Cher Lloyd: I Just Don’t Put On Weight

Cher Lloyd talks about where she gets her confidence, struggling to put on any weight, and 'Riot!' being the favorite song she's recorded

Cher Lloyd did a round of questions with fans on Twitter, where the British pop singer was asked about where she gets her confidence, having a great figure despite a junk food diet and how ‘Riot!’ is the favorite song she’s recorded.

On the source of her confidence, Cher said, “I get my confidence from knowing that if you’re not confident, your performance is going to suck, because if you don’t have the oomph to back it up, then it’s going to come across as if you’re uncomfortable, and I like to be comfortable in front of my fans. I like to be able to show them if I’m confident, they can be confident too.”

Talking about maintaining her great figure, Cher said, “I am always eating junk food but I think I’ve always been a very small person. I think it’s about the way that you’re built, and I was built very small, so no matter what I eat, I just don’t put on the weight. I’d actually like to put on a bit of weight, which is a struggle, because I just don’t put it on.”

Questioned about the favorite song she’s recorded, Cher cited ‘Riot!’. “It’s basically like a bonus track, but when I recorded it, I felt like it was totally the sort of song that fitted with the person that I am. I’m excited to see how the fans react to it because it’s kind of like a group song. Everyone’s going to be able to get together and sing along and I want to be able to see everyone singing along when I’m actually performing it live.”

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Cher Lloyd Talks Barbie & Hip Hop Influence

Cher Lloyd talks Barbie

Cher Lloyd did a Barbie themed discussion with VEVO recently, where the English pop singer talked about her love for the Mattell product, wanting her own Barbie doll and getting a Twitter message from Barbie. Cher also talked about her popular Twitter fan @thebratqueen, how she’s been influenced by hip hop, being experimental with her music, and how releasing her album in the America differs from the UK.

“I did a show in New York for J-14 magazine, and Barbie was there, so she gave me some dolls, which I have and I very much love these dolls,” Cher said about the popular doll. “What I’d really like is a Barbie to help me and kind of make a little doll of me, so that my fans can have a Barbie of me. I’d love to be Barbie’s cousin. I think that would be cool. Like an edgy version, a brat.”

On being tweeted by Barbie, she said, “I didn’t think Barbie would ever tweet me. A lot of people say Barbie isn’t a real, which I think is insane because obviously she is, because she’s been around for a while. You can get dolls of her and stuff, so she’s obviously real. I’ve met her. She does tweet and I got a tweet from her, and I was very excited and I retweeted her.”

Asked for a message she’d like to deliver to @thebratqueen, a popular Twitter fan of the singer, Cher said, “I’d like to thank @thebratqueen for being able to bring me and my fans together. If we didn’t have @thebratqueen, fans wouldn’t know what I’m doing and where I am, and they wouldn’t be able to turn up to the events that I do. I think @thebratqueen is the main source to go to if you ever need to find out about me and I think she’s just great.”

On hip hop influencing her, Cher said, “Hip hop has been a huge part of my career. Although I am a pop artist, I like to incorporate sounds of hip hop into my music. As a teenager, like back, back back in the day, I would kind of hide it, the fact that I listened to hip hop, because none of my friends were into it.”

On the United States vs United Kingdom album release, Cher said, “I feel that being in the U.S. is a big deal for me. The past few months have been really intense and I’ve been given so many opportunities to perform for my fans in the U.S. The unfortunate thing is that I didn’t have many songs. We only have one, so now that this album is coming out, this is when the fans get to learn all the new songs, and next time I come back, we’re gonna be able to sing it together.”

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Cher Lloyd On U.S. Tour And L.A. Reid Vs. Simon Cowell

Cher Lloyd talks about U.S. tour plans and if she prefers Simon Cowell or L.A. Reid

Cher Lloyd fielded some questions from fans on Twitter for a VEVO feature, where the British pop singer talked about plans for touring in the United States, Los Angeles being her favorite spot in America, and having a preference for her “second father” L.A. Reid over Simon Cowell.

“I am in the process of planning a U.S. tour,” Cher said. “Hopefully I’m gonna be dotted around everywhere Christmas time to be able to do lots of shows, but I’d like to be revealing there’s a tour pretty soon.”

As for the artist’s favorite spot in America to date, she said, “I’d have to say L.A., because it’s so chilled out. I feel very relaxed. Yeah, it’s just quiet. I like it.”

