DA Wallach DJs In A Surgical Mask

DA Wallach DJs in a surgical mask

While DJ’ing at the Diesel store in New York City today, DA Wallach of Chester French protected himself from swine flu with a surgical mask.

Chester French Discuss Album, Mixtape

Chester French members D.A. Wallach and Maxwell Drummey sit down for an interviewD.A. Wallach and the always sarcastic Maxwell Drummey of Chester French talked with MySpace Hip Hop about the story behind their name, trimming a five piece band down to two, the new album ‘Love the Future’, and mixtape ‘Jacques Jams, Vol. 1: Endurance’.

“Chester French is the combination of our bodies and minds,” Wallach explained. “Largely our bodies. We just like to put our bodies, both of them, in people’s faces… We started as a five piece band in our freshman year along with three friends, and then by our sophomore year decided to take it into the studio and just work as a duo. Over the course of our final three years in college we made the record that we’re putting out April 21st, ‘Love The Future’, and once we had made that album, we started sending it out to a million different people, anyone we could find.”

“We’re just gonna be always bringing the foremost creativity to the table,” Wallach promised.

Watch the comments via MySpace below.

Word Of Mouth Buzz Lifts Chester French

TV Guide’s Hollywood 411 caught up with Max Drummey and DA Wallach of Chester French, who talked about their new major label album release ‘Love The Future’. “We’ve been built to where we are now by a number of people who have gotten behind us without any MTV or any radio or any of that,” Wallach said. The brief video at YouTube has since been removed.

D.A. Wallach Pushes Back Against Blender’s Sexist Lyric Claim

Chester French

D.A. Wallach of Chester French took to his official web site to respond to a one star review by Melissa Maerz at Blender.com gave their debut album ‘Love the Future’, suggesting the pop duo’s lyrics were sexist. Wallach writes:

If anything, the message I want to convey is that it’s hip to be square, and that girls shouldn’t be so caught-up in the games of status and style. As someone raised by his mom who even chose to do a tutorial in college on feminist theory, I really fear after reading your review that people will get the wrong idea about our motives. Our goals have never been anything but to make thoughtful music and entertain.

The entire message at ChesterFrench.com has since been removed.

Update: Wallach writes on his Twitter page (@DAChesterFrench):

Melissa Maerz wrote back and now we’re friends. For the record, Chester French LOVES women. That’s why we made Jacques Jams to attract them.

Chester French Also Cancel DC And Richmond Shows

Chester French

Chester French checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@chesterfrench) on Thursday (April 2), confirming that because Lady Gaga cancelled her show tonight at 9:30 Club in Washington, DC and Friday at The National in Richmond, Virginia, they’ll not be performing either. The duo write:

Hey everyone in DC & Richmond… we’ve got bad news.

The Lady GaGa shows in your area have been cancelled. That means we’re not gonna be there either. We know, this sucks. Two of our best shows ever went down in DC & Richmond. You guys hold it down big time. ARGH!

That also means we’re canceling our in store events in those cities.

BUT! We’re filming some cool stuff Friday (that we can’t talk about yet) that we know you will really enjoy. And the mixtape and album are both dropping very, very soon… so there will be more Chester in your world. Don’t worry!

-DA & Max

Chester French ‘Love The Future’ Photo Shoot

D.A. Wallach of Chester French at a photo shootFootage of Chester French’s D.A. Wallach and Max Drummey doing a photoshoot for their upcoming album ‘Love The Future’, available April 21st, has been posted at the indie pop duo’s MySpace TV channel.

“Max (Drummey) came up with some ideas for what we do for the picture because he didn’t want it to be just a boring picture of the two of us just by ourselves,” D.A. Wallach explained. “So we have made some special requests today that have been fulfilled by the magic of of a record label. They are that we have a geisha. We couldn’t get a real geisha so it’s just a Japanese girl who is being made up to look like a geisha.”

Video at MySpace is available below.