Charlotte Church ‘Crazy Chick’ Video

Charlotte Church 'Crazy Chick' single cover

The complete video to Charlotte Church’s new pop single ‘Crazy Chick’ is now available online. The song is off the Welsh pop singer’s fifth studio album ‘Tissues and Issues’. Watch it below.

Charlotte Church To Move In With Boyfriend

The People reports that Charlotte Church is planning to move in with her rugby star boyfriend Gavin Henson. “She’s renting a flat in Cardiff at the moment and wants to buy a house there with Gavin,” a friend of the singer revealed. “Her mum thinks the world of him and would certainly approve.”

Charlotte Church Complains To Tony Blair

The People reports that besides feeling “embarrassed” to explain to “aloof” President Bush that Wales “was its own country next to England,” Charlotte Church also complained to Tony Blair about being taxed so heavily when she wasn’t even old enough to vote. “I told him, ‘I don’t understand why I have to pay 40 percent tax since I was 12 when I can’t drink, vote, or do fu** all,” she revealed. “He said, ‘I see your point’.”

Charlotte Church Hoping For Acting Role With Justin Timberlake

Neil Sean of Sky News reports that Charlotte Church is so worried that her pop career will fail that she’s secretly signed an acting agent as a career backup plan in America. Though the Welsh singer has acted in only one small Brit movie and one episode of ‘Heartbeat’ to date, a source revealed that she is keen to land a role – however small – with her *NSYNC pal Justin Timberlake in his first big screen comedy. “We get on well and I know he likes me,” Church told the source. “What better way to break into film?”

Charlotte Church Prefers To Be Unemployed

Charlotte Church tells The Sun that life before launching her pop career was much better for her, as she admitted to not doing any real work since leaving school in 2002 – and her last promotional tour was a year before that. “I don’t know about this back-to-work lark,” the ‘Crazy Girl’ said. “I really miss being unemployed. I have had a relaxing couple of years just hanging out with my mates in Cardiff. I’ve been sat in a tracksuit watching daytime telly and eating biscuits with my nan. Now I have got all these early starts – it’s a shock to the system.”

Charlotte Church: A Child Gimmick

Contributed Anonymously:

I just wanted to make my own opinion about Charlotte Church from the recent essay “Who’s Charlotte Church?” Now, I know Charlotte Church is not pop, so yeah it’s random that she’s on this forum, but since she’s, then I guess its okay.

First of all, as you already know, Charlotte Church was a rising opera star at the tender age of 12. Even though opera fans and students alike didn’t really think of her as being the best opera singer, they took consideration of her age and liked her anyway, having hopes that she would mature as she gets older. But these are the two issues here: 1) her voice has never grown vocally. Her voice is just…pretty…that is all. Hitting the high notes doesn’t necessarily mean that you are bringing justice to the song; you need to bring the passion too. And that’s something that Charlotte Church has failed to bring. Christina Aguilera can probably sing Amazing Grace better than Charlotte Church!! And 2) at a tender age the recording folks never took consideration of her age, instrument, and training. You can’t make a young child sing songs that are meant to be sung by an adult! That’s like making a first grader take the SAT. It just doesn’t work!

Power FM’s Power In The Park 2005

Former a1 singer Ben Adams, Triple Eight, Charlotte Church, Craig David, former Spice Girl Melanie Chisholm, The Noise Next Door, former S Club star Rachel Stevens, and Rooster performed at Power FM’s Power In The Park on Sunday (June 5) at Southampton Common in Southampton, England. Check out pictures from RexFeatures and WireImage.

Scary Moment For Rachel Stevens

June 8, 2005 – The Mirror reports that Rachel, who won the Amor Amor Woman of the Year award at the Glamour Women Of The Year ceremony, had to fend off a man who ran across Berkeley Square and tried to grab her while she signed autographs. “It was frightening,” an onlooker said. “Security had to be called to get the guy off her.” Rachel said later, “I wish my boyfriend Gavin was here. He’d better treat me when I see him!”

Summer XS 2005 In Reading

The Noise Next Door, Tyler James, The Faders, former S Club star Rachel Stevens, former Spice Girl Melanie Chisholm, McFly, Chesney Hawkes, Charlotte Church, former a1 star Ben Adams, Bananarama, and Rooster performed at the Summer XS 2005 concert on Sunday (June 5) at Madejski Stadium in Reading, England. Check out pictures from WireImage.

Would Rachel Stevens Sell Her Own Autographs On eBay?

June 4, 2005 – ‘Top Of The Pops’ caught up with Rachel for a Q&A and asked after seeing autographs for sale on eBay if she’d sell her own autographs on the internet for some extra money. “Actually, that’s not a bad idea …chewing gum on eBay or…,” and when suggested it worked for Britney Spears, Rachel said, “Yeah absolutely. What was it? Oh it WAS her chewing gum wasn’t it? And her pregnancy test, that was wrong, wasn’t it? ‘Ooh, Britney weed on this’, it’s a bit grim, isn’t it!?”

The complete transcript at has since been removed.

Who’s Charlotte Church?

Contributed Anonymously:

If nobody hasn’t noticed, Charlotte Church has been part of this forum for the past few days. Mainly her comments are being posted, which I find to be cool, but I don’t understand why some of you diss her when you don’t even know who she is. If you want to know, well, find out before you judge! She’s an opera singer, she started out at the tender age of 12, she has been singing to the most powerful people in the world including President Clinton and even the pope. So for you people that call her a “nobody,” well, who are you to talk? When was the last time that you sang to the president or the pope, or sung in the most famous opera houses in the world, as well as being respected internationally for your voice? So think about your position in life before you call somebody that you don’t even know a “nobody.” For some of you that are wondering why she’s commenting about Bush, even though he’s dumb but the most powerful man in the world, and calling her a “nobody” who should have no right to comment on a “somebody” then maybe you need to read the constitution. For you to say that she’s a “nobody” and that her opinion doesn’t matter because Bush is the most powerful man in the world, you are just contradicting yourself and pretty much saying that you shouldn’t comment on Bush either. Her right to speak about the president is just as much as her right as it is yours. So, once again, if you don’t know Charlotte Church, either find out who she is or stop judging somebody that you don’t even know.

Bush Asks Charlotte Church: ‘Which State Is Wales In?’

The Glasgow Daily Record reports Welsh singer Charlotte Church called Pavarotti “a pig” and President George W. Bush “a proper weirdo” when she visited Scotland yesterday to promote ‘Crazy Chick’ on Clyde 1’s Bowie At Breakfast. Church performed for Presidents Bush and Clinton, but wasn’t impressed with the current leader of America. “Bill Clinton was really cool, but George Bush? ? No way,” she said. “Clinton was lovely, in tune with everyone else, but George Bush just hasn’t got a clue what he’s doing. He asked me what state Wales was in. I said: ‘It’s its own country next to England, actually Mr. Bush’. If he doesn’t know the rest of the countries in Europe, he could at least know what’s in his own country. I’m really worried about it. He’s a right weirdo.”