Cheryl Cole Choked Up After Getting Christmas Card From Ashley

Cheryl Cole live (2010)Cheryl Cole was reportedly moved to tears by ex-husband Ashley Cole after he sent her a Christmas card. “Cheryl felt quite choked up at being sent the card,” a source told The Sun. “After all that has happened between them, she thought it was a nice gesture.”

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Cheryl Cole ‘The Flood’ Video

Cheryl Cole is out with the music video to her new single ‘The Flood’, the second release from the Girls Aloud singer’s second album ‘Messy Little Raindrops’, out now on Fascination Records. The single is out January 3rd. Watch it via YouTube below.

Did Cheryl Cole Fart On ‘The X Factor’?

Cheryl Cole is prompting speculation she farted while offering her opinion of ‘The X Factor’ contestant Cher Lloyd’s performance over the weekend. Listen for the sound 6 seconds into the clip below and judge for yourself whether the Girls Aloud star passed gas.

Simon Cowell “Forgets Everyone Else” Sitting Next To Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole smiles

While Cheryl Cole recently revealed in her interview with Piers Morgan that Simon Cowell is “one of the most important people in my life” and “he gets me”, the ‘X Factor’ boss has similarly kind words for the Girls Aloud star. “When I am sitting next to [Cheryl] I forget everyone else,” he told News of the World. “What happens is that the two on the other side of the table want to play as well. Well no, they can’t.”

The entire story at has since been removed.

Cheryl Cole In ‘X Factor’ Feud With Louis Walsh

Cheryl Cole Comic Relief

The Mirror hears that Cheryl Cole is furious with fellow ‘X Factor’ judge Louis Walsh, and the Girls Aloud singer made her anger known to show boss Simon Cowell. “Cheryl is quite upset by Louis. It all started off as a joke but she feels he’s gone too far,” a source told the British tabloid. “Simon will tell Cheryl not to worry because it’s only Louis, but she’s a sensitive soul and she does get upset. She feels he’s picking on her unfairly. She’s like, ‘What have I done to him? I’ve never said anything bad about him.’ It’s kind of like playground teasing which has suddenly gone into bullying. I’m sure Simon will be having a word if it carries on. He is the peacemaker. He doesn’t like arguments.” Read more.

Cheryl Cole Tears Up Reliving Near Death Malaria Ordeal

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole is speaking out about divorcing soccer star Ashley Cole and her health scare after contracting malaria in an interview with Piers Morgan airing October 23rd on ITV1. “Cheryl said she nearly died from malaria and was more poorly than anyone had realized at the time,” the Girls Aloud singer told Piers, according to audience member Diana Lyons. “She said it was so bad that for a while doctors thought it was touch and go whether she’d survive. She even said she thought she was going to die and felt so ill she hoped it would happen quickly. You could see how tough it was for her to relive the experience as she was crying while she spoke about it.” Read more details at

Olly Murs Defends Cheryl Cole Over Gamu Nhengu Decision

Olly Murs defends Cheryl Cole after the 'X Factor' judge declined to put  Gamu Nhengu throughFormer X Factor contestant Olly Murs has defended Cheryl Cole’s decision not to put Gamu Nhengu through and asks people to stop being mean.

“She’s lovely. She’s great, Cheryl. I think she’s made a great decision and I think the show goes out to 20 million viewers or whatever it is and I think of course people get really passionate about the show, a lot of them feel Gamu should have got through, but there’s no need to send death threats or whatever I’ve heard.”

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Cheryl Cole ‘Through My Eyes’ Signing In London

Cheryl Cole hit Waterstone’s in London on Friday (October 1) to sign copies of her new book ‘Through My Eyes’, where she was greeted by hundreds of fans who braved the rain to get the Girls Aloud star’s autograph. Watch Cheryl arriving at the event below.

Cheryl Cole Glam Shine Reflexion Commercial Behind The Scenes

Cheryl Cole L'Oreal

Behind the scenes footage of Cheryl Cole’s second Glam Shine commercial for L’Oreal has been posted online. The clip features interviews with the Girls Aloud star and legendary British director Jake Nava. “It was amazing to be doing a cosmetics campaign,” the Girls Aloud singer said. “It’s something every girl dreams of I think. To have your own shade of lip gloss is pretty exciting stuff.” Watch the video via Facebook below.

Cheryl Will Stay Cole Despite Pending Divorce

Cheryl Cole '3 Words'

Cheryl Cole won’t be going back to using her maiden name Tweedy even though her divorce from Ashley Cole is about to be finalized soon. The Girls Aloud star is inspired by Tina Turner, who kept the name after splitting up with her abusive husband Ike Turner in 1976.

“Cheryl has decided her married name will stay. She feels the most successful period of her career has been under the name Cole,” a source told The Sun. “She’s established in Europe. Going back to her maiden name Tweedy would be confusing.”