Chris Richardson, Blake Lewis & Syesha Mercado At ‘Idol’ Finale

J-14 caught up with ‘American Idol’ alums Chris Richardson, Blake Lewis, and Syesha Mercado on the red carpet of the show’s Wednesday finale. The trio discussed who they thought was going to win, their favorite judge, and their favorite memory from when they were 14 years old. Watch via YouTube below.

Chris Richardson Can’t Wait To Share His New Music

Chris Richardson, an 'American Idol' alum, talks about bad dancing in a black and white video‘American Idol’ season six finalist Chris Richardson posted the following MySpace bulletin (@chrisrichardson) to his fans on Thursday (September 18):

I hope everyone is still alive and living out there! Just wanted to drop a thank you for staying in the loop with everything going on with myself and the album. Thank You for all the comments and pushing me past the million mark. I can’t wait to finally share with everyone what I’ve been working on, rather it is the album or songs I have written for other people. Thank You for the patience as supporters, fans, and friends… Patience is so crucial in this business, if I didn’t have it I probably would of given up by now. I encourage anyone living their dream to live it without hesitation. Once you get there I promise you will not stop dreaming. As I always say stay tuned in, soon enough everyone will know in advance whats coming next.

Chris Richardson Blogs About Iceland & Norway Trip

Chris Richardson checked in with fans after his trip on the Hollywood Knights celebrity basketball tour. “I just got back from an amazing trip thru Iceland and Norway,” the ‘American Idol’ season six finalist writes on his blog at MySpace (@chrisrichardson). “I met some great people along the way who have left a mark on my heart that will never be forgotten. Hollywood Knights is a team that stands for so many great causes and being a part of the team is an honor. Our journey started in Iceland where we cruised the countryside and visited the Blue Lagoon. Then to Norway where we played a charity basketball game, explored the city, and traveled thru the Fjords.”

Merry Christmas From Chris Richardson

‘American Idol’ season six finalist Chris Richardson checked in with his MySpace friends (@chrisrichardson) on Saturday (December 22) with the following message:

Back from another trip to Nashville and yet again it was a successful one. Thank You all for hanging in there for me. I want to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and hope Santa brings you everything you want.
Talk to you all soon
-Chris Rich

Chris Richardson Still Shopping For A Record Deal

Chris Richardson in the recording studio wearing a baseball hat‘American Idol’ season six finalist Chris Richardson checked in with his MySpace friends (@chrisrichardson) on Monday (December 17), talking about the status of his new music and getting signed to a label. The pop singer tells readers:

Thank You… I know you all must be tired of waiting for the music and most recent news. I apologize for the time it has taken. I’m still shopping around for a deal. Universal Republic seems to be where I am leaning as well as the Red Distribution (Elliot Yamin). Nashville is where I am right now writing with a guy named Josh Hoge on a few tracks produced by Ryan Tedder from OneRupublic. I want to make sure I make the best first album to present myself to the world. Dreyers and Edy’s will be giving away CD’s with each product purchased starting early next year. I have a song on the CD called ‘All Alone’, in which I put a snippet up of. I know it must be frustrating waiting to hear from someone you have supported for so long, I know I would feel the same way. Just know that all the encouragement has made me work even harder and it will be soon before long. I love all you guys! Fan bases from The Richness, Sexypack, and continued… def keep the passion alive. Blake and Jordan will be in Time Square for New Years as will I. Keep your eyes open.

-Chris Rich

Chris Richardson Update Regarding His Album

‘American Idol’ season six finalist Chris Richardson checked in with his MySpace friends (@chrisrichardson) on Saturday (December 8) with the following bulletin: “Hope everyone is doing well! Just sending out yet another Thank You for all the support and love I have received. Album is constantly being worked on, coming up with new ideas and different sounds. I have been experimenting with the music I love from the old to the new in hopes of creating music everyone can enjoy. I have written a lot from my life as well as others in my life. I believe that if people can feel what I am talking about because they have went thru it before or know someone who has, then I am completely satisfied. Please spread the word that I am not going anywhere anytime soon!”

Chris Richardson Talks With LA’s Star 98.7

‘American Idol’ season six finalist Chris Richardson spoke with Valentine & Lisa Foxx of Star 98.7 in Los Angeles on Monday (June 4), where he talked about reports linking him to Lauren Conrad, the ‘Idol’ tour, potential groupies, his ‘Idol’ pal Blake Lewis, and more.

The interview audio at has since been removed.

Phil Stacey & Chris Richardson Visit ‘Today’

Phil Stacey and Chris Richardson discuss 'American Idol' on 'Today'

‘American Idol’ castoffs Phil Stacey and Chris Richardson visited ‘Today’ on Tuesday (May 8) to co-hosts Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira about the experience.

Video of the segment at has since been removed.

Chris Richardson & Blake Lewis’ Night On The Town

‘American Idol’ finalists Chris Richardson and Blake Lewis were spotted hitting the club scene over the weekend, where Chris insisted MTV star Lauren Conrad “is just my friend, man.” Though Chris was quick to chat with the paparazzi, Blake kept a lower profile while making a long walk to the nightclub Parc. Watch footage from TMZ below the cut. (more…)

Are Alaina Alexander And Chris Richardson Dating?

An inside source at ‘American Idol’ revealed to TMZ that ousted semi-finalist Alaina Alexander and remaining finalist Chris Richardson “hit it off instantly” and even after she was voted off the hit FOX reality singing competition, their relationship is afloat. Alexander had appeared on the show last week seated with Richardson’s friends and family. Read more.