Ashley Cole Begging Cheryl For One More Chance

Cheryl and Ashley Cole during happier times

Ashley Cole’s friend spoke with News of the World about how the soccer star wants ex-wife Cheryl Cole back as the Girls Aloud star prepares to move to America as a judge on ‘The X Factor’. “It has hit Ashley like a ton of bricks that Cheryl is leaving, the source told the tabloid. “He’s distraught and has begged her to give him one more go. But Cheryl no longer speaks to Ashley and he is in her past.”

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Cheryl Cole Joins U.S. ‘X Factor’ Judges Panel

Cheryl Cole grid

The American version of ‘The X Factor’ announced earlier this morning that Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole will be part of the FOX show’s first season. The show told their Twitter followers (@TheXFactorUSA):

British pop superstar Cheryl Cole joins Antonio “L.A.” Reid and Simon Cowell on “The X Factor” judges panel #thexfactorusa

Cheryl Cole Ditches Manager For

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole has ditched her manager Hilary Shaw for an Black Eyed Peas star “This is all about taking Cheryl’s career to a whole new level,” a source told News of the World. “ believes in her to the degree where he’s prepared to stake his reputation on making her a success. He’s going to be responsible for her career worldwide.”

Cheryl Cole To Be Replaced By Alesha Dixon On UK ‘X Factor’?

Cheryl Cole

‘The X Factor’ bosses in the UK have a star in mind to fill the void left by Cheryl Cole as the Girls Aloud star appears to be taking her talents to the U.S. News of the World reports that Alesha Dixon of Mis-Teeq is being eyed for the role. “The obvious advantage of Alesha is that she’s young, sexy and confident and already has experience on a judging panel,” a source said, referring to Dixon’s stint on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.

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Simon Cowell Backs Paula Abdul & Cheryl Cole For U.S. ‘X Factor’

Cheryl Cole

Simon Cowell tells Nikki Finke of that he’s negotiating to have his former ‘American Idol’ co-judge Paula Abdul join the panel on the U.S. version of ‘The X Factor’, as well as current UK ‘X Factor’ judge Cheryl Cole of Girls Aloud.

“I’ve always wanted Paula,” Simon insisted. “Always been very vocal about that. I missed her the second she left the show. Always loved working with her even though she can be a pain. And I’ve been consistent about this. I don’t know what it is about her, but I’ve always clicked with her. You just have to get that chemistry, and she’s right. I’ve never found anyone better than her. I think there’s a good chance it will be her.”

As for Cheryl, the British pop singer’s low profile in America wasn’t impediment for his backing of someone who insiders tell Finke is “pretty much a shoo-in for the show”, with an announcement within a week to make it official. “I never think about it as an American or British audience. I genuinely don’t,” Cowell explained, which makes sense given his own low profile when ‘Idol’ was launched stateside. “I think that’s what’s happened on a lot of these shows now is it’s almost like you’ve got to hire well known celebrities to be a judge. And with Cheryl, when I hired her initially, I’d only met her literally once when I offered her the job on [British] ‘X Factor’. I thought she was bright, cute, knew what she was talking about, ambitious. And you meet someone special a few times in your life.. And this girl is special. She’s just got a great ability to communicate. She’s a great judge. She’s smart. It’s just a hunch. If people take to her like the British public did, I think she’s going to do really well in America. And Fox was desperate to hire her.”

Cheryl Cole Worried About Being A U.S. ‘X Factor’ Flop

Cheryl Cole

Though many believe Cheryl Cole is a longshot to make it on the judging panel of the U.S. version of ‘The X Factor’, the Girls Aloud singer is fearful of being a flop on the FOX show if she lands the coveted gig. “Things are practically in place for Cheryl to join the judging panel of U.S. ‘X Factor’,” a source told the Daily Star. “But now the reality of it is beginning to sink in. She is worried [the U.S. public] won’t warm to her. Everything is riding on her appearance on the show because, if she’s a hit with fans, her solo career will be a guaranteed success.”

Cheryl And Ashley Cole’s Secret Date

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole has reportedly met with ex-husband Ashley after the soccer star bombarded her with texts and calls. Ashley had split with Playboy Playmate Kayla Collins just five weeks ago. “Ashley is not stupid. He has been getting some positive signals from Cheryl and has been responding to them,” a friend told News of the World. “Ashley is still definitely ‘loved up’ and said he’d get back with Cheryl ‘like a shot’.”

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Cheryl Cole Faces Competition For U.S. ‘X Factor’ Job

Cheryl Cole

Despite Simon Cowell’s efforts to get Cheryl Cole to join him on the U.S. version of ‘The X Factor’, producers are turning their eyes towards pop stars who are more well known in America – Katy Perry and Rihanna. “Everyone thinks Cheryl has the judging job on US X Factor in the bag,” a friend of the Girls Aloud star’s rumored boyfriend Derek Hough told The Sun. “The truth is, nothing has been signed and the producers still aren’t convinced. They are more keen to get a big US star like Katy or Rihanna on the panel – someone who will bring credibility to the show and who is already popular in the US.”

Cheryl Cole Sometimes Feels Rubbish About Her Body

Cheryl Cole Fabulous

Cheryl Cole offered Fabulous magazine revelations about her self-esteem issues, changing for your man, and heading stateside in their latest issue. The Girls Aloud star also opened up about being bullied at school, how she feels about her looks and what she thinks makes women confident and comfortable. “Do you ever reach the point when you’re happy with your body,” Cole asked. “I don’t think you do. I can look in the mirror in the morning and feel rubbish.”

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Ashley Cole Heartbroken Over Cheryl Moving On

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole’s ex Ashley was left “close to tears” as the Girls Aloud singer and dancer Derek Hough went to a New Year’s Eve vacation to South Africa together, a source tells The Sun. “Ashley has realized things have moved on – and he is heartbroken. He knows he is the one who screwed up.”