Questioned if she prefers ‘The X Factor’ judges Simon Cowell or L.A. Reid, who both are her label bosses, Cher said, “It’s difficult to pick my favorite between Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid because if I say one, then the other one is gonna get a bit annoyed at me, but L.A. is like my second father, so L.A. has a special place in my heart.”

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Cher Lloyd Answers Twitter Questions

Cher Lloyd answers Twitter questions about her 'Today' show appearance and enjoying to sing 'Want U Back' the most

Cher Lloyd fielded questions from fans on Twitter in a feature for Vevo, where the British pop star talked about the best moment of her career to date, what she enjoyed most about being on the ‘Today’ show in New York City, enjoying to perform her hit ‘Want U Back’ the most and the work it takes to achieve success in America.

Asked about the crowning achievement of her young career, the pop singer said, “The best moment of my career so far was definitely standing on the ‘Today’ show and being given my platinum disc for ‘Want U Back’. ‘Want U Back’ did so good in the U.S. and it’s kind of given my hope that I could possibly do well.”

Questioned about what she enjoyed most about New York City visit for her ‘Today’ appearance, Cher said, “My favorite part of being in New York City for the ‘Today’ show was probably walking out on stage and seeing the amount of people that actually turned up, because we weren’t at first gonna do it outside, we were just gonna do it in the studio, and then when we heard that people were camping out, we decided to move it outside. It was crazy to know that the brats came in force to make sure I had the opportunity to perform outside and have everyone there supporting me.”

Quizzed about which track she most enjoys singing, Cher said, “My favorite track to perform has definitely got to be ‘Want U Back’ because that’s the song that everybody knows, and everybody is able to join in and sing along. It just brings everyone together.”

Asked about the length of time she thought it would take her to be discovered in America, Cher responded, “I feel that it’s not how long it takes for you to become successful in the states, it’s about the amount of hard work that you’re willing to put in. It’s all about being able to put as much of your time into actually meeting with the fans and connecting with them and allowing them to get to know you more. That’s why I think everything is going quite well, it’s that I’m out here pretty much all the time and I get to see so many fans in so many places across the U.S.”

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Cher Lloyd On “Amazing” Wireless Set, Post Festival Plans

Cher Lloyd interviewd beckstage at Barclaycard Wireless Festival 2012Cher Lloyd was interviewed backstage at Barclaycard Wireless Festival 2012 last month at Hyde Park in London, where the pop singer talked about how her set went at the annual event, what she’s got in the works after the festival circuit completes and how she’s looking forward to Rihanna’s headlining show.

“It was amazing,” Cher said about her live set. “Amazing like I’ve never had that experience at a festival in my life. I’ve done a couple (of festivals), but when I got out on stage today I feel like it cranked up to another level. There was a bit of rain, but it didn’t phase anyone. I love that.”

Her her post festival circuit plans, she said, “I’m currently back and forth from America. I’ve got some stuff going on there. It’s going well (in America). We’re just kicking off a little bit. It’s doing well.”

As for who she can’t wait to see perform later, Cher said, “It’s got to be Rihanna really, isn’t it?”

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Cher Lloyd Discusses Being Tiny, America & Tattoos

Cher Lloyd with tattoos on her arms

Matty of Kiss 108 in Boston talked to British artist Cher Lloyd, who was in town to promote her new single ‘Want U Back’. The ‘X Factor’ finalist talked about her small size, her visit to America and if it matched what she envisioned, how she was named after Cher of Sonny & Cher fame, her collection of tattoos and how she’s surprised to have gotten such a sizable following in America.

On being so tiny compared to how she looks in music videos:

Yeah on TV and stuff it makes you look bigger and taller. I’m just really small and I don’t seem to grow. I think this is it now. Since I’ve been coming over to the States a lot of people have been calling me a Polly Pocket, one of those tiny plastic dolls… I think it person it looks like I couldn’t hurt a fly, and then in my videos and stuff I think I put on a bit of a front to be honest.

On if it’s her first visit to America:

I came about a year ago to record the album for the UK, but this is my first time actually trying to do something in the U.S.

On what she envisioned America to be:

I’m not quite sure, but I knew it was going to be different weather. Anything is better than the rain. It’s terrible weather in London.

