsweek Quran uproar, only kissing three guys in her life, her opinion of Paris Hilton, and more. Audio to the interview has since been removed from

Charlotte Church Sizes Herself Up

Charlotte Church complained to Heat magazine about fake topless photos of her with an unflattering naked torso. “My friend showed it to me and I was just like, ‘Fu*king hell! I would’ve preferred it if the real photo had got out – at least I’ve got a decent pair,” the Welsh singer said. She added, “I suck my tummy in all the time – it’s good for the stomach muscles. My stomach’s one of my only assets. Although my boobs are quite cool. I hate my legs though. Me, my mum and my nana have no knees. We have legs like vases.”

Charlotte Church Debates Crossing Over To Pop

Charlotte Church admitted to Radio 1 she’s not sure she made the right move switching from her normal classical style to pop. “There will always be critics. I mean even now sometimes I think, ‘I’m doing this music, which I love,’ but sometimes I do think that loads of people can do what I’m doing now and not many people could do what I did before with the classical stuff,” the ‘Crazy Chick’ singer said. “But this is what I’m comfortable doing, plus the fact I love a good dance.”