Cheryl Tweedy Won’t Get Booted From Girls Aloud

The Mirror reports Popstars: The Rivals band Girls Aloud won’t be losing Cheryl Tweedy after her bust-up with a toilet attendant in a Guildford club on Friday night. The group’s manager Louis Walsh said yesterday, “She made a mistake but I’m not giving her the boot.”

Cheryl Tweedy Fighting To Stay In Girls Aloud Over Racism Charges

The Sun reports Girls Aloud star Cheryl Tweedy is battling to save her pop career after a catfight with a nightclub toilet attendant led to a racism charges. “She called me a bitch so I told her to get lost,” Tweedy said. “Then she punched me in the face. I hit her back and called her a fu**ing bitch. When the police read me the statement made by the other woman there was no mention of racism. I only acted in self defense because I was hit first. I admit I may have called her a bitch in the heat of the moment but I never made any racist comments to her. I am really distraught that people are accusing me of racism, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Someone suggested I called her a Caribbean something-or-other and I am shocked by that. I have a little cousin who is of Caribbean origin so the idea I would say something like that is unthinkable. The one thing in this world that I am not is racist – and I never will be.”

Girls Aloud Star Denies Racial Abuse

Girls Aloud star Cheryl Tweedy has responded to The Sunday People over the fight she got into at the trendy Drink Club with bathroom attendant Sophie Amogbokpa, and allegations she used racial slurs towards the black woman in her 40s. “This whole incident has really upset me. I’m devastated by the allegations. The claim that I was racially abusive to someone is just ridiculous. Anyone who knows me, knows that I would never say anything like that – I’m not a racist. What started out as a night out with the girls turned into a total nightmare.”

Girls Aloud Star Accused Of Racial & Physical Abuse

The Sunday People reports Girls Aloud star Cheryl Tweedy is in a storm of controversy not only for being arrested after a brawl at the trendy Drink Club with bathroom attendant, Sophie Amogbokpa, but for using racial slurs against the black woman in her 40s. “She was screaming and shouting, “You black bitch, you fu**ing black bitch. I will deal with you’. I had done nothing to her. She was grabbing handfuls of things – packets of mints, lollies and chewing gum. Normally people just take one and give 10p or 20p. I asked, ‘What do you want all those for?’ She said, ‘My father owns this place. I can do what I like’. She punched me in the face. She broke the frame of my glasses and they fell off. The security guard could hardly hold her, she was struggling so much.”

The club’s head of security, Phil White, says, “Cheryl threw a massive right hook which caught the toilet attendant smack in the eye. I had her arms pinned down but she was flailing about and shouting, saying, ‘Bring that Caribbean ni**er here, I want to do her’.”

Girls Aloud’s Cheryl Tweedy Spends Night In Jail After Fight

News of the World reports Cheryl Tweedy of Girls Aloud spent a night in jail after a catfight in a nightclub. The singer had been partying with bandmate Nicola Roberts at Guildford club The Drink on Friday, when they went to collect their coats. “It was completely unprovoked. Cheryl was just minding her own business when this attendant let rip at her for no reason,” an onlooker said. “She hit Cheryl and Cheryl hit her back. Before you knew it, people were pulling them apart. Nicola ran off to get security, but when they arrived the police had been called. It was obvious Cheryl had been drinking and was the worse for wear but she managed to give as good as she got.”