On the American Cher:

Yeah, I was named after her. She tweeted, and it was the funniest thing ever. I think she tweeted, “Who or what is this Cher Lloyd?” It was a tad awkward, but it’s fine.

On her tattoos, that aren’t all from back home:

One’s from Miami. Some dude came and did it in my hotel. I booked it and he just came and did it because I had a day off.

On her growing American fanbase:

I don’t know how that happened, but it’s good. I’m very happy. I didn’t expect it. I didn’t expect to come over to America and have people follow me around. It’s a big shock. I figured people wouldn’t have a clue who I was. I would walk past and walk into the station and people would be like, ‘What’s she here for?’

The interview audio at has since been removed.

Cher Lloyd On America, Getting Married & Her Mug Shot

Cher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd was in the studio with the Kasper Show on 96.5 KISS FM in Cleveland, Ohio the other day, where the British pop singer talked about her busy travels throughout America, being a part of the UK version of ‘The X Factor’, getting married to hairdresser Craig Monk despite people saying she’s too young at 18, and her mug shot on the single ‘Want U Back’.

On success in America:

I feel like if I made it in the U.S., then I’d feel okay about disappearing. I don’t want to put it in a bad way, but if I made it in the States, my life would be complete. All my goals and stuff like that, I would have cracked them. I don’t want to get my hopes up too much. I’m just taking it day by day, and the fans keep growing, which is great. Hopefully on the next trip when I come back, I hope I can’t even move because of the amount of fans. That would be great.

On being part of ‘The X Factor’:

I am happy and I feel like it set me up with a great platform, and then I went away from it and then I started building. I got myself a team and we did all the stuff in the UK and now we’re here, so I’m doing all that stuff in the UK all over again, but I must say it’s been a lot more difficult, because you know what, being from the UK, you always think this is the big place, because where you’re from you think there’s nowhere else in the world that’s bigger. Then I come to America, and it is huge, and it’s difficult, but hopefully if I have enough people on my side, we’ll be able to do it.

On getting married:

Yeah, it’s pretty cool. I mean I’ve had a lot of people say, oh, you’re too young. So what! Mind your own business. I don’t care what you think at all. I’m gonna get married. I’m gonna live a wonderful life. It’s in my destiny, hopefully.

On the single being her mug shot:

I’ve never been to jail, just to let you all know. I’ve never been in trouble. I have been in trouble but not to a certain extent where it’s gone crazy and stuff, but I like to make people laugh and I like for there to be some sort of misbehaving going on, so I would sound very mischievous.

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Cher Lloyd Discusses Bedroom Attire, UFOs, Sexuality & Dreams

Cher Lloyd music

Popdust posed wildly embarrassing questions to Cher Lloyd, including what she wears to bed (a t-shirt and socks if it’s cold), the last time she cried (listening to Jessie J ‘Who You Are’), if she ever goes commando (it’s fine if you’re wearing tight leggings), if she’s seen a UFO or a ghost (she’s seen bright lights in the sky and latered discovered they were airplanes), if she ever doubted her sexuality (she hasn’t, but the press has), and if she’s had a dream about someone famous.

“Yes I actually have,” Cher said in response to the famous dream subject. “It was about me and Kanye West on a skateboard together, going down the street, with no hassle, nothing, it was fine. It was quite pleasant as well. I quite liked that dream.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

What Swagger Means To Cher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd with colorful fingernails

Cher Lloyd was interviewed during her cover shoot with Flavour Magazine. The British pop singer talked about what swagger means to her, the “really great producers” she worked with on her debut album ‘Sticks + Stones’, the craziest thing that’s happened to her, how it’s easy for her to stay grounded, and having no tips for handling the haters.

“Swagger means to have your own style and having that confidence with it,” the ‘Swagger Jagger’ singer explained. “You wouldn’t be all dolled up and look like a bit odd to other people but not be able to carry it. Some days I don’t feel like looking a particular way, so I won’t look that way. Some days I could wake up and I want to wear a dress. It just changes, but I don’t feel that I have to stay in that one particular style. I can do whatever I want to do.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Cher Lloyd ‘Want U Back’ Video Ft. Astro

Cher Lloyd singer

Cher Lloyd released the new version of the music video to her new single ‘Want U Back’, featuring Astro. The song is featured on ‘The X Factor’ UK season seven finalist’s debut album ‘Sticks + Stones’, out now in the UK on Syco Music. Watch the Parris directed video via YouTube below.