Chris Kirkpatrick Predicts *NSYNC Reunion ‘Someday’

With New Kids on The Block reuniting for a tour and new album, OK! magazine asked Chris Kirkpatrick if he thinks we’ll see an *NSYNC reunion. “Someday there’ll be an *NSYNC reunion, but I don’t think the time is right now,” the 36-year-old said. Asked about a timeline, the singer, who took part in the VH1 reality show boy band supergroup Sureshot, told the magazine, “Maybe a few years down the road when we have gotten a chance to realize who we are as individuals, we’ll get back together as a group and put more music out.”

Lou Pearlman Agrees To Repay $300 Million To Banks & Investors

July 16, 2008 – The Associated Press reports that the price tag agreed to by Lou Pearlman and federal authorities in the former *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys manager’s bank and investor swindle is $300 million. U.S. District Judge G. Kendall Sharpe asked prosecutors and defense attorneys on Wednesday to amend court documents with the agreed amount, which will be difficult for the jailed Pearlman to pay with evidence the money he gained had seemingly gone with the collapse of his Ponzi scheme. The full story at has since been removed.

Chris Kirkpatrick Visits KISS 108 In Boston

*NSYNC star Chris Kirkpatrick dropped by the Matty in the Morning Show on KISS 108 in Boston on Monday (October 3). Chris talked about the greatest hits album, saying, “I don’t know what that means” and seemed to confirm the band isn’t playing a role in it. He added that he’s been writing and producing. Asked if he keeps in contact with his *NSYNC bandmates, he responded, “Well it depends, you know everybody’s busy, or that’s what I say… Translation, nobody talks to me. They all talk to each other, they get along great. I’m kinda like the black sheep. I guess Ricky Martin is going to replace me.” He also talked about what he thought about the Janet Jackson Super Bowl breast flash.

Chris Kirkpatrick Performs With Starship

Chris Kirkpatrick of *NSYNC performed with Starship in Orlando, Florida on Wednesday (August 26). He performed the groups hit single ‘We Built This City’ for the Hard Rock Hotel’s monthly Velvet Sessions.

Chris Kirkpatrick Parties At Prive

*NSYNC star Chris Kirkpatrick was on hand for the party hosted by Danny Masterson and Wilmer Valderrama at Prive in Miami Beach, Florida on Thursday (July 22). WireImage has since removed the pictures.

Chris Kirkpatrick Grumbling About Solo Justin Timberlake

The New York Daily News reports Chris Kirkpatrick, who has seen the least amount of work since *NSYNC went on break, has voiced his displeasure with bandmate Justin Timberlake’s reluctance to rejoin the group on the road. “We’d love to go on tour, but Justin doesn’t want to do a reunion,” Kirkpatrick was overheard complaining at the recent celeb-stuffed opening of Las Vegas tattoo parlor Hart and Huntington. Kirkpatrick added, “Although, after that whole nipple situation, maybe he should.”

Chris Kirkpatrick Meets With John Kerry; Plots Solo Career

As I am sure alot of you have been wondering what *NSYNC star Chris Kirkpatrick is up to. According to (I believe Beverly his mom is contributing), Chris is getting ready to send out demos for a solo album. Also, on January 20th, Chris met with leading Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry and his supporters. Chris also did a meet-n-greet at the convention.

Chris Kirkpatrick: ‘Nobody Cares About Me’

The Las Vegas Sun reports Chris Kirkpatrick of *NSYNC, dressed in torn jeans, a black T-shirt, an army jacket and a DollHouse visor, joked to KVWB Channel 12 entertainment reporter Guy Farris on Saturday that he can get around without being harassed by fans because “nobody cares about me.” He also says that there will eventually be a new *NSYNC disc. “We have not broken up,” he said.

Chris Kirkpatrick In The Studio

Contributed by fricksgirl1:

*NSYNC star Chris Kirkpatrick has been in his new recording studio working on material. He is heading back to Jamaica on October 16-19 to defend his title in the Pat O’Brien Golf Tournament. Lance and Joey will be going along as his cheering section.

Transcript Of Chris Kirkpatrick On The Kidd Kradick Show

Contributed by jcsfan88:

Al: Hey MC!
Guy: Hey come on over Mark.
Mark Cuban: Hey, sorry I’m running late.
Kelly: That’s alright.
Al: Chris from NSYNC was on time. Guess we can’t get your billionaire butt on time.
Kelly: Yeah, you’re on billionaire time.
MC: What up? Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.
Kelly: Iss alright.
MC: Chris is a great guy though, isn’t he?
All: Yeah. He is. Cool guy. He’s very sweet.
Guy: Mark Cuban, how you doin?
MC: I’m doing great.
Kelly: Mark, you’ve been working out.
Al: Yeah you have.
MC: Hey, if you follow Chris Kirkpatrick you gotta look good.
Kelly: Look at his guns!
MC: Doesn’t he have a wonderful…I mean, a nice chest?
All: *laughs heartily*
Al: Wearing a little sleeveless things, with the guns out. Letting the pythons out.
MC: No! This is our uni for tonight. This is for the game.

Ohno — Chris Kirkpatrick Readies Solo Debut

The Dallas Morning News reports *NSYNC star Chris Kirkpatrick showed up at the black-tie Dallas Collection AIDS benefit last weekend at the International Apparel Mart before heading to Club Clearview in Deep Ellum to hear Ohno play on the same bill with the all-blond, all-girl group Eisley (formerly MossEisley). Kirkpatrick wants Ohno to sign with his new label, Roundtable Records. For Chris’ upcoming solo album, he is collaborating with Ohno lead singer Steven Holt to write some songs. To date, they’ve penned three. At the end of the month, Steven is flying to Orlando to meet Chris for another composing session.