FuManSkeeto Axes FuMan Dave & FuMan Ryan

FuManSkeeto, the clothing label run by *NSYNC’s Chris Kirkpatrick has cut loose FuMan crew members Dave and Ryan. Dave told fans on the designer’s message board Tuesday, “I returned from my trip today to find out that Ryan and myself have been ‘released’ from FuManSkeeto for whichever of the many reasons that were thrown out at us. As such, I am forced to heavily pursue other venues in life and will not be participating in this company or this site anymore.” Fans reacted with shock and disbelieve to the news as many worried about the future of the guys, and the site itself.

Chris Kirkpatrick Admits He’s Out Of Element At Fashion Show

Katrillion spoke with *NSYNC’s Chris Kirkpatrick at his Girls Rule! fashion show at New York’s Fashion Week. Chris admitted to being more nervous about this show than his live shows with *NSYNC. “This is extremely more nerve-wracking. When I’m on stage and we’re doing a show, that’s what I know — the music, the moves — but here? I’m definitely out of my element right now,” he said.

Chris Kirkpatrick Explains Made In F.U.S.A. Switch

Launch.com spoke with *NSYNC’s Chris Kirkpatrick about a last minute change to his FuManSkeeto clothing line as he admitted, “We had a shirt that was called ‘Made In The F.U.S.A.’, and as soon as everything happened we just kind of changed it to just ‘Made In The U.S.A.’ because we didn’t want to put any marketing ploy on anything and try and make money off of what’s going on. We just wanted to put something out that said we’re feeling what everybody else is feeling, you know? Our national pride is coming out and we just wanted to give people a chance to wear their national pride around, too.”

Kirkpatrick Shares Thoughts On Harrison

George Harrison

*NSYNC’s Chris Kirkpatrick and Justin Timberlake were on Access Hollywood where Chris talked about the death of Beatles great George Harrison saying, “Whenever you have, like, somebody in the business, you know, that passes on, you think before their time, not only do you lose that person but you lose all the music that person creates.”

Kirkpatrick Talks Rags To Riches

Chris Kirkpatrick of *NSYNC is featured in this week’s US Weekly which profiles celebs who went from ‘Rags To Riches’ as he admits, “It’s absurd to have gone from totally poor to totally rich. I wake up in my house in the middle of the night and go, ‘Whose house is this?'” As for his spending habits now that he’s wealthy, he insists, “I have a financial adviser who won’t let me do anything. He’s so tight that if I go through the drive-through, he makes me call him if I wanna supersize.”

Kirkpatrick Fashion Show Outfit Bashed

The US Weekly Fashion Police laid into Chris Kirkpatrick for his terrible sense of fashion when he launched his FuMan Skeeto women’s winter collection at New York’s Planet Hollywood. Comedian Jim David joked, “Chris is definitely the idol of sixth graders on Ritalin everywhere.” Radio host Goumba Johnny cracked, “Sure, go ahead and laugh, but being a rodeo clown is very dangerous work.” Comedian Matt Weinhold added, “Looks like someone has just discovered QVC.”

*NSYNC’s Kirkpatrick: Don’t Forget About Past, But Move On

Vogue UK reports *NSYNC’s Chris Kirkpatrick addressed his decision to postpone the fashion show for FuMan Skeeto that was held earlier this week saying to reporters at the show, “You know, we didn’t want to push anybody. I think a lot of things were kind of set back because of that. You know, I think now is about the time where people are ready to get back out and start living their lives again, and start trying to – I don’t want to say forget about the past, but definitely move on – move on from everything that’s happened.”

Fat Guy With Patched Pants Launches Clothing Line

Ok maybe I’m being a little rough, but eZuma.com has 9 photos of Chris Kirkpatrick launching his FuMan Skeeto women’s clothing winter collection @ Planet Hollywood Times Square. Wearing a jean vest and blue jeans pasted with odd patches, Kirkpatrick introduced the line yesterday.

Oh yeah, Chris turned 30 today (!) so I’ll wish the “boy-band” member a happy one =)