Charlotte Martin 6 Months Pregnant

Charlotte Martin checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@charlottemartin) on Saturday (November 27), talking about her struggle with the nerve disorder intercostal neuralgia, a new album, and her pregnancy. The singer songwriter, who is set to release ‘Dancing on Needles’ on February 1st, tells readers:

Also, speaking of new chapters…I am now 6 months pregnant with a healthy baby girl. The other dream I didn’t think would ever be possible with my condition. The pregnancy has made me healthier in a lot of ways. Needless to say, I’m going to be quite huge when I see you all at these shows. I’m trying to convince my OB to come to the LA show in case I go into labor. Ha! That is why there are only a few shows in January…. Oh and LA is the official CD release show!

We haven’t named the baby yet…but Ronen has named her “Pizza”.

Charlotte Martin ‘Tremble’ Rehearsal Performance

Charlotte Martin posted a studio rehearsal performance of ‘Tremble’ earlier this month on her YouTube channel. The song can be downloaded for free via below. The singer, on the mend from costochondritis, is resuming work on a new album she hopes to finish by spring. “The record has taken a dramatic turn since I started back to work and it’s turning out quite dark,” Martin said on her MySpace (@charlottemartin). “Something I’m not opposed to at all since it’s saving me money on a shrink. Although, I might get a shrink too. :)” Watch the performance below.

Charlotte Martin Focusing On ‘Orphans’ EP

Charlotte Martin 'Stromata'

Charlotte Martin checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@charlottemartin) on Friday (September 12). The Los Angeles based singer songwriter tells readers:

Where to start. It’s been a busy summer! Being mommy and working…I have to admit it’s been difficult to juggle. I think the first several weeks I was back in the studio I wasted because I couldn’t tear myself away from Ronen.

Ronen is almost 4 months old and HUGE. 16 pounds already! Who knew breastmilk was so potent!? But he is just a magical little boy. Very serious actually. He is quite an observer and very smart. He is also very sensitive already. I wonder who he gets that from (grin)?

In the few days a week I’ve been back to work I’ve managed to do a bit of co-writing…again with Xolie Morra and for other artists.

But my main focus has been on a project called ‘ORPHANS’. It’s a compilation EP of lost master recordings that never made it on official albums. These are not rarities and not really b-sides because at one time, all these songs were considered for a major release. I have nowhere to put them. Actually, two of them were supposed to be on a record I was planning on doing with Tommy Walter but we never got around to finishing it. Especially since he’s Ronen’s Godfather. Instead of working on records, we just hang with the Roj on the floor and make very odd sounds like “blee blah blah schnuga feeggie noo noo”. :) There will be a few songs you know and a few you’ve never heard.

Charlotte Martin Previews Her New EP ‘Orphans’

Charlotte Martin discusses 'Orphans'Charlotte Martin posted an update on her YouTube channel, talking about her forthcoming EP ‘Orphans’, due November 2008. The disc will include b-side masters which never made it on her previous releases.

“So ‘Orphans’ is not an album per se,” Charlotte said. “It wasn’t written top to bottom. Basically the concept is that I had been going through my catalog, and I came across a lot of songs and master recordings that never ended up on records, which is really sad, hence the ‘Orphans’ title for these songs. I decided while I’m making album three I wanted to release these B-side masters for you guys. Some of them will be songs you haven’t heard of. A couple of them will be songs you’ve heard of that have been re-recorded and either didn’t make it on your show or ‘Stromata’. They’ll all be different versions.”

She continued, “I’m pretty excited about it. There’s everything on there from fully electronic, to solo piano, to orchestral, to cabaret style, so you’ll get to see the span of all of the different things I’ve been experimenting with over the last ten years of my career.”

Watch the message below.

Charlotte Martin & Ken Andrews Expecting First Born In April

Charlotte Martin 'Stromata'

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter, Charlotte Martin and producer/mixer/artist, Ken Andrews, are expecting their first born in late April of 2008. The couple married in September of 2005, and have since been touring and recording non-stop. Now the couple is preparing for the arrival of their new baby boy.

Charlotte Martin Preps For ‘Never Say Never’ Tour

Charlotte Martin offers a look inside her recording studioCharlotte Martin posted a video clip offering up a “behind the scenes” look at her set-up for the ‘Never Say Never’ Tour this fall.

“I am rehearsing and building tracks and programming for the Never Say Never tour that kicks off on the 23rd in Tempe. I thought that I’d invite you into my new studio and just show you kind of what I do,” Charlotte said, pointing to a device on the ground and saying, “All of my songs, about 100, are programmed, so when I hit a button, like #6, ‘Angel’, it programs this little computer right here, which runs Software Synth, and it also sets all these synths to the correct pass. So basically I’m playing 5 things at once if I want to.”

Watch it below.

Charlotte Martin Supporting Save Darfur Campaign

Charlotte Martin 'Stromata'

Contributed Anonymously:

Charlotte Martin is partnering with fellow musicians and friends to support Save Darfur with a benefit show at The Knitting Factory on December 2nd. Special guests include Ken Andrews and Tommy Walter. Check out details at her official web site,

Charlotte Martin’s Veins Winter Tour 2005

Charlotte Martin 'Stromata'

Charlotte Martin is headlining a six-city, west coast tour in support of her new EP, ‘Veins’. Special guest openers Chris Pierce and Andrew Paul Woodworth join Charlotte on the Veins Winter Tour 2005. The tour begins in Santa Cruz, California on Tuesday, December 6. Tour details are available at

Charlotte Martin’s Veins Fall Tour 2005

Charlotte Martin is gearing up for her second headline tour. The Veins Fall Tour 2005 is slated to conclude promotion of “On Your Shore” and introduce listeners to her latest studio recording, “Veins.” Dates and details are available on